I Am, I Am, I Am!

Greetings! Our third week at Bronzeville Classical was all about metaphor, one of the building blocks of poetry. We took a look at “Who I’ll Always Be” from student poet Riti Shrestha as our inspiration. Riti wrote about being a positive presence. Bronzeville students took note and described themselves with funny, vivid, and thought-provoking metaphors.

Ms. Siudock, 8:00 class, 4th grade

I Am by Kamden G.
I am someone telling jokes
I am someone that makes right choices
I have a positive attitude
I am tuff
I am good at sports
I am a cloud that is dark
I am fast, and fast who I will always be

I Am by Tylah M.
I’m a person with a lot of thoughts
I’m a sparkle you’ll never find
I’ll give and keep on going
I like to make things with paint
I am thoughtful
And is who I’ll always be

I Am by Mali B.
I am anime, bright and detailed as all
I am a stuffed animal, cute and small
I am change, I can be better or worse
I am headphones, tuning out the rest of the universe
I am positive
I am negative
I am weird, as always

I Am by Lela W.
I am the stars sparkling at night
I am the parade that you see at an event
I am the people cheering at a concert
I am the thing you feel when you find something interesting
I am the warmth you feel when you hug someone
I am the glass blowing in the wind
I am the diver when they dive off the deck
And kind is who I will always be

Ms. Shuch’s 9:45 class, 3rd grade

I Am by Naomi E.
I am a cold day
I am a kid cracked up
I am bouncing off the walls
I am moving around too much
I am too much flavor
I am a kind who stands out
I am very awkward

Ms. Shuch’s 12:45 class, 3rd grade

I Am by Grayson
I am a cheetah
I am a diary
I am a bear
I am a cat
I am a panther
I am a lightning bolt
I am a dog

I Am by Reagan H.
I Am a rainbow in the midnight
I am bright
I am a sun out of sight
I might go tonight
so just know
that you’re always
In my sight of happiness
and I will always be
loving you

I Am by Atticus
I am the shiney sun
I am a diamond chandelier
I an an octopus
I am Josh Allen breaking a tackle
I am caramel ice cream
I am a giraffe
And a snowy owl is who I’ll always be

Ms. Siudock, 1:45 class, 4th grade

I Am by Aminah B.
I am bright I am
one thousand hugs
I am a rainy day
I am Einstein I am
dried out play-doh
I am water I am
flash and fast
that’s always who
I will be

I Am by Natalie B.
I am smart, an Albert Einstein brain
I am a beautiful, a pretty young woman
I am brave, a fighter
I am nice, a kind person
I am a procrastinator, a girl not doing her chores
I am athletic, a woman working out
I am an explosion, bomb
I am a great person

I Am by Sierra F.
I am a weight lifter at the gym
I am a sunset over a lake
I am a cheetah running trying to catch their prey
I am a dog that has been with you your whole life
I am Albert Einstein calculating numbers on a chalkboard
I am an artist splashing paint left and right on a canvas
I am a squirrel rushing up a tree and jumping to another tree
And this is who I will always be

I Am by Ben S.
I am a never-ending rainbow
I am someone who makes flowers bloom
I am sleepier than a bear napping in a cave
I am a project in an art class
I am a mini Albert Einstein
I am a stack of neat books on a shelf
I am your reality show you watch 24/7
And a reality show I’ll always be



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.