“I Wish I Could Fly:” Shoesmith 4th grade Wish Poems

December 3rd, 2021 was my first classroom visit with Shoesmith 4th graders for the school year.  When I asked students what they knew about poetry, they impressed me with responses that included:  “a rhyme that makes sense;” “it can be about whatever you want;” “poetry is a small story;” “words that make us feel;” “can be read with expression;” and “you can read it as well as write it!”  Students informed me that the things one needs in order to write poetry are:  ideas, creativity, a good mindset, subject matter, emotions, and imagination.  Then they wrote wish poems!

Ms. Lehner
4th Grade


I wish I had unlimited chips
I wish to get a ps5
I wish to get a cat
I wish to be rich
I wish to get shoes
I wish to get food
I wish to get an iPad
I wish to get tv
I wish to go to LA
I wish I had a car



I wish to see my Grandpa.
I wish to be better at art.
I wish to get good at math.
I wish for my own room.
I wish to be lucky.
I wish for a desk top.
I wish for 5,000 robux.
I wish to be immune to covid.
I wish for a sweater.
I wish for more friends.


Harmony H.

I wish for a donut because
they’re good and I wish I could
wish whenever I should.  I wish
for a puppy because they’re cute
I would give it a smooch.

I wish for hot cocoa when
it’s cold so my body can feel
comfortable and bold.  I wish for
a bunch of gum to chew on.


Caden B.

I wish to have a dog
I wish to have a dirt bike
I wish to have a lot of money
I wish to have a mansion
I wish I was a basketball player
I wish I was a teacher
I wish I was 37 years old
I wish I had a zoo
I wish I had a book shop
I wish I had a whole bag of candy
I wish I had a community center

Zoe H.

I wish for my own room.
I wish for lots of money.
I wish for world peace and no more fighting.
I wish for a dog.
I wish my Granma wins the lottery.
I wish I can have good grades for a long time.
I wish for 5 more friends.
I wish for some robux gift cards.
I wish for a great year in school.
I wish for some games to play on my phone.
I wish to sleep in school.
I wish for a new notebook.
I wish for no more fighting in class.
I wish for my brother to be nicer.
I wish for new folders or school stuff.
I wish for more books.



I wish to be famous
I wish for world peace
I wish to be in the NFL or the NBA.
I wish for there to be no haters.
I wish to have a red dirt bike.
I wish to have super powers.
I wish for a mansion.
I wish to have peace to myself for an hour.
I wish to not be a wild sleeper.


Mason F.

I wish for my family to be trillionaires.
I wish to end world hunger.
I wish to have dogs without having to clean their poop.
I wish to own a library.
I wish to have every console in the world.
I wish to have every book written and going to be written.
I wish to have super speed.
I wish to visit every place on earth with my whole family.
I wish to have infinite ice cream and brownies without gaining weight.
I wish to wear all black.
I wish there was no school.
I wish to own a private zoo.
I wish for pizza.



I wish for a big poppit!
I wish for a cupcake to come to me when I am happy!
I wish for a bigger bed!
I wish I was a little sister.
I wish for a jet to take me to school!
I wish that I was famous.
I wish my tik tok was big!
I wish that I was at a hotel.
I wish for a big house!
I wish for 10 million dollars.
I wish it was summer.
I wish for 1 million robux!







“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.