Food Poems

Food glorious food! Food is such a great way to explore the writing of poetry.  Because it demands that we use all of our senses to experience it, and can conjure up vivid memories,  it’s easier for us to generate stories, and descriptive language. Enjoy this weeks poems by Perez students about some of their favorite dishes and snacks.


7th Grade



Isabel F


I love mangoniada

when I get a mangoniada

it reminds me of summer

it’s creamy with chamoy

it looks like mango ice cream

soft, delicious



Jessica F. 


Looks steamy

tastes spicy and sour,

smells like chicken,

melts in my mouth.

My grandmother making this

reminds me of my dad.  He used to eat

five bowls of pozole. He would 

be silent and have a smile on his




Leonel M.


I love hot wings

they’re spicy


and tasty

they give out 

a good

smell and make

my mouth

burn to the 

point where I drink

a full glass



I love eating

the wings from 

buffalo wild wings

I think 


amazing and

really good


Pollo Con Tajadas

Angel David F. 


Pollo con tajadas

se ve rica por el sabor que se siente, los

ingredientes que lleva y tambien lleva

caldito de pollo.


Sabe bien por que puedo saborear la sal

y los demas sabores. 

Huele a pollo frito y a tajadas fritas.

¿Como lo haces? 

Se pone una fridera con aceite y a el

pollo, se lava con vinagre y sal, se le 

hecha arina y se hecha a freir. Y para

hacer las tajadas quitemos la concha de el

guineo, y se corta rodejitas delgadas en 

forma de circulo. 

Recuerdo que siempre comia eso en el parque de

mi pais.

Me hace pensar que lo compartia con mis



8th Grade- Group 1



Angel Alvarez 



Fire, buffaloly, crispyness, flavorful. 

The box it comes in smells amazing,

heaven comes out of you when you open.

Sigh. “Finally, I get to eat them.” I say

When I buy them I just can’t

wait till they come out. 

I don’t make them, I buy them. 

When I first tried wings, I fell in love

with them, and I always want wings since that day. 

I like to eat them during soccer games or during any sports




Sofia G. 


A house

petite and simple

music is playing loud and clear

5 o’clock is when dancing begins

raw chicken being laid in egg, rolled

across a tray of bread crumbs

bought at the casa de pueblo.

Put in a container, wrapped in foil,

taken down the stairs that 

lead to the family owned restaurant.

Tossed in the fryer

1, 2, 3, sizzle, sizzle, pop.

All are done wrapped in new foil

taken back to the kitchen that 

plays Vicente Fernandez,

placed on a plate with love by Grandma

for a house of 12 people

a side of rice to make it 



8th Grade- Group 2


Strawberry Pie

Logan A. 

Strawberry pie, my favorite dessert.

Strawberry pie, never difficult to pursue.

Strawberry pie, that dessert that makes me forget everything.

Strawberry pie, the family recipe that everyone knows and loves.

Reminded when the pie touches their tongues. 


The Best

Roman R. 

When it comes to 

chicharron con chile

there is no joke about

I see it at every

fiesta. The spicy and

savory taste just hits

the spot. All the

chile and sauce getting 

infused into the chicharron

tastes the best. The red chile

looking and tasting like a flame 

on a nice china plate. Or when 

we make it with green chile. 

It reminds me of my sister’s 

sweet sixteen. Everyone having

a good time, celebrating and

everyone thanking my grandma

for throwing it down. 

All the good memories come flooding 

down. When it comes to chicharron 

con chile, that’s why it’s the








“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.