Ghosts in the Hallway Pt. 2

As promised, here are the scary poems from Perez. Do not read in the dark…
Echo in the Trees
By Jewelz and Alice
She heard the leaves breaking as she turned around but nothing was there. She looked at the path in front of her. “Hey, Halloween passed you weirdo why are you still dressed up” Becca said as they slowly walked closer toward her. A street light illuminated their face as they start to run at her. Her screams echoed through the trees. “Target found” they said talking to a man over the phone.
Doll girl 
By Yahaira, Kayla, and Solange
One sunny day in a cottage two little kids were getting ready to go to the park. They ran out the door while their mom was saying wait! When they finally got to the park the little boy named Timmy was running to the slide while his sister was running to the seesaw. As the little girl was running she saw another little girl just standing there and then she noticed something. When she got closer she noticed she was a doll. Timmy’s sister was a little frightened but she didn’t pay any attention to it and just carried on with her day. When she was back in her room she saw the same doll again…
Robert the Doll
By Jayvee and Akemi
Once upon a time there was a little girl that had a grandma who was very loving. The grandma bought the little girl a doll. The little girl was trembling with excitement. The little girl loved the doll. As the days went on strange things started happening. The grandma took a picture of the little and the doll. The picture showed the doll with an evil smile. The little girl noticed the doll levitating. The grandma tried to get rid of the doll. But the doll would reappear just sitting there with its evil smile.
The Witches
By Liebeth and Lailanie
Once upon a time in a faraway land lived a 13 year old boy named Jamal and his twin brother Jose. One day the witches, Beth and Layla, arrived to Little Land in the brothers cottage. Then they laid their magic brooms on the grass and covered them with precious flowers. They slowly approach the house whispering to each other talking about their plan to kidnap the twins. The door swung open and into the wall. The boys shivered in shock. Jose muttered something to Jamal but it was not heard by the witches. The Witches then proceeded to walk through the door leaving the twins with a shocked face. The witches looked at each other then laughed. They turned their bodies and started laughing uncontrollably. The twins looked at the witches and they saw the witches teeth, they were sharp and gross. The twins whispered to each other saying “in 10 seconds we need to run to the car.” The Witches were still laughing. The boys ran to the car and turned it on. But they crashed into a lake and were never found. Some people say the witches took their souls, but the witches were never seen again. And to this day the magic brooms and the cottage are still abandoned.
El Payaso Malo
By Ailin
Habia una vez un payaso malo que via en una casa abandonada. Alguna veces a matado personas que pierden cosas en su casa.
The Youtuber
By Aliyah
One day three YouTubers named Asher, Taylor, and Mel went into The Conjuring house. Mel went into a door and never came back. Asher saw something so horrifying that he ran away. Taylor got possessed and ate people alive!
The Abandoned Carnival
By Hector
A long time ago there was a carnival with a bunch of games but the most popular game was Chuck E cheese. After a few years there was a bigger and better Carnival and people started going to the other Carnival. After a while the first Carnival shut down because nobody was going there but the workers forgot to shut down the robots. Then one day seven college students went there to film a YouTube video. While they were filming in the abandoned Chuck E cheese Carnival they heard a noise behind them. They ran to safety but while they were running one of them tripped and fell but the others didn’t notice him so they closed the door and locked him inside. All they could hear was “help help!” So the unlocked it and opened the door but it was too late.
April Orchard
By Olivia
Have you ever heard of April orchard? No? That’s probably because she’s trapped. Stuck and now insane. But she’s not kidnapped, well in some kind of way. Trapped and stolen in a replica of her own walls but little did she know there was a man eating monster in her walls. Who is the monster you might ask? Well it’s tall and stripped of almost all of its skin. Just waiting for it all to begin.
Las Noches del Sofá
Por Anónimo
Capitulo 1
Una muebleria creo una marca de muebles en pueblo pequeño. Todo el mundo la quería y se peleaban. Pero había una persona que las quería con obsesión. El era Frank, un chico que vive en las montañas. El era dueño de varios edificios en la cuidad. El compró este mueble sin saber lo que esperaba.
Capitulo 2
Al siguiente día pasaban cosas raras. Se abrían las ventanas y la puertas. Se caían cosas y se desaparición. Frank estaba asustado. Y de repente se escuchaba “Jajajaj, no te vas a escapar”….



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.