Grissom Elementary School | 6th Grade, What We Know

Mrs. Nazimek




Leah S.

A woman carefully

choosing ingredients from a

shelf full of dozens.

A woman  carefully analyzing

each and every spatula eagerly

waiting to be chosen to stir the pot.

A woman carefully adding in all of the

wonderful ingredients chosen wisely,

with patience and pride.

A woman Carefully placing

bowls,plates,and cups

on a table that awaits for a family to enjoy a meal.

A woman patiently awaits to repeat this process


A woman.




A Novel Book

Malachi R.


I got a cover one like no other

kids don’t to wanna be patient.

They say I got a lot of pages

but don’t get confused.

Don’t get it misconstrued

I got a interesting story.

About knights fairytales and glory

my words stack up so they walk past.

But if give me a chance

I bet it won’t be your last.

Give me a chance give me a

second glance take me off 

the bookshelf if you can.



Diego Q.


Has my dream already ended

did I even go to sleep

or did I even have a dream?

Is this another dream or am

I actually awake

can I even have a dream?

No, my dream was so bad

it didn’t feel like a dream

it was so bad it is so hard

too describe it.

It felt so real it’s

like I couldn’t escape it.





What I feel When I’m Outside!

Kamiyah G.


In front of my eyes I see a glowing light that amazes me.

It’s a shooting star and it feels like it’s a part of me.

In my eyes I see the happy kids dancing and prancing all around me.

All of me feels the fresh air blowing all around me.

In my eyes I see it feels like the things outside

are all a part of me. If you know me,

you can see that being outside is something I hated to do

but now when I’m outside it feels like I’m not me,

but that’s the best part because you’re you and you’re always free.





Delilah F.


D – Delicate, I get hurt easily.

E – Energetic, I love to move around.

L – Loving, I like to help others.

I – Imaginative, I’m always thinking of something new.

L – Listening, I am willingly a great listener.

A – Active, always thinking of something else.

H – Her, it’s my pronoun.



Eliana C.



I don’t know what to write.

No words coming to my mind

I stare at my paper

wondering what to write.

The pencil in my hand,

I don’t understand.

I look around the room

seeing others are like me,

unsure what to write.




Those Friends

Ashton B.


For the friends who

share. They are

so kind. The ones you can’t

Find. They are so rare. No

need to fear.

For those friends who are

so kind. They are the ones

who really shine. Don’t be

so shy. If you have a friend

like this there’s no need to cry.

For those who stand by

your side.There is no

need to cry. Cause their

by your side. 





Yisel M.


It is not scary

it goes up then it goes down fast

it’s not scary, it goes fast

and it makes my stomach

upset with shouts of laughter.



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.