Instructions for Living

For our last session, Waters 6th graders discussed how to give good instructions. First, we did an activity where one student instructed another stuent on how to draw an animal. How is that different from drawing a dog or cat yourself? What makes for good instructions, and what makes for unclear ones? Then, we read Jonathan Holden’s “How to Throw Apples”. Students wriote their own instructional poems, take a look below!

Ms. Smallwood’s 6th Grade Class

How to make water
by Ava J. 

First you need a cup.
(the bigger the better)
Next you’re going to grab some fresh ice cubes.
(around 5 oz)
Now you need to mix 4 oz of H20
and 6 oz of tap water
Put all your ingredients into a shaker
and shake for 2 minutes
Last thing is pour all of your new creation into
a cup and you have fresh, ice cold water

How to aerial
by Aria M.

Lift your front leg to your knee
and jump so high
you could fly higher than the sky
your back leg will shoot up like a rokcet
and lift you up
you’ll feel like you could fly
like a bird
eliminate fear from your mind
empty all your thoughts.
you land
make sure to stick
like an olympic gymnast

How to be annoying Youtuber
by Theo R.

Step 1, you have to make a dumb and obviously
not truthful hook in attempt to grab views from some
guy that would actually believe. catching him like a
fish, and use him saying “Mr. Beast is being cancelled” in
a voice like nails on a chalk board.
Step 2 is to get more out of the person,
more views, more like, more subscribers.
Blab on about “Like and Subscribe in the next 5 seconds
or else a spider will come and kill you.”
“Did you know that it is impossible to like and
subscribe at the same time?”
Step 3: go on a rampage about random reasons.
Step 4: repeat the craziness on “Like and Sub”,
“Like and Sub,” “Like and Sub.”
Step 5: don’t tell them why, and so a part 2 video
(which is the same thing as part 1)

Ms. Hooper’s 6th Grade Class

How to talk to Milo
by Clark A.

With a nonchalant tone
walk up to Milo non-nervously
and say “Hey Milo, how is your day going?”
He will most likely respond and then you
shall talk about what you need to
with him, then with Milo not looking you
should try to keep him entertained. 

How not to make a pb and j sandwich
by Darcy A.

First you will want to find two pieces of bread
either on the ground or in the trash as some examples

then you will grab a jar of peanut butter
and slam it on to one of your slices of bread
if there is any glass on the bread that is ok.

next you will do the same with your jelly
on the other slice of bread

after that you can add any extra ingredients
for some examples worms, or dirt, or anything
else you can come up with

finally put the slices of bread together
and enjoy

How to Shoot a Basketball
by Simon A.

First, grab the leathery basketball, going into
a fierce triple threat stance.
To get into a triple threat stance,
bend your knees and hold the ball tightly
into your grasp.
Then, get the ball into a position where your
dominant hand aligns with the smooth threads
and non-dominant hand on the side closest
from your hand to the ball.
After, aim towards the basket, feet aligned,
and dominant hand aiming towards the intended
target. After that, bend your knees and dominant 
arm into an L.
Finally, push off using your legs and your arms,
pushing the ball to the target. Keep your arms up,
reaching the cookie jar. Once the ball goes and
misses or makes, you are done!

Mr. D’s 6th Grade Class

The Kick
by Ronan H.C.

In the heat of the moment you get space.
Call at the top of your lungs for the ball.
You see the ball coming.
The moment seems like its in slow-mo.
You control the ball like teaching a pet to do a trick.
Like aiming down a scope of a gun you pick 
your target.
Now, with the cleats of glory, shining like the sun,
hit the ball with the poiwer of a god.
The crowd goes wild!!!

How to Draw Owen Jr.
by Michael D.

Draw a fat oval that looks too dumb to
look at. Make it a furry if you want to.
Add skinny legs and a long tail.
Put a circle bigger than the oval
that barely connects to the body on the
side where the tail is not. Add ears that
are triangles that have triangles inside of 
them. give your ugly pet an oversized
mouth. Then draw eyes that are always looking
at you but they are sad. Name this creature
Owen Jr. and put a “don’t erase” sign
next to it. 



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.