Group Poems

After watching several group poems from the different Poetry Slam competitions, the poets from Waters Elementary wrote their own group pieces. This lesson focused on working together as a team and respecting each other’s ideas. Enjoy!


Summer team

Bob the ice cream man making more money than ever,

From strawberry to chocolate

To people sneak eating it in their closet

A refresher to cool down on the hot summer day


The sun so bright

A man getting tan

From the scorching hot sun

Ice cream melting before your eyes


The beach

So packed with people cooling off in the cold water.

children competing to dig the deepest hole

And building sand castles


All these things are in one place.

They need each other.

The ice cream man is selling ice cream to all the people on the beach,

and the sun is the reason that the people are even at the beach in the first place.

This is the summer.



Ghosts in the night

Filling up my mind

You scream in fright

You wonder if the ghost is kind


Dead bodies down the hall

I walk alone

Will I ever leave this horror of a dream

Crying inside; can’t sleep at night; I’m running from home


All the different parts of my life

Are swarming together

As sharp as a knife

Stabbing into my life


Running to escape from my doom

But I only ever get closer to my tomb

Blood streams follows of the people i have wronged


Thousands of mistakes follow me

My past haunts me with doom

I will never be free

The horrors of my past will always loom


I long for a day that the sun shines here

But for now the clouds in the sky cause fear

Heads of bodies are watching me

Free me



School Crew

In the middle of a math lesson, everyone is laughing and having fun, except the quiet kid, who’s the one being laughed at. She has been bullied for months because of her race, being called a bunch of racial slurs. She wants to make this stop, and she finally has a plan. “I’m sorry’’ she doesn’t want to hurt anybody who is kind to her but she has no choice.

Teacher: What have my students ever done to you? Just let them be, you don’t have to turn gunshots into a symphony.

SS: Nah teach, you just don’t see what they do. I’m tired of them criticizing me for being a certain race, I’m done with all of this (Chik-Chik-Boom!)

Student: Oh my god, what just occurred?! Why is this the U.S.’s curse! I tried to make them stop but I don’t want to turn them against me.

SS: Well, that’s too bad. I don’t wanna burst your bubble, but trying isn’t always acceptable. (Chik-Chik-Boom!)

Principal: I´m calling 911. This is ridiculous

Student #2: I’m scared, terrified the shooter has come to take another life, and I don’t want it to be mine please, please don’t take mine. My heart is like running a mile, I have to dial in a fast style. So the police can save us all, so then we can escape this nightmare for once and for all.

Police: CPD! Open the door! Get out here now or we’re adding 10 bullets more!!!

She was done, for all had ended and the cops had arrived, her gun was empty and she just sighed.

SS: Okay officers, you got me. Just know I’m not done


A school filled with laughter and learning

But they don’t know what to expect

Although it’s backstory isn’t that pretty

Taunting, intolerable acts towards others that’s what hides underneath

All these insecure kids hide under layers of makeup and their parents’ money

Yet they hurt people and make them feel bad because they got their head stuck in society’s problems.

Videos are shared everywhere you go

Race and beauty one of the main things people really care about

That’s enough, somebody wants revenge.

Deep down she’s hurting and wants to do something about it

She wears a black hoodie, she hides her gun, and enters the building

Innocent kids screaming for help, ambulance sirens could be heard

They all know her name now but don’t know her motive

Maybe if they were nice none of this would have happened



The Misunderstoods 

Attention class

Oh here we go again

This class is so trash

Keep up that attitude and you’ll learn nothing

Trust me, I’ll learn more by doing nothing

You make me so heated

When you get home yo mama gonna give you a beaten

Is that a threat you put upon me

Oh here we go again the classic teacher versus student it will never end


Oops my bad no it’s always your bad

You can’t keep doing this

I remember when this all started

The teacher was furious and said this behavior would not stand




The New Day Kids 

Creeping up on the day light

The moon rising from behind the shadows

Feeling like I’m being followed

By the white moon and it’s starry night

I look at my window and see sparkling lights scattered in the sky

Two worlds coming to life

But I still don’t know if I’ll suffice

Because we know the wind blows a little colder

And each time it blows I feel a little older

Because as time goes by I won’t have this feeling enough

So I try to hide it with a bluff

But every time I close my eyes I feel the moon `watching

And finally disappears

And tomorrow my fears fly away

Then comes a new day

But I must hurry before the night turns to day


The Superheroes

“He is the coolest superhero in the world”

“Everyone get down hands in the sky”

“Everyone gives me a smile heheha”

“I live in the in the shadows until the light calls me”

“I bet he is beating up all the bad guys right now, I would like to be like him some day”

“Gimme the cheddar”

“Time for the greatest trick of all”


“I swing in to hear the tick tock of a clock but no clocks in sight”

“My mom is still at the bank I wonder what she is doing”

“Its him get him GET HIM”

“Bang! POP! POP!”

“I never knew the masked vigilante could be so naive”

“Hear a Bomb Ticking inside the bank”

“I know he will save the day”

“Goodbye you pest”



“I gotten out just in time but I am the only one”


“A perfectly executed job”

“And now for my next trick”

“I am Batman”


The Crispy Chicken Tenders

The tenders so tender endless satisfaction

Chickens are killed for this delicious meal

They are finger-licking good

KFC or Popeyes? Still pondering

Still wondering through this maze of calories

Wondering how they make them in the chicken factory

What would it look like being in a chicken gallery

Crispiness sizzles all around. The hot and fresh deliciousness

Frying the chicken allowing it to soak up in grease

One bite with a crunch and a guilty pleasure



The Accidents 

I’m riding my scooter

I hear mother scream slow down

Turn to my left to see a bright light

when everything goes out

I’m driving in a daze and

everything is hazy

I hit a speed bump I think

Then all I hear is screams

everything disappears

My child, my baby

To god I pray

I look down at the ground

And there he laid

My beloved son

before my eyes

If I would have acted faster

Maybe he’d be alive

I’m walking home

I see a car speed by

And in a second

A little boy dies


The Sand Monsters

The child runs by as I flap through the sky

It’s tiny legs do not carry it far

I would warn it if I could

But the sand just piles behind.

The wind whips me around on the barren beach

And in the distance, a child running for their life

The thing is coming right toward me,

But as an umbrella, I can only serve shade and not shelter.

Oh my gosh this is so fun!

I am playing tag with my new friend.

It may be made of tiny rocks, but I love it anyway!

Wait, why am I sinking? Sand, stop eating my legs!

This child screams as I claim its eyes

It burns, it burns, they scream

I shoot my poison up its tiny nose

Goodbye child, we will play another day.

The child is in their sandy grave, never to breathe again.

I’m sorry I could not save it, but the deed is done.

I am now the sand.

Another victim swallowed, just another day.

Beware the sand!



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.