“I saved it/ then saved another”: Memory Poems

Memory is powerful! 6th and 8th-grade students warmed up with doodling, then crafted memory poems, using short lines, and sensory details!

Lesson Note: ‘[Practice]…the act of moving the hand across the page and writing whatever comes to mind” – Julia Cameron,  Author, The Artist Way.

Mr. Smith, 6th Grade


by Priya B.

I remember running
My heart beating fast
looks like 5,000 people
looking at me
When I messed up

The coach looked at me
she’s upset
I just want to leave!

School Soccer
by Adam E.

In school
We played soccer
I was chosen as Goal Keeper
The match started
I knew I wan’t good

When they shot at the goal
I saved it
then saved another
and they didn’t goal
because of me.

Pass the Baton
by Chika O.

Parents everywhere
Cheering for their children
Coaches yelling

Mis Amigas y Me Escuela/ Mi Maestro de Mexico
by Adrian M.P.

Yo recuredo
Fall Guys

Una Platica

Mr. De Allaume, 6th Grade

Winter Snow
by Devin R.

Winter snow is starting
When the cool breaks through the dead
trees and everything begins to chill and the
first of many falls and meets the pavement

as many more come down

Late to School
by Jamirayah L.

All you hear is doors opening
then slam. I’m looking at the
floor waiting for the door
other kids running yelling come on

The book bags going up ‘n’ down
The stair getting shorter and shorter
by the second com on slam come on

by Anthony R.

At recess
We Play
children running
And yelling

But at the end
someone touches you
and says


Mrs. LsSane, 8th Grade

Jose H.

I remember
I was talkin’ to Ms. P.
about Mexican food.
And she was saying
She is a picky
easter. I was telling
her about
some snacks

Water Park
by Abigail O.

I’m amazed
hearing people
laugh, and
Seeing people
having fun.
Seeing water slides.

I saw my family
having fun
being cold
and seeing
yelling at us
to not pick
each other up

5th Birthday Party
by Kariyah P.

I remember
it was a very
hot day
Everyone telling me
Happy Birthday

The cake melting
because it was
so hot
My favorite music
Then they all sing
Happy Birthday

Mr. Endres, 8th Grade

High School
by Jayla J.

In October
We took
our high school
to see
where we go

People feeling nervous
typing away
tapping their feet
on the wood floors
heads down
glad it’s over

Winter Ball
by Kylie C.

At the school dance
I’d seen kids getting along.
Singing every song played.
dancing in the circle,
recording each other’s
Phones to keep memories.
everyone yelling over
the music how they
Can’t hear me.




“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.