Good Night

For our penultimate classes, we read Robert Frost‘s famous poem, “Acquainted with the Night.” I asked right away if anyone knew what acquainted means—familiar with, known to—and we discussed how that’s different from being friendly. Many students recognized that the speaker comes across as depressed or lonely, and we examined language in the poem that suggests these feelings: walking in the rain, in the dark; looking “down the saddest city lane” and passing “the watchman on his beat” while averting their eyes, “unwilling to explain”; not caring about time, and so on. The image of “one luminary clock against the sky” was also discussed, as well as the poem’s unique terza rima rhyme scheme. As is usually the case, Skinner West’s 4th graders were quite thoughtful and philosophical about the poem’s themes, as well as its composition.

With pens and pencils ready, I asked what it is that makes nighttime unique? How does it differ from the day? Those questions provided the jumping off point for writing their own poems this week.

Mrs. Brown, 4th Grade

Ryan B.

Night is
is late
Night is bad
Night is sad
Night is scary
Night makes

Nighttime If
Max B.

If in the nite you could
do anything you would

in a


Penny C.

Night. The most unique time
of all.
Night. The Darkness makes
makes me think of fall.
Night. The scariest time in

Sophia D.

Night time is beautiful in the stars
the sun set is nice
the sun is bright the night is dark
darkness feels carry in dark
I lay in my bed
calm in the night time

Night Time
Lawson G.

Night time
spooky light

I heart that blood night

Oriana H.

I like night
I like the cool breeze & walking
with my family
Not only do I like night I like dark
music which reminds me of night
I skate and 2 years in a row
I had the kung fu panda and wolf song.
The night will never leave my place of


Morgan H.

It is Night
the moon is out to say
Hello. It is dark like a
cave without a bear. Then
at 3:00 the enemy comes
the sun.

Jesse K.

Different from Day
it is dark it is
kind of like it supports

I Don’t Like Night
Jacob M.

I don’t like the night
maybe because I don’t like
going to sleep.

I mostly use
food to give myself

I prefer to watch YouTube
of going
to sleep.

Reya S.

Starry dreams fill the cool air. The wind is
whistling like it is trying to tell me something. I walk all over
town to see what is pulling me close but after time I go
back home.

But when I come Home I am not alone. I Hear
the whistling again.

Mrs. Johnson, 4th Grade

The Dark Knight
Zaiden A.

I fight in the night to do what is right
I am the hero whose main weapon is fright
I fly into action with my cape
to stop the bad guys before it’s too late
I will not go out without
a fight
I am the hero who is acquainted
with night
I am the light who fights in the night
beware the wrath of the Dark Knight

Samantha C.

Shadows on the wall
Creepy figures everywhere

Shifa H.

Night can be dark but never light
because dark can’t make light

One thing everyone says moon
that at night it shimmers to shown.

The dark streets empty up
I just totally makes my heart jump

Moon light shown sunlight not
it is the perfect time if you
don’t want to get caught.

There is a time for daytime fun
but you can always make time
for moonlight fun.

Darkness can be fun if you get
used to it and it won’t make you
jump by its beautifulness.

Noise at Night
Cameron K.

The wolf howls in the
night, you hear crying in

the night. You can heat foot

steps. The best you hear

walking. You can hear a lion
roar. You can hear someone
yelling because they are getting
attacked. You should always
stay home at night for
the fear of getting attacked.

Heidi P.

Nobody is around at night time…
..a quiet time..
..a lonely time..

All by yourself
you can hear things from miles away.
That’s called night….

Oh Night
Xya P.

Oh night night at night wolf howl owls are awake
because they are nocturnal night night dark and scary
the moon is out oh night night that’s what it is.

Mrs. Rupp, 4th Grade

Payton C.

Walking at night places that are usually
happy at night look creepy. People
going to sleep, checking for creeps, at parties, or driving on
the street. Planes land and take off. Kids watching TV.
Kids falling asleep. Dreams and nightmares. But me I’m sitting
in bed watching cars pass in the quiet night

Paras C.

The time is night.
It’s so lonely.
You’re falling down,
and ain’t wearing a gown, a frown.

What’s this ’bout?
No need to pout, shout, or doubt.
Loneliness is good, as it should.
It could be good.
Get feelings out,
no more pout.

Great, mate!

Night can be light.

Night Horror
Mekhi G.

Your heart is pounding and it
can’t be stopped

you tell yourself you go

to bed your doors can’t be locked
to keep the monsters away

you hear the squeaky door

you check just in case

it’s the moon

shining on you

it seems to get closer
and closer

soon it crashes into
your house and you hurry to get out

but instead you get sucked away from
air and soon you choke to death

Night Dreams
Rylie J.

The navy blue sheet covered with
fire flies stuck the time to
eat and sleep with you dreams
floating in the air your dreams
go to the sky and rest there
come back to you it’s night time
everyone get for bed

Night and Day
Cullen J.

Dark and gloomy
It’s kind of scary!
I try to stay inside
With my mom and dad
I stay in bed…
Sleeping sleeping sleeping
Everyone is…
Sleeping sleeping sleeping
Everything is…
Sleeping sleeping sleeping
And we all stay…
Sleeping sleeping sleeping,
And then, the night is done.
Bright and sunny
I go outside
I play at the park
I play video games
I stay up…
All day All day All day
Until the day is done.

The Dark Lord Will Rise
Emika M.

my day
my life
my purpose
my existence

Night is

Dark is
dark lord

Death eaters!


duck under covers

Adam S.

Night sucks
I hate nightmares I don’t like nightmares
Night, please go away
I don’t like night sometimes

Aiden Y.

Oh night
oh night
oh night.
How I wish
you would
have light.
I would rather
crash my bike.
Instead of
facing night.
Oh night
your hands
are filled
with might
and you
even tried
to mess me
up when I
tried to write.
Oh night
oh night
oh night.
I could barely
face the
sight of
I see the
workers in their
working site and
they can’t bear
your sight.
Oh night
oh night
oh night . . .

Nicholas Z.

I stay up until midnight, then sadly go to sleep,
knowing that I have school the next day.

I go to sleep depressed.

Mr. O’Brien, 4th Grade

The Night vs. Rain
Serenity G.

I am mad at
night time I love
the rain because the
rain is lovely the
night you do nothing
in night time

Leila T.

The night the night
oh the night makes
you worry and look around

Rian X.

I like night.
Night is
the same
as day.

Night is
fun. Night
is great.



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.