“I look at the sky. Then back at it”: Time of Day Poems

Students read Peggy Trojan’s deceptively simple poem, Noon Hour, We talked about the two-word title, the two-stanza poem, short lines, putting big ideas into small containers, empathy,  marginalized characters, and the one period at the end of the work. Students then crafted their own short school-centered and/ or time of day poems.   Peggy Trojan is a retired teacher who published her first poem at the age of 77. She is the author of several poetry collections, including the self-published All That Matters: Collected Poems 2010-2018 and Essence (Portage Press, 2015). She lives in Wisconsin.

Lesson Note: ‘Poetry with its intimate focus on everyday moments in time, is an ideal medium for uncovering the grace that is always available to us, especially when we choose to take care of each other in whatever ways we can.’ –Healing The Divide: Poems of Kindness & Connection.  Ed. by James Crews.

Mr. Smith, 6th Grade

The Day
by Tommy H.

My favorite time
is 8 am and 9 am
in light birds sing
in the dark the rain
shatters on the ground.

Around 5:00 PM
by Chris B.

Around 5:00 PM the sun
comes down I hear the police
car I smell brownies.

Mr. DeAllume, 6th Grade

by Zerell S.

My favorite time of the
day is 2:30 the five things
I see are dogs, cats, cars,
people running, and my f-
-riends. The two things I
smell are chicken and
pasta the one thing that
is different at this time
is the sky

Mr. Endres, 8th Grade

10 PM
by Salvador G.

Food always tastes better
in the dark
It’s quiet
but the cars are zooming by

When at night
after finishing chores and work
you just chill and calm down
eating and listening
and after all fo that
we sleep

by Tatum H.

I came out from my grandma’s house
After a really long day
The sun is going to rise while the moon plays
Hues of purple, pink, orange, and yellow fill my eyes
“That’s pretty,” Wow” can be heard from afar
The sun disappeared behind the building
Yet the hues linger

I left up my phone and open up the app
A click can be heard after I’m done
A new memory is made
“She’s taking a picture” is the only thing
We continue on our way
I look at the sky. Then back at it
my favorite time of day is here.
It’s so beautiful.

Mrs. LeSane, 8th Grade

Time of Day
by Joya F.

This time of day is my favorite
Because I get to sleep
But I lose energy from school
Energy I wish to keep.

3:00 PM
by Miguel P.

I get home at 3:00 PM
I can smell the food with my first step I take
I can hear the sizzling from the pan
I see my bed and I go to sleep

by Alissa D.

When the big busy
city goes to sleep
Rest we all need it
We need the smell
of rain at night
The light being
the moon and
street lights.

My Favorite
by Asijah B.

Kids screaming and running
music is playing in my ear
walking cars pass and growling dogs
I feel at peace. I can hear my
own footsteps. I enjoy my time.

by Aniyah M.

In the morning we prepare for snow
5am to 10am the wind makes us shiver
Noon the wind blows lighter and we know
3-5pm coats are off
We enjoy the weather till we no longer can
After 7 it’s back to shivers and snow.



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.