Keeping Quiet

For our second week, we read “On Quiet Feet” by Nikki Grimes. Students noticed how different it looked from last week’s selection, being only a single stanza and with much shorter lines. We decided its terseness creates a more dramatic effect, emphasizing words at the end of each line, and forcing readers to slow down when reciting it. We also talked about simile and analyzed the poet’s use of it in the poem, with “silent / as shadow” (lines 7-8). We recognized that “as shadow” was different than the more familiar “as a shadow,” being more general and less specific, and also acknowledged a few rhymes toward the end as well.

“Quiet,” then, was the broad theme for writing, which students approached from many angles.

Ms. Kawa
4th Grade

A Quiet Dream
Elsa D.

I had
a dream
that the
class room
was quiet.

Of course
it is impossible,
but it was
a dream.

the class room
is quiet
I know the world is
ending. But it was a dream.

But I had a
dream that the
class room was

Reading Poetry
Mabel G.

When I am bored
and when I need some peace and
I read.
It does not
if it is a
book with
pictures or
As long as I
am reading
I am
Books with
lots of words
But it
is still
good to

The Beach
Sonia G.

The beach
my happy place
sand in your feet
while you’re reading
either you’re on a swaying hammock
or just lying on the sand
it will be a quiet wonder

Lillian H.

Quiet and peaceful
as I sit there
reading and
eating, it
is silent.

Quiet and Calm
Kai M.

Relaxation is
more than just being quiet.
You are also calm.

Calming strategies
like breathing, meditation,
or just bringing peace.

Breathe in, hold, breathe out.
Quiet as a peaceful worm
inching forward slow.

You are now relaxed.
You have peace in your soul.
You’re quiet and calm.

The Loose Panther in the Zoo
Ryan W.

In a zoo a panther
is on the loose.
At night he sneaks up
and eats.

He is as stealthy as a
shadow as quiet as a

In the moonlight
he leaps from tree to

When the time is
right he escapes
the zoo.

Into the forest
hunting prey in
the shadows
of the trees.

In the moonlight
when the moon’s bright.

Ms. Makris
4th Grade

Lincoln D.

Trees are very quiet.
They make no sound to
the human ear. When wind
blows it makes no sound.
Movements with body
parts don’t make sound.

Sometimes quiet is good,
sometimes it is bad. Sometimes
it is peaceful, sometimes
it is boring.

Your mind can be quiet,
most times it is not. Quiet,
quiet, quiet.

Andrew J.

I sometimes have to open my door
quietly and I have to be very silent to not
wake up my mom like a shadow.

Sway K.

I went
to my friend’s house
and we played some games
then we ate some food
after that we played some more games
the his mom told us
to be

Home Alone
Emilia O.

I am sitting
on the
with my iPad
I am home
starving and
It’s fun to
be home
sitting in quiet.
Playing Roblox with
my friends
having so
much fun!
It’s fun
to be

The Ocean
Milan P.

When I go to the beach
and dip my toes in the water
this odd feeling flows through
my body. It feels like the
waves in the calm ocean breeze.
It makes me go silent for some
odd reason and I lose track of time and
before I know it it’s time to leave and
then I ask my mom and dad when
we are going to go back.

Rain Drops
Aarohi S.

When I hear rain drops,
I feel calm
As the rain drops
Drip drop drip drop.
When I see rain drops
I feel like going outside
And jump in the
Rain drops sometimes are
Or calm and quiet
I love the sound of
Rain drops dripping
Sometimes it makes me
As I watch the rain drops dripping
I feel really calm.

All I Hear Is Quiet
Raadhya S.

I walk down from my bed.
As I sit down at the table all I hear
is quiet. When I walk into the
class room, and put my stuff away
all I hear is quiet. When I walk
out the class room, into my home and
on my computer all I hear is quiet.
But when I go to my dog, I feel
his fluffy fur, and all I hear is

Harper W.

When my brother
walks into his room
he takes a coat

and quiet walks
down the

he quietly left
the house so I
decided to

go with him
I heard
not a noise

each step, the
owl that
kept making noise

I heard more
owls and notice
we were going to the

owl place

Mr. O’Brien
4th Grade

The Quiet Night
Selene G.

I was sleeping in my bed.
My pajamas were red.
The house was a sound
of nothings
and the moon was taking a snooze.
The night was so dark there was nothing in sight.
The dogs were sleeping and so were the cats.
Everyone was sleeping.
And everyone was taking a snooze.
And then in the morning everyone will be
working again!

Every Ssshhhh
Kyle H.

I always try
to be silent
but I guess it is
very hard to be quiet

because when I try
I am already
ahead of time

so today I tried
to be silent but
my brother said
to be more quiet

so this got me
mad and he didn’t
feel bad so it
made me sad.

Quiet Night
Bhavagna T.

One night.
One girl named Rose.
She is a very quiet girl.
But she is so cool.

As Quiet as a Mouse
Marceline V.

As I tip my way to the kitchen
my brother roamed the halls
I had to be quiet, as a mouse.
I get to the island.
Grabbing an apple and some juice.
Silently running to my room.
At last…
I could sleep.

Times When I’m Quiet
Abrielle W.

I get quiet when someone is on an important
phone call. I’m quiet when someone is talking
to someone important.

I’m quiet when people are on a drive
thru ordering food. I’m quiet when my
teacher tells me to be quiet. But I’m
not quiet when my mom tells me
to be.

But I’m the quietest at a library. And
I’m the loudest when people fight at

One Quiet Mouth
Jiyoon W.

When my brother
goes to the
or park,
he never talks.
His mouth is
always silent and
I’m trying to talk to
But he
still never
like a sky
I might hear
his heart beat
but never
his quiet

Ms. Nelson
4th Grade

Adysun A.

In space the stars shine.
As for the sun, it stays bright!
Comets explore space, so the asteroids do too.
Earth is where we live, maybe Mars next?
Pluto and Neptune are neck to neck.
As for Saturn, the loyal karma giving planet.
Jupiter, our healing doctor. Giving miracles.

My Quiet World
Zoe B.

I live in a quiet house
in a quiet village
in a quiet town
in a quiet city
in a quiet state
in a quiet country
in a quiet world
but I wake up
and find it was
a dream.

Yesong K.

The wind
flies up to the
sky silently.
And snow
falling on
my hand
And rain
drops on
the tree silently.
And night
came out,
and stars
are glowing

The Library
Sophia L.

Whenever I go to
the library I feel
very calm.
When I read a book
on the soft velvet chair
I feel quiet and
happy inside.

When I start
reading my book it
sucks me into a
different world, a quiet
one. A few minutes
later I come back
from the different world
awestruck and amazed
of how good the book
really is.
I will definitely
read another book quietly
in peace and quiet.

Ella R.

My favorite
thing quiet sometimes in
I just lie there in
the quiet
in the
quiet I just
lie there
think in the
When it is
my ears
When it is quiet
ears are

Dylan R.

quiet silent
but not really

it’s like a page being flipped over
in a book silent

it’s very quiet when I’m with myself
and I don’t really know it’s the feeling
you get when you read

Homero T.

it is very quiet more
than normal it’s only
my shadow nothing else

Myles Y.

an empty
a library
the sea
under the sea
a happy thing
fish others



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.