Gender and Montage

Students montaged their experience of their gender using rich imagery informed by the senses.

Ms. Hernandez, 7th grade, 1st period

Sweet Girl by Kimberly G.

Girl looks sparkling like


Girl feels cold as winter

smooth as paper.

Girl tastes like sweet

yummy donuts.

Girl smells like sweet strawberry


sweet girl.

Untitled by Jacob A.

Boy smells like deodorant and summer.

Boy feels like a smooth counter.

Boy looks like dogs playing and jumping.

Girl’s Life by Jamirayah L.

Leggings, jogging pants

heart stickers, and

hot summer days.

Rolling in the

grass, cool air,

the feeling of key

board keys touching

your finger and

rubbing my dog.

Sweet tea milk

shake, the taste

of opening your mouth

when it rains.

Dove body wash,

lavender, the back

of old earrings.

A Boy by Jared M.

Smooth skin on a hot summer day.

Outside playing basketball and enjoying life.

Spending time with family and joking.

Eat all of the food they could get to.

Snacks all day and play video games.

Play lots of sports.

We are boys.

El Niño by Adrian M.

El niño se ve como una flor, una flor

para otra flor. El niño huele como una mujer.

El niño se siente helado como tu corazón.

El niño se escucha llorar como la luna sin

su sol.

Girl by Daniela G.

groans, laughter, & constant sighs.

all desserts you could think of and more.

looks tired, hungry, & side-eying glances.

feels like soft & warm dough, good enough to eat.

smells minty, oranges, and raspberry aroma.

Life Montage of a Boy by Enrique P.

The tastes of a boy

is stuff that is glorified,

Also of high most respect.

The tastes of a boy

is Jarritos coolness while on a Mexican barbeque.

The flavor is unlimited and verified.

The smell of a boy

is a mystical rose

pleasant and good.

The looks of a boy

is average man with chin

chiseled chin that’s what

The sounds of a boy


jamming art

The feels of a boy

is a comfy bed with bedbugs

looks fine but it’s bad.

Ms. Hernandez, 7th grade, 2nd period

Outside by Emanuel R.

Boy feels the wind from the soccer

ball flying by, he smells the fresh air

like an eagle in the mountains.

Girl smells the flowers like a bee in

summer. Boy feels the air like a dog

in the park. Girl eats the yummy

sandwich. Boy hears the birds chirping

boy and girl are outside.

Boy Poem by Lucas T.

Boy feels as rough as scales.

Boy smells like fresh cut grass.

Boy tastes like old, rotten fruit.

 Boys by Emarian W.

Boys look strong like hulk some slim like a snake

Boy feels better than everyone, rough as a rock

and feels like they get pushed hard on.

Boys taste like fresh coconuts in Hawaii.

Boys smell like sweat, odor, and cologne.

Boys think Big, about Death, and just how in general

Boys love sports, clothes, winning, girls, memories.

Untitled by Devin R.

Boy feels as prickly as a cactus, and as soft as a bed.

Boy smells like fresh cut grass, and diarrhea

Boy looks like a beautiful painting, and a maggot

filled trashcan.

The Senses by Tommy H.

The boy, tastes like food fading from the plate

The boy, looks mad like fire

The boy, feels fast like lightning, slow like a turtle

The boy smells like fire, water and air,

The boy looks sweet as candy, sour like lemons

The boy sounds like raindrops falling from the sky.



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.