In love with veggies @ Peterson 7th Grade

Last week, we learned about dialect and line breaks using feminist playwright and author Ntozoke Shange’s poem “okra to greens/”. Students wrote their own poem comparing and contrasting two different foods while we talked about what makes a poem a love poem.


Mrs. Ionita
2nd Period

Food Poem
Nich A.

Barbecue wings!
Tabasco hot sauce!
I love these things.
Cuz its the boss!

Nitro Takis.
Always love these!
Hot cheetos
while hearing migos!

I eat donuts!
Extra glazed!
I eat Pringles!
Fiery blazed!

Ode to takis
Josiah C.

I’m just gonna say one thing you’re (“hot”)
you are a chip rolled up into a stickish
figure, have you guessed yet? I walk into
the shop and looked at isle 9 you’re
just a 1 dollar 39! I search the rows in a
haste to find that lip smacking taste! you
are Takis!

My Pizza and Fries
Abigail P.

Pizza, you are my best
you were there when
I needed you most
I ate you like it
was the first time
ever, you were life,
but always, fires, you
were like pizza, salty
yet fresh, delicious
that I was never
full, when I bought
you it felt like heaven
I my mouth…Now
I don’t know what
to do, Pizza and Fries,
they, they….both are
life, I couldn’t possibly choose,
they are both still my pizza and fries.

your eater

Quesadilla to Pizza
Leia R.

suppose I say I know you’re cheesy.
we’re so alike, but from different
we have met so many times but I never
had the courage to say “hi.”
All yr toppings are one of a kind.
But I am closed while you are openwide.

A slice of you is now on the plate
while I’m stuck on mine
But once I see them take a bite.
My heart sinks, as I say…

The pizza got eaten!


Mrs. Ionita
4th Period

Salad to ranch
Laila A.

a healthy option
for one to consume/
greens and tomatoes
sometimes fruit/
a hint of flavor
to mix it up

the way
Ariana J.

Strawberry…your sweet taste,
the way your color shines and how it suits you
I need you, but can I have you?

Steak to taco
Dj M.

I know when I say you are,
either crunchy or soft.
Many meats to select from,
Many toppings to add.
Maybe you’ll choose me.

Sushi to Avocado
Tulin S.

Sushi is filled with wonderful surprises,
Whle avocado has a pit/
you can choose your variety of sushi,
but avocado will always be the same/

despite this, avocado is always there for sushi
Filling sushi with its delicious and healthy flavor
never changing its personality/

sushi also makes avocado stand out + shine
With avocados flavor bursting through sushi

sushi and avocado will always be with each other



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.