Like Here, Like There

Since both similes and metaphors are the building blocks of poetry, in our 4th week we dug into similes! We talked about the differences between the two before reading “Carib Nightfall” by John Lyons. Inspired by the rich, place-based imagery and selective use of similes, students each wrote about a special place.

Ms. Siudock’s 8:00am class, 4th grade

In the football field by Reid R.

In the football field…
I am as strong as a lion
I work hard as a hard hit
I dodge like a deer
I run like a cheetah
I am as cold as my celebration
I think smart as Einstein
I am as hot as the sun
I am as sweaty as the gym

Ms Schuch’s 9:45 class, 3rd grade

In my Room by Atinuke A.

My room is quiet as a mouse
My room is warm like the other side of my pillow
At night it is scary as a monster
In my room the sun shines like a diamond
In my room it smells sweet like a pie
My bed is fragile like a flower
When it is hot my room is nice like a sunflower

In Bronzeville by Trenton

Bronzevile is noisy as cars
Bronzeville is super cool
Bronzeville is very fun
Like a birthday party

A Night by Chloe C.

In florida there’s a moonlit sky
i was hungry, i could eat a horse
When i had my fill i felt like a balloon
i heard noises like crickets chirping
The mosquitos bussing
The owl’s hooting hoooot!
When i got hone it was silent
i got to bed and slept like a baby

In the House by Addison C.

In a house there
was a cat and that
cat loved his cold drink
the drink was as cold
as ice

In Chicago by Kingston

In Chicago it’s cold as winter. We are
As wet as a water park when it rains.
But Chicagoans stay strong as a lion.

Ms Schuch’s 12:45 class, 3rd grade

In Nigeria by Victoria

In Nigeria it is as loud as a pencil sharpener.
In Nigeria it’s safe as a safe.
In Nigeria it’s colorful like a rainbow.

Feelings by Winter R.

Brave like a bear as busy as a bee,
Cold like ice. As funny as a clown.
Nervous like a butterfly.

Paradise by Amirah W.

In the pool
It’s awesome like playing with
friends the water looks beautiful
just like me the water is sparkly
just like a tiara the water
feels nice just like the beach is
and amazing just like a rainbow is
the best like a sunset

In Boston by Robert L.

In Boston
Its warm like a shower
It’s fun like a day at the
amusement park
It’s busy like a day at work
People are active like a 3-year-old

Ms. Siudock’s 1:45 class,  4th grade

I’m in Chicago by Landon D.

In Chicago i’m fast like the wind.
In Chicago i’m loyal like a dog.
In Chicago i’m strong like a lion.
In Chicago i’m athletic like Ja Morant.
In Chicago i’m like myself.

In Downtown by Ausara P.

In downtown
During the day in the summer it is
Bright like the sun
Loud as a concert
Exciting as going to a new place
Fun like a summer day
Crowded like a movie theatre
Lost like going through a maze
Hot as an oven
Calming as going home

In hawaii by Thomas K.

In hawaii
It’s refreshing
like coconut
It’s cool
like volcanoes
and hot like
the sun.

In Chicago by Lucas Z.

In Chicago,
It is as windy as the coastline,
As busy as a beehive
And as bright as a star at night.



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.