I love the energy!

I love the energy that Shoesmith 4th graders bring to our poetry workshops each week! They always seem open to new ideas, ready to think, and eager to tap into their creativity. If we had more time together, there would be more opportunities for students to write and for me to select 3-4 poems to publish each week. I want each student to have at least one poem published before the residency’s end, so I am showcasing quite a few of the great Dream Poems that students wrote last week. Enjoy!

Ms. Lehner
Group 2 – 4th Grade

by Kalel C.

I dream of space and exploring
Space is what I dream
Space is black and fun to learn
Space is what I dream

I have a dream waiting to be true
I feel ecstatic for this dream
I can feel myself meeting my dream
Space is what I dream

Space is what I love
Space is beauty
Space is what exploring is like
Space is what I dream

My Happy Dreams
by Amoura G.

I dream of meeting Michael Jackson
I dream of having lots of kittens
I dream of eating pizza every day
I dream of living in Miami
These are my happy dreams

Tatiana H.

Dreams are sometimes
good or bad.
Either way you
need to hold tight
to them. hold tight
to that younger self
of you/ the reason
you’re the way you
are today is because of
your kid dreams that
you never let go

The Power of Dreams
by Joshua B.

Everybody dreams of being able to fly
Everybody dreams of having a good life
Everybody dreams of meeting a nice guy
Everybody dreams of being rich
Everybody dreams of being happy
Everybody dreams of being free
Everybody dreams, can’t you see?

Dreams can be good
Dreams can be bad
Dreams can even be sad
Dreams are powerful like you and me
Dreams are wonderful, can’t you see?

I need to dream to love life
I need to dodge the nightmarish knife
I need to dream every day
I want to dream you say
I want to dream freely

My Nightmares
By Gaius X.

I dream of being trapped
in space
I dream of poison gas filling
the room
I dream of a fan slicing me.

I dream of getting buried alive
I dream of getting mixed in a mixer
I dream of getting shots
in my eyes.

I dream of being squished
by 2 walls closing in
I dream of being trapped in
a dark room.

I dream of being trapped
in water, drowning
I dream of running out of air
I dream of being eaten alive

By Noah D.

I want to dream to be a basketball player
My dream is I want to meet Michael Jordan
I dream to be at the Grand Canyon
I dream to have infinite dollars and give poor people homes and food
I dream to be an adult
I dream to have 5x gravity and act like the Flash

I dream to be an actor
I dream to be in Hollywood
I dream to be in Tokyo

Izael E.

I dream to be an NFL player
I dream to play my brother in the NFL
we play two two different positions on two different teams
I dream to be one of the best players in the NFL
I dream to play for the LSU Tigers
I dream to win a national championship
I dream to open a store
I dream to make my own business for people to play football
around the world
I dream to make millions of dollars
I dream to have sports team
I dream to travel around the world
I dream to meet Malcolm X
I dream to help Haiti

Positive Dreams
by AJ D.

I dream of being an NFL
player. I fill my mind up
with challenging goals

I dream about being a
millionaire. I wish December 9th
was everyday

Nobody is able to take my
goal away. Dreams can be
illusions that come true

I dream of Heaven, and the
fluffy clouds. I dream of
touching God’s hand.

I am blessed every morning
for being the human I am.

My Dream
by Maksim B.

My dream of being a
trillionaire has me in Hawaii
with my family instead
of sitting at home doing
nothing. We go outside
to the beach every day.

My dream of being a
trillionaire has me helping
poor people who need
it and I will give
them food.

I dream that everyone
will get food and not

I dream to adopt some
kids so we can
have more fun and
buy a trampoline.

My Dreams
by Ka’layla D.

I dream of being in the NBA,
I try to make a 3-pointer,
My brain is cluttered with basketball
players, I dream of dunking

When I dream I feel cozy
I feel safe
I feel relieved, happy, important, and

I need to dream because I will
feel left out, and hurting inside
if I don’t dream.

The day of my daydream
By Alaijah S.

I always daydream of having
100 days
Sometimes I can’t get out of my dreams
And sometimes I cry in my daydream
I show a lot of emotions in my
I always dream that we
don’t have school on Mondays
and I wish I had a lot of

Ms. Lehner
Group 1 – 4th Grade

My Future
by Kylie B.

I dream of being a hero
I dream about doing track
I dream of learning more
I dream of people who I know
I dream of scary movies

If I were a hero I would change negativity
If I ran track I would be faster
If I know more stuff less will be questionable
If you watch scary movies you will be scary.

by Kyren B

I dream about being in the NFL
I dream of playing a lot of different sports
Sometimes I daydream about things
that happened a long time ago.

Sometimes when I daydream I get stuck
while people are calling my name
Sometimes I dream about future me
And sometimes I dream about past me.

I love my dreams
by Steven S.

I dream that I went to Candy Land
I dream I was in a perfect place
I dreamed I was in the MLB
I dream that I was a better person
I dream that my car is a Lambo
I dream that I can be a businessman
I dream that I will be rich
I dream that I will be loved.

My Dreams
by Amir S.

I dream that I wake up and do my colleg
I dream to be done with my college
work just to go on twitch and stream
I dream to stream for at least
2 hours
I dream to get down with my dream
and to eat dinner
I dream to be done with
dinner and read for 30 minutes
I dream to go to bed and
dream another dream.

by Jacqueline S.

I dream that all people from all places hold hands
I dream that we don’t pollute the air
I dream we respect God’s wishes

My heart is an opening for all
My dreams are for the world

I dream we stay together forever
Nightmares scare you but dreams guide you
where you want to be.

Love is a dream
Happiness is a dream
So is my heart
My heart will always forgive you but
let my soul get time.



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.