Fantasies, Nightmares, and 5th Grade Dreaming

OMINOUS – meaning gloomy, or menacing – was a word that came up for Avondale-Logandale 5th graders, as we discussed the quality of dreams during our fourth remote poetry class. Even though there are many kinds of dreams, including fun dreams, weird dreams, daydreams, and fantasies, it seems that the nightmares are the ones to make the strongest impressions!  As you read some of the students’ poems, look for favorite images, lines, and patterns.

5th Grade – Room 204

Angelina A.

I dream sometimes of a cow with a unicorn horn
Then one time I dreamt about a cat with angel wings
One dream that was really weird was me as a lizard it felt like the world had shrunk
And yes I have had nightmares like me losing my whole family and since I am Hispanic there is always a big family and drama
Another dream was me as a little baby trying to walk
Like I said, sometimes I get nightmares but this one was kinda one but then it wasn’t
Some kids playing in an underwater playground, I know, weird,  but also interesting
Another dream is people as carrots
Then sometimes I get this dream a lot, its about many people as elves
The last dream is about me living in a MINIATURE HOUSE wow this is like my dream but in reality I can’t live in a miniature house


By Alma A.

There are scary dreams.
There are happy dreams.
There are silly dreams.
There are sad dreams.
There are day dreams.
There are summer dreams.
There are winter dreams.
There are spring dreams.
There are season dreams.
My dream is:  I miss my family of Dilley, Texas.


Eduardo H.

my dream was me and my family and my cousin so
we enter, and the worker said, “if you find a red ball”
the whole room is dark when it is dark time
so me and my two cousins we were in a room

my eye was shocked  because we saw a red ball so we went to the kitchen and we saw my sister, my brother, and my other cousin, so we were there
but red balls were falling
my brother tapped all of us and he said  in a scared voice, “look up”
and there was a man with a clown mask and he laughed and laughed and came down
he had a weapon but when my brother looked up I said LET’S GET OUT OF HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So we ran and ran then we escaped but I know that he got my sister so I went in but my cousin and my brother said, “no it’s too dangerous” but I said “that is my sister and i’m going to get her”
so I entered


By Leslie M.

I dream I can see my sister
I dream of cats
I dream I can fly
I dream I was drowning
I dream I lived in a huge mansion


5th Grade – Room 206

A common dream of life in outer space.
Sophia B.

yo sueño about mars becoming a living planet
yo sueño, El Sol “eating” the earth
yo sueño stars glowing in the night cielo
yo sueño a wolf in space, flying and twirling around the moon.
yo sueño uranus on earth.
yo sueño the moon colliding with the stars in the sky.
yo sueño the sun, jupiter and saturn becoming  one.
yo sueño space coming into my poem
yo sueño means i dream, El Sol means the sun and cielo means sky.


my dream
Manuel F.

I had this dream
Of my dad getting eaten by a crab and
I went on my bike to the police station and
I told them what happened and
they did not believe me and
I got mad and
said follow me then and
they started to follow me and
then when I went to the house.  Nothing was there and
then I woke up on the streets


Yelitza R.

I had a dream that a scary clown was chasing me – then I woke up.
But it was all just a dream, so calm down.
I had a dream that I fell off a bridge – then I woke up.
But it was all  just a dream, so calm down.
I had a dream that I was on a cloud, then I jumped off and – then I woke up.
But it all was just a dream, so calm down.
I had a dream that I was on a bird, then the bird dropped me – then I woke up.
But it all was just a dream, so calm down.


Michael N.

I had a dream
Where everything was black
Too black
I could feel the walls of my house
Me knowing my house well
I navigated my house to get to the second floor
And found the portal to leave the black, too black
And returned back to the colors of the world
Where I found me waking up
In bed








“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.