“Her brain is like the internet”- Twain 3rd Graders Make Comparisons

As an introduction to simile and metaphor, Twain 3rd graders discussed comparisons, or, what it means to note similarities between two things. Color, shape, size, idea, feeling, and sound are some of the ways to compare things. After looking and thinking about how clouds are like mashed potatoes and cacti are like tiny needles or a spiky porcupine, students were challenged to create comparisons of their own. Enjoy! 

Ms. Lee
3rd Grade

Delylah C.

My clothes are itchy like a Christmas tree
I sleep in my room like a bear in a zoo
My mom is as sweet as cotton candy


Andrea C.

My friends are as nice as Disney characters
My mouth is as loud as a drum
Books are as long as a river


Clip boards are like tree bark

My cat is sneaky like a ninja

The wind was gentle like the water

A book is like someone talking

The gold is hard as my homework

My mom is like a siren

Mrs. Murphy
3rd Grade

Angelique S.

My older brother is as annoying as a fly
My cinnamon roll plushie is as soft as a cloud
My mom is as busy as a bee
I am as tall as a tree
My cat is as lazy as my brother Michael
I am pretty like a daisy
The moon is as light as the sun


Madelin F.

Big kids sound like a loud horn that keeps talking
Little kids are silent as a mouse
A good mood is like you’re flying in the sky


Samantha M.

My room is clean like a hotel
The life with no color is like a sad life.


________ is as loud as an alarm
because he’s noisy and screams like a girl


My grandpa snoring is like an earthquake
Gizella M.


Emeralds are like hard spray-painted aqua rocks
glow! glow!
Madeline G.


A tall tree has branches like fingers
Julian R.


Ms. Isaacs
3rd Grade

Adan J.

A happy mood is like dancing for joy
A bowl of spaghetti is like shaking your arms
When he blushed his face was red like fruit punch
A book is like a biscuit with many layers
When paper falls it slaps like a pancake falling on the floor
A pizza is like a puzzle because it has pieces


Collaborative poem

Her brain is like the internet
there is so much stuff
inside it
making connections
with many networks
you may have to

search your brain
to answer math questions
you can like things
and save them in your brain

Brians are really cool
like the book and the game
Plants vs. Zombies
plants give you good connections
like friendship
zombies give you bad connections


A caged bird is like being stuck in a house on a rainy day
Jayson D.


An angry mood is like a hot stove
Alicia S.


Mrs. Lamas
3rd Grade

Mateo S.

Children playing at recess are like adults protesting
Cars beeping are like rock music
I eat like a fast dog
My sister is like a calm frog
because she does yoga


Benjamin M.

My brother is like a boogy man
My dad is like a soldier
My mom is like a pretty sunflower


Lily A.

Children playing at recess are like flying planes
My mom is like a shining star
My dog runs like as fast as wind


My brown eyes are like halloween decorations
Leo P.


My brown eyes are like bread crust
Arantza P.



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.