Entering a New Voice!

In 7th workshop, explored persona poetry! The students wrote poems from the perspective or in the voice of an object, place, character, or person!

Ms. Dydo
8th Grade
I’m Better
Tyson T
I’m LeBron James.
I’m better
than Stephen Curry.
I can do way more
stuff than that
little guy.
He is a good shooter,
but what else can he do?
Can he pass as good as me?
NOOOO! He is too flashy
and too cocky.
That’s why
the little guy
has so many
Tyrell G
I defend my city and stop every crime
Living my normal life I hope I get there in time
Stop criminal and put them in jail
The name Batman always rings a bell
My city has cases that always get dropped
Strings of crime come and I help them get stopped
My rival, Joker, is psycho who has gone down the wrong path
To get down his bombs and schemes, I use math
I come out at night cuz my identity is more hidden
People shall not know who I am, that is forbidden
As long as I’m around crimes, there will be none
By time morning comes, my work is done

Gemarion B

I am the Flash
I think time
is going too fast.
I know
I am the
I can’t save
I can’t save
to do work.
I have too many
I’m not fast
to save them.
It’s too late
in time.
Ms. Dydo
7th Grade
Being Kori
Navarra T
I am Kori
I think French fries are life
When I go home, immediately, to go to sleep
When I wake, I raid the fridge.
I eat fries all day & night
Sometimes in the light
Don’t give me a pint
I go on a flight
French fries are everything
I feel like I should
I know I would
I knew I could
I like candy and chips too
I am a little greedy as well
I don’t share a lot

So deal with it

Kori R
I am Marge Simpson
and I think about Homer.
“Homey, take out the trash”
*hours later*
trash still there
but this time more full
Probably at the bar
with his friends
“Homey, take Bart with you”
But he doesn’t want to take him
Soon as they step outside
all you hear is a rucus
*Marge runs to see*
“Homey,” and I sigh
Then there was fighting
I am Marge
and I think about Homey
When was the last time
He noticed
He cared
He did something
Washed dishes
When was the last time
We went out
Will he ever learn?
Where’s Minnie
Shariel H
Hi, it’s me Mickey, Mickey Mouse
I’m upset because I can’t find Minnie.
She left a note saying she was off to follow her dreams,
but I thought it was me too…
I always knew she loved me and I felt the same way
The note said that I was always too busy for her
But I disagree, don’t you?
Minnie always wanted to start her own boutique in Paris
That’s what I love about her.
She always made her own ways to follow her dreams.
I love Minnie, I really do
I guess she never felt it, but I’m busy
I thought she understood, I guess
I won’t give up
See ya next time
Ms. Dydo
6th Grade
Nishon C
I am Batman
and I think I need
all the gadgets
My submarine is so cool
My BatBoat can go faster than other people’s boats
My BatMobile
My airplane
I am  Batman
My Dad
Dzoni L
I am Justin and I feel
that  you should make
money,  take care of your
kids and you should make
sure your kids eat healthy
everyday and get
an education!
I think you shouldn’t raise
disrespectful children and teach
your kids manners and don’t let
your kids run wild and that you got
them in control!
I do for my kids! I got
two full-time jobs and I get
my kids whatever they want!
I am a nice father and I flew
from Florida to Chicago
for my kids!
Being Tyreall
Davida B
I am Tyreall and I  am the best
dancer. I got the moves no-one
can beat me. You can
challenge me but you will
I’m the best at cartwheels.
I can do a lot in a row. You
might beat me but you probably
You can try and challenge me
but you will lose so don’t
even try me cause I”m the
*   *   *
The Poetry Center always highlights full poems from each session within each blog post, however, I would also like to celebrate a few more poets!  So here are some snippets, quotes, and hot lines from some of the poems that didn’t get published in this post!
Hot Lines
Tamara C, 8th Grade
“…I’m angry
I’m different
I’m different
I’m small…”
Pedro P, 8th Grade
“…I told him,
don’t anticipate the pain
Because today can be
the day that your whole
world can change…”
Cherif H, 7th Grade
“…She is my clubhouse
My Goofy, my Minnie
I love her everyday…”
Da’Naija W, 7th Grade
“…My mom always
told me get some
rest, don’t sweat,
get everything
off my chest…”
Astarte W, 6th Grade
“…Give me
my money
I get
what I want
When I want
How I want
Albert P, 6th Grde
“…I am Elmo
and I think
that I can play
basketball better than
Cookie Monster…”



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.