Grissom Group Poems 8th Grade

Mrs. Nazimek | 8th Grade

inspired by: “Bilingual/Bilingüe” , By  Rhina P. Espaillat 


Group Poem

recited by one person

Yariah, Nena, Damian, Miguel, Daniela, Kaylah


All 6 of us are different

but yet we continue like the 6 senses.


Our other halves, shadows

don’t like that we get attention, we are all being.


In reality do the demons change 

who we are or is it just yourself?


You think back and finally listen 

to yourself. Now we’re angry now we’re 

sad, we’re messed up in the head, our 

reputation turned out bad.


But that wasn’t us, that was

the shadows listening to voices,

we call our shadows 

and they sounds like thumping pianos


[to be continued]



Group Poem

recited by one person

Skyler, Robert, Briana, Slex


We are Mexican, Puerto Rican, and White,

some are tall and short, some have glasses 

some don’t. 

Curly hair straight, hair. 

Goofy, caring, nice, always there for each other. 

Basketball, softball, baseball, 

football, we are all different but it

doesn’t matter, we are all friends.



Group Poem: Happiness

recited together

Isaia C., Liliana M.


We start the school day, by the time of 2nd period 

we are tired, we want to go home.

But it’s funny because when we’re at sports

we don’t wanna go home.

The feeling of being at school 

and being at sports is completely different.

The pressure gets too overwhelming at times,

when we are feeling tired and overwhelmed we

remember we have practice and we get super excited!

To us it’s crazy how a sport can have that

kind of impact on you. 

The feeling is indescribable 

until you know the feeling.



Group Poem

Zach, Greg, Kimon, Sofia, Chile


Zach: here I’m quiet and calm but when you look

deeper, I’m loudly laughing and playing games.


Greg: Tho I might act the same here and there, the feeling is so different I feel free.


Kimon: In school I feel bored and closed in while at home I feel free and open.


Sofia: When I am with my friends, I’m laughing, smiling, being with friends, 

but when I’m in class it’s different.


Chile: Laughing is all I do here but at home I’m a whole different person,


but you won’t believe us until you see us.



Group Poem: Two Sides of a Coin

recited by one person

Sky, Santi, Joel, Natalia


Like two sides of a coin, both needed to make value,

our bodies, our souls, and our personalities turn into two,

the paths of us that define who we are

we are the light shining in the stars

we can’t live in the past we need to keep moving

only having to pick one side is bruising.


Like two sides of a coin, both needed to make value,

some say we don’t have value but we’ll never truly devalue

the opposite sides of us, meeting in the middle.


All of us are different like a bag of skittles,

our hearts engulfed in discovery

even when we were knocked down, we always had a recovery.


Like two sides of a coin, both needed to make value

I wonder if people can tell the difference, can you?




Group Poem: “Two-Faced”

Khiana H., Amorja G., Christian S.


“There’s always two sides to every story.” They say, but what is real?


I’m not the same with or without,

I’m a leaf in the wind, I’m never

in the same place.

One day I’m flourishing green, the

other I’m withering away knowing I

can’t stay the same.


I’m a stray

showing affection at first,

the next I’m cold and unfeeling,

won’t let my true colors show.

But there’s a side that shines bright.


I’m two-faced,

sweet by the hour but I’ll become bitter and sour. 

Outside I’ll say “hi”, inside

we will just walk by.


These things complete me

No matter who I ought to be,

I’m two-faced.




“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.