Fears Of Your Life

Today we are talking fear with Regina Barreca and her poem “Nighttime Fires.” After reading the poem, we had discussions about times they felt afraid and I encouraged them to try to recreate those fears in their poems. I could see them starting to build on previous weeks’ classes pretty nicely here. They were comfortable making up stories if they couldn’t pull from their own lives, speaking in the voices of others, and playing with language in more inventive ways.


Mrs. Ramirez – 4th grade

Room 214


Ledon J.


I am a dog.

I like to eat bones and I will eat you, too.

I may look like a not mean dog,

but I am a mean dog.

And I will eat your mom and dad,

and I will eat your cat, too

because I am very fat,

and I will eat your bear,

and I will eat spongebob,

and a snail.

and I will eat a snake.

Mom, thanks for the fat dog.


“I Went to Six Flags”

Andrea A.


I went to Six Flags

and went to the scary rides first.

Then we went to the not so scary ones.

Then we went to the water ones

because it was hot,

but soon we realized that it got a bit chilly.

“One Time I Went to the Store”



One time I went to the store

and there given a free cow and a free cat.

Then after a year, the cow had babies.

Then after a month, the cat had babies.

Mrs. Morales – 6th grade

Room 307


“My Family”

Helena S.


Oh no!

My sister is sick.

It’s summer, but of course,

too much ice cream.

Ahh! The water in the beach is cold.


Oh winter, oh winter

you make my family get severe colds

and make me scream my head off

when the grizzly bear comes to hibernate

in my house.

get out of here, you psycho.


Yiormani P.


This one time

my family and me

went for vacation.

We weren’t even patient.

The three of us were in a car

and hit a tree.

We saw the time,

and a lot of rhymes. Then we saw

a rabbit.

He said “hello,” then “goodbye.”

Then we saw a hatted man, a sign said

The Mad Hatter.


He kept saying “Alice.”

Then we knew we were in wonderland,

so we had your vacation.

“Once Upon a Time I Felt Mad with my Family”

Leslye R.


Once upon a time

I felt mad with my family

because we got lost in the forest

because we competed in the forest.

We were going home

and me and my brother

were looking at some cute animals

and we got lost.

my mom, and dad, and my baby brother

were almost out of the forest,

but me and my brother

were still in the forest.



Mrs. Moss – 4th grade

Room 212


“My Haunted PS3”

Carlos G.


My PS3 is starting to scare me.

I think it is haunted. I’ve been

sleep crying and floating.

Me and my sister were playing a game

until my PS3 went insane!

It went on YouTube

when I was playing Minecraft

then I died!

I went into space with a mace

and I killed my PS3!

“The Knock Out”

Sonia R.


(note: her tone is “afraid and desperate” in this poem)


That day was terrible.

I was sleeping when I woke up,

I couldn’t find my dad or mom.

Luckily my two brothers were there.

I told where was mom and dad?

and they said “in the hospital.”

“Why?” I said in urgency.

“My dad got knocked out,” they responded.

At that moment

I felt like I got shot in the heart.

I cried until they came. When they

got there, they told me the whole story and I

slept with both of them.


“I am not Scared”

Kevin S.


I am not scared

because when I was five

I saw my grandma naked,

and I was not scared of anything.

Also, even my dad made me see

the clown that kills people

all I did was fall asleep



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.