Feeling Like an Animal

This past week at Sayre the 7th grade students identified how they feel throughout their day, especially how these feelings change at different times during the day and on different days during the week. Then they brainstormed what animals would have those feelings, and which animal they would change into throughout the day (particularly on a Friday) based on their feelings. They used figurative language tools we’ve been practicing for the last month to create imitation poems from Francisco X. Alarcon’s, “On Monday I Feel Like a Dragon.”

Ms. Hernandez
7th Grade

Shifting Animal
by Ariana A.

On Tuesday, I feel like sloth
just like every morning…
tired, sleepy, and wishing the
day was over…But when I
go to school time moves just
like the FLASH…
Then I go to track and turn
into a cheetah. Running
fast on the field and through
the halls.

by Angel G.

Yo los viernes me
siento feliz como
un delfin.
Cuando me quedo dormido
hago mis cosas tan
rapido que corro
tan fuerte como
Cuando voy de camino
a la escuela soy
una pantera coriendo
para llegar lo mas

On Friday
by Iker L.

On Friday I get up and order
doordash then take a shower and
go to school.

I’m as sleepy as a koala
so I go take a nap in math.

After recess I’m still sleepy
so I finish my work and take
a nap (again).

When specials are done I go to
science and time is as slow as a

At practice the coach talks
too much and drills take longer
than a crab to reach

When I get home I go to

by Leah M.

On an early Friday
another school day
I wake up once again like one lazy cat.

To the sound of my alarm
I roll off my bed
to put it on snooze
for the second time.

Third alarm goes off
I wake up again
to get ready
for another school day.

I walk to school
as if I worked a 24 hour shift
like a lazy lion.

My Friday
by Christian T.

Early on Friday
I’m not tired
I’m as energetic as a cheetah
I can’t ever stop talking.
But when it’s Friday afternoon
something changes
I turn into a sloth
who wants nothing to do with work
but only
something to do
with exiting that classroom door.
Then I head home
to get ready to perform
my action
on the call of duty battlefield.

by Emily T.

What my Fridays feel like: sleep and being
a little shy.
What do my Fridays feel like—tired and calm.
What animal do I feel like? Maybe a wolf or bunny.

Mr. Charmelo
7th Grade

Early on Friday
by Anonymous

Early on Friday I wake up
like a bear from hibernation
I get ready as slow as a
turtle dreading the long day
During the day I’m like a
tiger ready for the day ahead of
At the end I’m like a prideful
lion walking out of the school with stride

by Shamiya B.

A Friday feels like a hot summer
day on the beach hanging out by
the sand watching people play volleyball
falling in the sand feeling a nice vibe
feeling free and happy as the inside of
me is jumping for joy.

by Ethan G.

Early on a Friday I wanna
be like a cockroach
so I can sleep but then
I wanna be like
a bear so I can sleep
all day but I wanna just
play football and be as strong
as a bible on Sunday that
would be nice for once.

Fortnite Fridays
by Orlando G.

Early on Tuesday
my eyes barely open
like a sleepy puppy

I can barely
stand on my wobbly
legs like a newborn

Tuesday evening
I’m a Fortnite Chicken
being chased by a noob

The cloud of fog
you see behind me
is the Fortnite hog
inside me

Ready to let it run wild
run a mile, all the way to the nile
It’s favorite hot sauce is not mild

Early Friday
by Zoelani M.

I wake up
and get ready like a sloth
climbing up the tree slowly.

Mid-morning I’m like a social
butterfly ready to spread its wings.

In the afternoon I’m like a bunny
ready to hop on home.

by Mia N.

Early on Friday
I’m happy like
a quokka.

Later on Friday
I feel like swimming
in the warm sun
like a fish.

Early on Friday
is amazing like
getting to watch
the sunrise with
someone you love.




“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.