I Heart _______

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, I chose “Valentine, Valentine” by Landis Everson as this week’s poem. Before we heard it read aloud, however, I introduced the literary device of alliteration to the students, saying that the poem likely included at least some examples of it. Our discussions then revolved around Everson’s idiosyncratic imagery (“a chauffeured envelope,” “red-rhymed lines in lace,” “long-stemmed snakes”) as well as reasons why he might’ve repeated certain consonant sounds in the poem, and what his last two lines, “what a lovely / winter, almost skipping February” might mean.

For writing, Valentine’s Day was the theme. I also noted that students could use alliteration, too, if they wanted.

Ms. Thiel, 2nd Grade

Ibrahim B.

Valentine with a
night in the chimney
about to break your heart
then the day is short

Deondre C.

On Valentine’s Day you can
eat a lot of candy and games

Keyondra G.

Valentine, valentine
come here waiting on you
we love you valentines
come soon my sweet Valentine’s
Day come come come to
me soon you’re sweet and
tasty you’re my valentine

Love you valentine

Leo J.

We are a family and have
a party and it’s going to
be a fun party,
a fun and
valentine party

Natalia R.

Valentine, valentine, here
it comes Love and Joy
through the air Lovely time to
share Love and care Notes,
Chocolates, red ribbons, and
bows. Heart so up and grow. It
Grows and Grows into Love
here is what it’s called…
Valentine’s Day!!!!!!! Yay!!

Ms. Ward, 2nd Grade

Arjun A.

Hearts in the sky. Roses are red.
There hugs every. Chocolate we toast.
Hey Valentine is coming today!

People are happy. Even the earth is
happy. Hey Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day Fun
Avni B.

When I wake up everyone yells

“It’s Valentine’s Day!!” I get out
bed and
get ready for Valentine’s

I go outside with my cards

and I gave them to all my
they give
Then we have a Valentine’s
Day party.

Valentine’s Card
Elle C.

Valentine’s day
oh valentine’s day

I hope you have a good
valentine’s day.

A valentine’s
card all perfect and
nice I wonder who
to give it

A Party for My Valentine
Monica E.

Disco dance sewing so sweet

sand box for my valentine.

Cool tech game go fetch fame

dog disco dance sewing so

sweet so ever sweet for
my valentine. Cool cold cola

four five forty fifty count

chocolate cool cola five fifty
for my valentine hearts
cards cool so cool sewing

game for my valentine

Valentine’s Day
Olive P.

I wake up I get my presents and
I go down stairs there’s
balloons flowers and a
We give our presents
to our family we
open them tallest to
shortest. My dad my
mom my sister
then I’m last
I really don’t care.
Best valentine’s day

Candy Hearts & Candy
Annette W.

I am a candy heart
I am….
triple stylish
trillion stylish
laughing cool
literally cool
candy crazy
crazy candy
I am….candy, crazy, and cool!
I am…red and rare
I am…stylish and super
I am…triple stylish, trillion stylish
I am…awesome and amazing
and…laughing cool and literally

Ms. O’Connor, 2nd Grade

Opal P.

put a pile of pancakes
on my plate I will love you

give good gifts I will
love you

do a dance with me
I will love you

Valentine Bomber Valentine Avalanche
Sai S.

I look up…
A bomber!!!
Wait…It’s a
Valentine Bomber!!!
And then I remember that it’s…
Valentine’s Day!!!
The plane keeps throwing valentines
with candy stuffed inside.
Then I catch with a net
and pull it to the ground.
And then—oofs oofs—everybody
is on me.
And that is the end
of Valentine Avalanche Day—oofs

Valentine Valentine
John S.

Valentine Valentine come soon
bring some joy to the town, happy

Bird Valentine’s Day
Bennett S.

Falcons in love on Valentine’s Day,
falcons in love
while tickling teeny tiny tigers.
The tiny tigers having hearts
they love lady bugs
that have huge heads

vultures spend Valentine’s Day
vandalizing other vultures’ nests

Pink, Purple……Hearts?
Rachel X.

Pink, purple, red and hearts
Broken hearts, split apart
Pink, purple, red and hearts
tiger’s heart, quickly dart!
Pink, purple, red and hearts
skunk’s heart, what stinky farts!

Valentines, valentines
what a lovely time
valentines, valentines
hold on! It’s rock ‘n’ roll time!
Valentines, valentines
what a salty brine!

Pink, purple, red and hearts
people hearts, in the barn
pink, purple, red and hearts
chalk hearts, drop apart
pink, purple, red and hearts
anything hearts, hearts o’ hearts!

Ms. Rupp, 2nd Grade

Oh My Valentine
Nia A.

Oh my valentine when you
arrived in hearts so excited
like kids at recess when love
today like a heart put together
and by dawn all of the love
will be put around like mice
spreading fleas everywhere the
love is everywhere in the air so
give some love and give it
to a person to spare.

Kyndall F.

I love Valentines I love
getting candy who’s your
mushy valentine? I love valentines
because I get to see who’s
my valentine shh I have
one but I am not
going to tell
you that’s the

Valentine’s Day Candy
Audrey H.

For Valentine’s Day you get candy, cards, and flowers.
But CANDY is the BEST! Candy hearts and

Leila S.

I love Valentine’s Day
It is amazing, amazing, amazing, ama-
zing! I love those hearts, and lovie
stuff. But if someone smooches
me, I’ll…

Run all the
way to the other
side of the

And then kiss my mom.

Valentine’s Day
Erika W.

Valentine’s Day is
about love you care
about people you help
them out give them
cards and love people

Happy Valentine’s Day

Ms. Schwartz, 2nd Grade

Christian C.

Valentines Valentines
so great you are flowers for
me and roses for you. Chocolates
are good from in the freezer
all ready for you for Valentine’s
Day. Love is for you and love is
for me. We have so much in common
for you and me. How much do
you love Valentine’s Day?
I’m so glad that I am yours
forever and ever
I’m so sad that the day is
gone we have to wait
365 days more.

Valentine’s Day
Skyla H.

I love Valentine’s Day

I love the candy

I love my dog on

Valentine’s Day

because her birthday
is February 14th
and I can’t wait
because my family
that have dogs
coming and all of the
dogs are going
have a lot of treats
probably but I will have
to do the worst thing ever.
Pick up the
poop. Which is all the
dogs’ poop.
But it is okay because I am
used to doing it.

Aarav M.

The Day of Valentine’s Day
is like hugging and loving your
family members such as dad,
mom, cousin, sister, brother, uncle, aunt,
grandma, grandpa. Valentine’s Day
is a day to spend the whole
day with your entire
family. Spending a day with
your family is the best thing in
the world because you love
your whole family. I love
Valentine’s Day so much
to spend the whole day with your

Rhiannon S.

Red roses run around rooms
blue blooms back again
valentine valentine
Love is in the air and gifts are
all around blue is blue yellow is yellow
together they make a nice little fellow
I have a family you do too we can
be friends as long as we like the
color blue


Vishal S.

Valentine’s Day is awesome.
Like a bejeweled heart of

Madeleine S.

Love has its own holiday! And
it’s called Valentine’s Day the things
that you mostly get on Valentine’s Day
candy, love, and presents!



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.