” I am…” Poems

Have you ever taken a moment to celebrate yourself? For this week’s session at Perez Elementary we read Nikki Giovanni’s “Ego Trippin’ and talked about how she uses exaggeration and metaphor to celebrate herself in this poem. Students than had time to write their own pieces celebrating themselves, using some of the same poetic devices that Ms. Giovanni does in her piece.


8th Grade- Group 1

I Am

Alonzo T 

I was born in Chicago 

I am the windy days

 of mid fall

Cool like water flowing through

a river

I am so fast that

I can teleport 

I am sneaky like a

 lion hunting its prey

I am short like the

 John Hancock tower 

next to the Willis tower


I am not

Lizette P. 

I am not as calming as fall but also not

As chaotic as a racoon

Or as sensitive as water


What I’m Like

Anailyn C.


I am as lazy as a panda, not the kung fu panda,

And as hungry as an elephant.


I hide away in my room sleeping as

 quietly as a bear in hibernation.


I like to be alone doing whatever entertains me,

Alone in my room.


Still I am the outside, doing one of my favorite exercises, running

Just as fast as a cheetah.  


8th Grade- Group 2


If You Knew Me

Angel L. 

If you knew me you would know that

I am as lazy as a cat, so I lay in bed and play video games all day.

I am as quiet as fall, that one can hear themselves breathe. 

I’m like that one bright star on a very dark night when the moon is out and shining.

I’m as determined as Tom when he tries to catch Jerry 


I Am

Angel Lo. 


I am so smart

              That I can teach better at Harvard than any other teacher.

   I feel like the best

                    That I sat on a throne

I am like fire

                   That I destroy everything in my path along the way

I am just like winter

Because I am very calm and sometimes bad

I am like a bird

Cause I can fly high in the sky

I am an eagle

                        The way I can see everything

I Am

Jay A. 

I am El Salvador 

The fresh cold breeze that hits your face

On a hot sunny day 

The plants are green 

The warm spring air 

That makes you crave 

Cold ice cream


7th Grade


I Am

Carmen P. 

I am so strong the HULK is jealous 

I am so fast the cheetah cant see me 

My life is like  a





chaotic but fun 

My life is also like hills bumpy 

my talent  for swimming and water polo is up to the 





I am as smart as the smartest person on earth

When i get mad it’s like a 


My emotions are like CHICAGO weather

Up and down 

every day



Karen A. 

  I am a wildfire 


Than a house

Shorter than a 


   I am quiet as a 


    I have every


Just because yo mando 







I could burn down a


Not knowing why I’m mad 

Just know I’m

When I’m stressed 

No need to worry 


 cures my 


I am 


 as an ocean 





The Elements of Miggy.D

Miguel D. 


I am fire not like a candle in a room 

But like the Chicago fire

The way I melt the controller

When I lose the game

All the TV’S I broke 

As if it has no feelings

I am an ostrich the way I cross people on the court


 My shots on the court are smoother than butter

Although I am not always fire 

Sometimes I’m water

Like a small drizzling in the spring

 I am elements I am an animal I am a texture 

                              I AM MIGGY



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.