Imagination Ticklers

For our 5th and 6th meetings, Shoesmith 4th graders played with out-of-the-box thinking, creating new worlds to tickle the imagination. Enjoy!

Ms. Lehner
4th Grade

I wish to get
Kyrie W.

I hope to see a desk of apples
a couch of soup
a chair of chips
a pen of eyes
a tree of coins
a park that goes to the sea
a tree made of water
a shirt of bottles
a fridge of raspberries
and a hat that talks.

a hat made of masks
a classroom of hay
eyes that see the future
water that turns to anything
a basketball of mashed potatoes


My Imagination
Anthony H.

My mind builds things differently
like a bottle made of diamonds
a bed made of steel and apples
made of opals
snow made of paper

so I sit and close my eyes
I take deep breaths when
I open my eyes it all
comes true. when I look on
my desk there is a water bottle
made of diamonds. when I look
outside, all paper snow
when I went home my bed
was steel

this was an adventure
and it was a dream but this
was an adventure that I have
never seen


The Future Dream
Laniya W.

It was a nice day, I came home from work and went
to bed, and my future dream started! I had a
dream about the future. The future was made of
food. When it rained it rained tacos. And when it
stormed it rained watermelons and the buildings
were made of strawberries. And houses were made of
burgers and the cars made of shrimp. They only had
one restaurant and they had every food such as
burgers, tacos, seafood, pizza, ramen noodles, and fruit.

Their pets were made out of blueberries. But fish
were raspberries for some reason. The clothes were made
out of crackers and shoes were made out of bananas.
pencils were made out of carrots and glasses were made
out of oranges and schools were made out of potatoes
and desks and chairs were made out of tomatoes
(ha ha that rhymes). But the sky was made out of water
and the road was made of pop and even people were
made out of juice. I woke up and it was a dream.
my future dream.


The things I think of
Shalom B.

Some times I think of
marshmallows on a cloud.
I think of a bed full of toys.

I think of a pool full of
cats. I wish I had a cake
full of tables. I hope to see
a dog made of squishy pillows.

I dream of a castle full of love.
I think of a cat of memories.


The Glasses
Jamayle H.

One day a boy

was walking down
the street and he wished
for a tub made of
macaroni, a house
made of jello
a pool made of ball
pit bulls

a world made of takis
a table made of
a bed made
skittles a bed made
of marshmallows, a chicken
made of watermelon,
broccoli made of glaze
a chair made of
hard candy, a
human made of gatorade
and when he was
walking and he
saw glasses
on the floor and he
put them on
he saw his macaroni tub

and the house made
of jello, a pool made of ball
pit bulls. a world
made of takis
a table made of
skittles, a bed
made of marshmallows

a chicken made of watermelon
broccoli made of glaze
a chair made of
hard candy, a
human made of gatorade

it was his own world
he could control it
and he could bring
people to his world
he was going to live
there for the rest
of his life. if he
wanted to go back to
the real world he


Group 2 – 4th Grade

The Real Dream
Taniya H.

A drawer that makes
whatever you want
A sky that rains
orange soda. Birds
that sing whatever

you want in your
head. A park
with zero gravity
kids that are angels
that protect you
from the danger
you are in.
But, however
it fades dark
And you wake
But you are a kid that is
alone with no friends
but family.


I Saw
Latasha B.

I awoke and saw
the smile of a cat
a wrinkle of dust
but a rift in time and
space it opened to show a
shadow of an angle a loud
thunder grumbled to see a
sky with an eye that cried
and it rained acid and I
turned to see the wall
of a person. a person of
ivy and a listener with an
ear that won’t hear

and I finally awoke from
what seemed like a
nightmare and I saw it all
the smile of a cat a
wrinkle of dust a wall of
a person and a rabbit with
clocks that ding dong tick tock
and a queen with the
face of a heart but a heart
of stone
til this day I lived with I saw



Elizabeth G.

I wish I had a horse made of cotton candy
a pony made of lollipops
a cat made of pineapple
a book made of trees
a lollipop made of books
a jacket made of cheese
a person made of money.

a sock made of sand
a car made of clothes
a sticker made of cheese
a shoe made of water
a folder made of money
a blanket made of gum
a tree made of gum
a pillow made of mints.

a purse made of water
a car made of sand
a dog made of laffy taffy
a whale made of posters
a box made of fish
a chair made of books
an ice cream cone made of paper
a clock made of shoes
a door made of kittens
a folder made of magnets


Random Things
Jahlil W.

A controller made of gold
A room made out of popsicles
A bed made out of clouds
A dog made of lemonade
A handful of chocolate cake
A computer made of water
A phone made of juice


Tereyiah’s Brainstorm List
Tereyiah F.

a face full of puppies
a flying dragon with whiskers
a jar full of roses
an unstoppable un-meowing cat on the sidewalk
a dinosaur coming back to life
the sun blooming with a face
the sour drops from the tree can make your paper into sour candy
Ms. Lehner is a paparazzi star, and she’s friends with the most famous king queen
3045 is the most crazy year







“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.