I am King but not a Lion

The 8th graders at Sayre Language Academy kicked off their residency with some powerful introductions, see for yourself! We watched I Am Limitless by Lina Abojaradeh and took inspiration from how she defines herself.

Ms. LeSane’s Class

By Byron

I am the honda civic driver
you get in I wont take you

what ever people saying
can’t make you or break you

I am King but not a Lion you not
King so why you Lying. rah rah this
rah rah that shhh just keep it quiet

not finna crash the rental

because jojo was hanging
out the window

I am Cora
By Cora

I am mango tropical
and sweet I am a fork
because I am sharp
and have four different
personalities. I am a bear
because I am soft and
sweet with a little anger
people believe that
I am sweet with a
little sassy in me
I am a pianist and
a bass guitarist with
a lot of talent in my

I Am
By Joseph

I am a apple
I am a knife because if you
play with me you will get
cut off
I am a lion because I am the
I am Batman
I am Handsome

By Aisha

I am a cherry, hard in the middle and
soft on the outside.
I am a spoon, shiny as the back and smooth
in the front,
I am a bear rough like the sea and wavy
and smooth like a fish
I am religious happy and perfect when on my
deen and green and sour when I’m not
people describe me as kind and I think
so and surely you are deep inside that
mysterious pink heart

I am Powerful
By Kyle

I am powerful, I am strong, I am brave, I am cool.
I am D1, I am Kenwood, I am LSU, I am
him. I am kind, I am the king, I am the best.
I am optimus prime, I am a future NFL player,
I am handsome, I am the one, I am the chosen one,
I am the best in the world, I am black history.

Mr. Charmelo’s Class

I am…
By Ariana

I am a watermelon, I’m shielded from
the outside, but sweet from the inside…

I am a spoon, full of kindness and
affection, pouring my concern to others

I am a bear because most of the
time I am sleepy and lazy.

I am…
By Christian

I am Jonesy from fortnite
I am the battle bus, dropping in
I am a car, just driving through life
I am just me, a fun, caring guy.

I am poem
By Lamine

I am lemon lamine because I can be sweet&sour,
I am a spoon because me&spoon can be reliable,
I am a funny person but people don’t know that,
I am drawer, artistic but people know that…

I am
By Alyssa

I am a green apple, sometimes sweet and sometimes sour
I am a spork sometimes I wanna get everything sometimes I don’t
I am a lion I do not fear I’m down for everything
nobody knows that thinking about good memories calms me down
something everybody says about me is I’m a over-thinker.

Realize and Accept
By Jake

I am a dragon fruit because I am seen as someone but I’m
actually someone else. A dragon fruit has a lot of attention on it that it
looks like it has flavor because of how it looks, but once you try it
you realize it really has no taste. I am seen as a Negative and Annoying
Person but if you really give me a chance and get to know me you realize
who I really am and what I’m going through. I am afraid of this world
and have many problems but no one realizes it. I’ve only had 2 friends that
I have been friends with for over a year. Give me a chance and get to
know me before you accept me as the wrong person.



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.