Grissom Group Poems 6th Grade

Mrs. Nazimek | 6th Grade (first period)

inspired by: “Bilingual/Bilingüe” , By  Rhina P. Espaillat 


Group Poem

recited together

Bella E., Gia R., CJ V., Jonathan R.


I’m quiet when I’m by myself.

Sitting in my room, listening to music.

I like when no one bothers me.

I’m quiet when I’m by myself, 

but when my cousin comes over we’re loud.

We laugh together, we mess around

and we play games.


I have many different personalities when I am at school 

and when I am gaming or playing sports

all these different personalities make up who I can be,

competitive and loud

or silent and listening.




Group Poem: Be Yourself

recited together

Nathan C., Joseph F., Lucispher C., Natalee R.


In Chicago I act the same, 

but sometimes I’m not aware.


I can be myself when I’m at school, 

but having to wake up early can change my mood.

It feels like I am living in another person’s body.


[to be continued]


Group Poem: School vs. Home

recited together

Delilah C., Ismael P., Marianna S., Acron


Home can be relaxing

but school can ruin it, boring.


Home can be fun with crafts, legos, and art. 

Relaxing and sleeping.


School is not the same.

It can be boring at times.


School is boring mostly with rules and learning.

Challenges can happen but they can help us grow

when school is not relaxing.



Group Poem: Sports In General

recited together

Alejandro M., Payton W.


In all sports we have to focus on whatever material we use to 

play with and to be poised, composed, and focused, 

running, sweating, taking breaths, pushing your limit, 

listening to your teammates and coach, 

in order to be a good teammate 

you have to listen and have each others back, 

coaches yell, play, and tell what position to play.



Group Poem: Reading and Math

recited together

Isaias and Ricardo


Reading is as quiet as math

asking us questions


asking us to read a paragraph,

a poem, or a math problem.


Reading is as quiet as math,

math is as boring as reading a book.


Group Poem

recited together

Ernesto, Adrian, Kenneth, Yisel


We eat tacos on Fridays,

pupusas are made on special days

abuela is Guatemalan, the colors she wears

light blue and white,

abuelo is Mexican, the colors he wears are

green, white, red.

Mirando la águila y libertad, 16 de septiembre with the Quetzal bird,

the eagle is eating a snake.


We shower in Mexico with a bucket outside 

but in the U.S we shower inside in a tub,

Me gusta comer tacos aya en Mexico pero here I like to eat hot pockets.

It is so hot in Mexico every day but in the USA the weather changes.


My favorite food is pozole and pizza,

I speak English, my parents speak Spanish,

On TV I watch soccer and football

I ask for a chocolate or gansito,

going to the plaza downtown.


My brothers make me mad

I see my blue hair it makes me happy,

taking tests makes me mad but I can try to do it. 

Doing chores I get mad but I control myself when I get mad. 

I love myself.




“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.