“Life is For Us!”

As months of distance learning continued, Swift 2nd graders paused to think about what is important to them.  Together, we looked at “A Little Girl’s Poem” by Gwendolyn Brooks.  This poem looks at the world from a young person’s perspective, and begins “Life is for me as is shining!/ Inside me I/ Feel stars and sun and bells singing.” After brainstorming ideas for their own imaginary worlds, students wrote “My World” poems.

Ms. Popovic
2nd Grade

The Unity World
Princeshikha K.

I’m a little girl and
Boys think: “Oh look! It’s the crybaby Julie!”
They don’t know I come from the Unity world.
They know I get hurt but they
Never know the Unity world
Unity is a dream
Unity is a wish
Now let me show you the magic tricks
Unity world is a world where men and women
Come together and celebrate every month because
They celebrate the Unity: The most powerful source of love
And belonging.
Where people won’t be killed just
Because they’re black.
United as all, never apart,
Why couldn’t the world be like this?
Well, with the Unity,
Anything is possible.
We just need people to believe that.
Then, Imagination would come true.


My Happy World!
Marc E. A.

In my own time of the world, I help people.
In my world… I will be nice to others and have world peace all together and making everything free to pay for the homeless.
I don’t want fathers separated from their family.

Inside me, I feel… happy and nice and will help anyone in my way.
I feel happy inside my heart for helping the people.
In my creative world, I can create things like monsters, dinosaurs,
and reverse time and it was like the 80s.

I want happiness and joy in my world and into my point of life.
I want people to be happy just like me.
I will help anyone that needs help. I am the creator of my world so I will be kind and help people.


The Fantastic World
Gegeenkhuslen U.

In my world the virus will be gone.
The family will be happy together.
We will plant trees.
The grass will be cotton candy.
The trees will grow fast and faster.
The street will be made of candy canes.
The tree will be marshmallow.
Inside me I feel happy and love because we have our family
The kids will be happy too with their friends and family.
We will shine in the sun and in the moon.


peace in world
Aradhya P.

In my world I would stop cancer and racism.
Everyone will be rich not poor.
Inside me I feel happy
To get hugs every day.
Make islands for kids and


I care about my friends
I care about my family.


Our World
Bryan F.

In my world…
I would make houses
I would make money to give.
Houses will be free, not a million bucks.
Inside me I feel…
Joy with love and friendship.
I would make more food free

I would make more dollar tree stores because they cost 1 dollar.

I wish that there would be no storms so kids don’t get scared.
I wish that there was no covid 19.

Ms. Amato
2nd Grade

Our World
Monday Morning Poets

In our world… children would be treated with utmost care
and respect
Inside us we feel… safe, and respectful and good!
We feel as good as an owl resting in peace

We feel energized, too!
Maybe a little hyper, and able to go to another place
moving very fast!

We have McDonald’s in our world
And all of our favorite games and people
It rains soda and snows ice cream!


My World
Rebecca T.

You can eat a whole planet
of candy and you will not die,
get sick, or get fat.

You can fly with wings
like a bird.

You can go to the park
every day.

The corona virus never

You can ride a

Everybody is nice to
each other!


Kylan Jones

I wish for myself to be a firefighter and others to have a successful life.

Rules I would make is To Be Good and NO Being Disrespectful No Bad Crimes

I would feel excited about my own world known that it’s safe from crimes and people are not be disrespected and that everyone is being good and following the rules


My Candy World
Annessa R.

In my world the trees are candy canes and the leaves are mint chocolates
In my world the dirt is chocolate brownie
In my world the rain is going to be chocolate milk
The snow would be tiny pieces of ice cream
And the flower petals are candy corns
People would be treated kindly and the animals can ask for food in their language
In my world there would be no such thing as slaves like there were a long time ago
Inside me I feel brilliant and would never get cavities from eating too much candy
In my world you can fly all around and you don’t even need a flying license
Flying is just like walking but when you want to boost in the air, you jump up and start flying
My world smells like magic and beauty


My world
Emir M.

In my world they will be happy, Joyful
In my world there will be anything you wish for.
In my world there will be my favorite games, food, toys.
In my world they will have any superpower they want.
In my world they will be happy.


The World I Like
Arya C.

In my world the world had no pollution
In my world there were no poor people
In my world no one had more money than the other
In my world the world was fair
In my world the government would treat people all the same not by their skin color
In my world black lives matter didn’t have to be a thing and so everyone would treat them fairly
Life is for all not just one
In my world Everything was FREE!
In my world Animal Crossing New Horizons houses were upgraded all the way
In my world Among Us would have all free pets skins and hats for no money
In my world you can go in any world and when you make a wish it always comes true!
In my world candy would be healthy
In my world everyone would have superpowers they like
In my world cars could fly
In my world you could breathe underwater
In my world there would be Dryads and Naiads dancing
In my world animals could talk
In my world you could get anything you like
In my world the polar ice caps don’t melt
In my world you could grow Money Nursery Trees
In my world no animals are under captivity





“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.