“La la la la la la la la Cupid melody stuck in my head”: Meditation Poems

Students participated in a short meditation and breathing exercise. I read them I Close My Eyes by David Ignatow.  After the meditation, they were asked to write whatever came to mind. Classwork was conducted in silence.  Daydreaming and even boredom were encouraged!

Lesson Note: “Boredom heightens daydreaming because moments of boredom resemble sleep.  Each inhale and exhale become part of the experience. When the mind finds itself in an interlude of rest, synapses connect in different ways, and new thoughts are formed. The listener creates his or her own harmony in the space, just as our minds [might] fill boredom with a story or observation or memories-to escape the boredom.  Mysteries abound in the time we’re not ‘entertained.’ “–Pep Talks for Writers (2017)  by Grant Faulkner: Executive Director of National Novel Writing Month.

Ms. Wright, 7th Grade

By Juntao L.

Thinking in my mind
Writing the best I can

Meditation Poem
by Anthony W. F.
The first thing I saw when I got up was light, and it flashed me pretty badly.
I didn’t really pay attention all the way, like 30%.
Andrew sleeping was kind of funny.
I fell asleep for like a minute.

Meditation is not very calm
By: Xiao Y. W.

My arm fell asleep
it hurts
Nothing comes to my mind
Yanbing is saying something
what she say??
People moving
I hear weird music
Can’t fall asleep
Filling up BLANK SPACE 🙂
The paper is very white and empty but not anymore
There is red paint and green paint on my hands
I’m writing cursive
Silent yet not silent
My hand is still asleep
Drinking water, pen moving beside me
Feeling relaxed/kind of empty
Haha, wonder if grammar still counts?
La la la la la la la la Cupid melody stuck in my head
What else should I write 😉
I need glasses
A million dreams
I don’t know why meditation does not make me calm,
My mind raced all over the place
Pens smell like ink (DUH)
Goooood news
My hand don’t hurt anymore
Most random things I ever wrote down
Smile 🙂

Mrs. Sicora, 8th Grade

Meditation Poem
by Braylon M.

The moonlight is on the river
The moon is so bright
shining as I try to think about life and what to do with myself ill change my name
Or change my mind and leave this fucked up place behind
Is it and I realize that you don’t have to be sad
I have no enemies I wish I could live without them but there is a part of me
They’ll always be next to me wherever I go. Living in a dream, it feels liketheycan’tt comprehend my feelings

An Image Through Silence
By: Kelly C.

As I closed my eyes and secluded myself
I could hear each breath, going in and out
Now, I melt away in my imagination
In my vision, I could make out a pond
With rocks surrounding itself
I take one and throw it unto the silent water
The ripples submerge themselves in the water
Until the rock sinks back into the water
Now Im left standing alone,
silent and peaceful
Now I throw the second rock
It sinks and again I find myself in this state
I could make out a white beam
With a yellow outline, like the soul of a sun
I follow it and get lifted up
I see the landscapes of the earth
Such beauty, with its green and blue hues
Now I make out the second beam
Where it brings me to my future self, a silhouette
Tall and welcoming I sit down to have a talk
Now she fades away and brings me my gift
A toy car?
She says, ‘never stop being a kid’



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.