Ideal Day Poems @ Peterson 7th Grade

Last week, 7th graders at Peterson wrote poems on what their ideal day would look like based off the concept of reclaiming their identities. For their anchor poem, we read “After God Herself” by Justice Ameer, a trans woman poet, and talked about the different between chosen and given identity while students were encouraged to decide how they wanted to see themselves and be seen and treated by others.


Mrs. Ionita
3rd Period



Picture Perfect Life
Charlie L.

I would travel alone to the
beautiful, diverse country of Brazil.
I would either be at the beach
or in the beautiful rain forests.
This is a place where I
can be happy and leave
behind all my troubles.
Whether trying new foods, celebrating
carnival, our relaxing at the beach,
I know this is the place where
I’m meant to be happy.
Its like it has a voice.
It calls my name.
I know this is the place for me.

Why Love Mexico
Diego L.

I want to go to Mexico
I want to meet my family
There are people I haven’t met
So I am going to make a bet
I will love these people
And on that I don’t have to make a bet
I am confident that I will never forget this amazing day.
After all this day was great.

Letting go
Anahi M.

Going to the Bahamas to let go
Being with family to feel comfortness
Swimming in the ocean of my mind
Thinking about everything
And also nothing
But in the end
I let it all go

Invading Lost Cities
Lilly R.

johnny said i couldn’t be a telepath
markus said i couldn’t be a vanisher
shannon said i couldn’t be from the lost cities

they were wrong

i became a telepath; i can read minds
i turned into a vanisher; i can manipulate light

Now I watch Sophie and Fitz hold hands
I witness Keefe’s heart breaking
I see hate
I see lies

I find love

I invaded the Lost Cities

Love for a grandmother
Yareli T.

I feel as if I’m in a ball of light
looking from a top the eiffel tower
all I see are lights
telling me it’s gonna be alright
I smell the love in the air
florescent like sweet honey bees
on me.
As I stare at my grandmother
beside me, I remind myself
why she is here
And I tell my self this is
to make her dream come
true, before her 24 hours


Mrs. Ionita
4th Period

Laila A.

I want to be unnoticed
Where my flaws and imperfections aren’t noticed to me, nor anyone else
I’d go to Neptune, to clear my head from al the emotions I feel
I would finally be myself, and act how I wish I could
Because for once, everyone will act as if everything is normal
and nothing will be judged, nor questioned

My Ideal Day
Delilah K.

I would want to be myself
Since there is only 1 ME
I would want to be home
Since it’s my safe place
My heaven
I would have my family to support
And love me
No matter what
I would take my friends along with
If family can be friends
Why can’t friends be family
We would joke around
play games
be ourself
believe in what we want
That would be my Ideal day…
The Best Day Ever

My Planet, My Destiny
Dj M.

I Jessica Jacobs and my dog BoB
go to Saturn every day.
Yeah, we get lost sometimes
but we always get back.
BoB is my best friend specially on Saturn.
But back on Earth I have my family.
On Saturn we have jumping contests
We might even make a fortress.
We will go to school
But we will not be cool.
Saturn will be my home,
Planet, destiny.

Guadalupe S.

On my Ideal day, I would go to a fancy Island
where everything was made with
hard work I would bring my mom
along too.
We both would go swimming like there is no tomorrow
watch the beautiful sunset and wake up to a
magnificent morning

An Entrepreneur Herself
Tulin S.

My dreams of being an entrepreneur
Set in stone in my head
I would travel the world with my family
These thoughts swirled in my head

Selling my creative products to everyone
A wide range of audience
All of them wanting my things

Tokyo, Sydney, Los Angeles
All over with a jet
Making all my customers satisfied
Being a boss, doing my own thing







“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.