I Wish the Microwave Had Legs & other poems @ Manley High School

During the second portion of our class at Manley High School’s summer credit recovery program we wrote “I Wish” poems. I asked the students to write 10-15 wishes and to consider blending the real, “I wish I had a dog,” with the surreal, “I wish a unicorn served me breakfast.”

Here are a few examples of the student’s work:

Ms. O’Neal
Summer English

I Wish
Dr. Crawford

I wish for a dollar
I wish to make fire
I wish for a better day
I wish for falling candy
and KFC chicken for Rain
I wish for 52 states
I wish for more trees.
I wish for me to be taller
I wish for longer days
I wish for no death
I wish for no Belt.
I wish for more wishes.


I Wish
Tiese A.

I wish I could see stars in the city.
I wish CPS wasn’t so petty and segregated
I wish I could be a vegetarian and that bacon grew on trees
I wish true love actually lasted
I wish revive Angela Davis and take notes on her awesomeness
I wish I could be a panda
I wish Wednesday was Friday; or everyday was Friday
I wish Miley Cyrus would take a jet-pack to Pluto and stay there
I wish Pluto would have enough sense to kick her off too
I wish I could go into the cartoon world in the 90’s and have a ball because cartoons today are bogus.


Mr. Peterson
Summer U.S. History

I Wish 
Stephanie W.

I wish I was rich
I wish me and my best friend lived in a big house
I wish I can quit school and become a doctor
I wish a pretty white pony delivered me breakfast, lunch, and dinner
I wish I could have a finger monkey
I wish my mother was rich
I wish my family wouldn’t have to struggle nomo
I wish I can have wishes
I wish I can have invisible power
I wish some of my good dreams come true
I wish I can read people mind
I wish I can see how other people look at me
I wish me and my best friend was best friends


I Wish 
Kwantina W.

I wish gun were never invented .
I wish I had a billion dollars.
I wish I could bring my mom back and
my dad too.
I wish it never got cold.
I wish I had my license.
I wish I had a job.
I wish people wouldn’t drink and drive.
I wish I passed U.S. history
I wish to be at home asleep
I wish there life on mars
I wish there was no such thing as getting sick
I wish I didn’t have a cold right now
I wish I had my hair done
I wish all these wishes come true.


I Wish 
Dearl B.

I wish me and my car can fly.
I wish the microwave had legs .
I wish I can move my house.
I wish I lived at IHOP
I wish I knew karate
I wish I had a pet bird
I wish I had a million dollars
I wish I can control the weather
I wish I can visit space
I wish I had the ability to be


I Wish
Brandon D.

I wish I had a monkey that spit fire
I wish I had a dog that talk
I wish to see a cat and a squirrel fight
I wish I could fly
I wish the sky was red
I wish it rained money
I wish I lived in space

For more examples of our work, as well as my reflections on leading the class, please visit the Moellership Service Blog.



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.