‘I can see the light…’: Night Poems

Students thought and wrote about what happens at night after reading, ‘Quiet Night Thought by Li Bai

Lesson Note: ‘My approach to writing has this belief at its core: To become…a more confident writer is to take a learning journey. Learning through practice-repeating an activity over and over has always been one of the main ways that humans learn. To be on a learning journey as a writer means that you move from one place to another.’-How to Be A Writer: Building Your Creative Skills Through Practice and Play by Barbara Baig.

Ms. Hooper, 6th Grade

Night Noise
Benjamin C.

I can see the light emitting from my doorway
and the cat that jumps on my bed
My eyelids droop as she curls up to go to sleep.
as the water runs I slowly sink sink in to my pillow.
What will tomorrow be like?
I hope it’s another Beautiful day.

Dark Thoughts
by: Maxwell S.

Dark thoughts in my head
As I lay down in my bed
The sheer amount of existential dread
Please I just want to go to bed
God only knows what id give to sleep
The next day my brain admits defeat

A Breath Away From The Earth
A poem by Iris Z.

The Night is not a time to sleep for me
At night I leave, I fly
I rise and rise until I can almost touch the stars.
And then I breathe, and it all fades.
The stars become the ceiling of my room
And the feeling of being free is no more
I was alone.

Midnight Sounds and Senses
By Elijah K.

My cat wants to go in again
This is the fifth time
So I try to ignore
His scritch-scratching at the door
My brother’s squeaky bed
Keeps me awake
And also the train
Not a block away
I try to calm myself
I stare at the dresser
My parents get up from the TV
And step on the squeaky floors
Now I am the only one
Awake without a sound
This is the third time this week
It’s getting really old

Ms. Walsh, 6th Grade

The world that surrounds you
By Zoe M.

The wind whistles
Moving the trees and shifting my eyes.
Night has fallen
Silence being within me
Noise surrounding.

The world may seem quiet
Alone, peaceful,
Resting for the day
But I know that around me

There is not only silence
Not only piece
But around me is noise
Around me is war
Around me is not just happiness
But sadness.

It all makes you think
About your day
about others
But when you sleep
Think about
The next day and don’t look back.

The Spooky Room
By: Sara B.

I see the door creaking open
I’m tempted to go
I see the light flickering but I’m scared
I wonder what is in the dark empty space
Could be mice or some chairs or some electric wires
I go in but I frantically run out
We will never know what is in the dark empty space

Random Things like doors
Arfan M.
Ice Cold Mountains With Black forests
Blue Moons and possibly Quiet
Beds,Blankets and Pillows too
And learning how not to be bored

Thoughts of Night
By: Kayden W.

The moonlight shines through the curtained windows
With the light of a star.
I wander my mind as I shuffle into bed.
I focus on the sounds and sights
I see throughout my room.
I notice the gaping hole my dog made through my door,
The same dog who snores so silently without disturbance.
It would be nice to do that
That of which to be untethered from the world,
To have no worry
To be free.

Ms. Collins, 6th Grade

Night Shift
By: Sofia B.

Owls hooting
Cars going by
What do I feel?
What do I hear?

I can’t sleep
The light of the street lamps
Shining, brightly in my eyes
What would happen tomorrow
Then, I shift
Into the night sky

White Walls
Anastasia N.

Looking at the white walls
So empty and blank.
Like a raging winter storm
Or a quiet cloudy day.

Before the Dreams and Nightmares
By: Aadit D.

Before my dreams and nightmares
I see the lights on my walls and the outside of the window
That will always show me what the outside is looking like.
I hear the noises from upstairs
And when it’s raining,
The quiet and soft sounds of the raindrops crashing on my window.
The only thing I hope that tomorrow will bring me
Is a happy and wonderful day.




“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.