Poems as Eyeglasses

Hello again! Last week, Grissom’s poets got real about what poetry means to them. After watching a video of Jamila Wood’s “Blk Girl Art,” we discussed feelings we associate with reading poetry. Students were pretty honest that sometimes poetry can feel confusing, but other times poetry feels like a release of emotions. Students then wrote their own ars poeticas. Check out some of them below. 


6th Grade


by Maya F. 

When I see poetry I feel bored like sitting in an empty room

When I write I feel like my pen can’t move 

like paper on glue 

I’m confused when I have to rhyme

These words don’t sound like mine

I guess poetry could be fine

Hopefully you like this poem of mine 


How It Makes Me Feel

by Victoria V. 

Poetry, it makes me feel like I see a new perspective, like trying on 

two different pairs of glasses, feel curious, amazed, and motivated. 

Poetry, it makes me feel like I am talking in a different language, like learning something new feels better, smarter, wiser. 

Poetry makes me feel like it always has it’s own meaning., like a dictionary. Feels faster, more bold. 

Poetry, it makes me feel like it is endless, full of possibility, a number line. 

That’s how it makes me feel. 



by Devin S. 

I want poems that can help people get through things.

I want poems that make people happy. 

I want to make family members proud. 

I want poems that make people feel good about themselves. 


7th Grade


by Lucsipher

Poems are like a new game I get

Poems are like after a test 

Like a daydream

Poems are like a math class with hard problems. 



by Evelyn S. 

Sometimes poetry feels like a hot sunny day. 

Sometimes poetry feels like a normal day. 

And sometimes, poetry feels boring. I think poetry feels like a blanket. A warm fuzzy blanket. 

The kind of blanket that makes you feel warm, sleepy, peaceful all at once. 



by Bella E. 

Poetry reminds 

me of all the times

I could have said 


But I couldn’t 

why is that so?

I don’t know

maybe it was a sense 

of grief 

It’s like I rebel or 

go against 

but sometimes it

hurts to be me. 


8th Grade


by Diego R. 

Stutters poetry, poetry stutter. 

Poetry is an achievement.

Poetry is a challenge not everyone can complete.

Poetry is full of words I don’t usually understand but I know what they mean. 

Poetry is a notepad. I can always rip a paper out and restart it. 

Poetry is quiet, no clapping. Just snapping. 

Poetry is loud, but not loud. You get what I mean? 

Poetry is, but is poetry?  

Poetry is so, so is poetry. 

Poetry is a stutter, know what I mean? 



by Itatí T. 

Poetry makes me feel understood,

like talking to a dear friend,

being able to say everything that’s on my mind,

no matter if it is good or bad,

wrong or right. 


When I write poetry,

I feel as if I am a bird

Soaring in the sky,

free from harm and judgment.


Poetry makes me feel calm,

like sleeping during the rain.

I feel comforted, warm, and cozy. 


I like poetry. 


2 Sides of Poetry 

by Alex D. 

Poetry is boring. It’s like a neverending homework assignment. Slow, boring, and dull. An energy drainer like a vampire sucking out all my energy, tiring and pointless. I am getting tired just talking about it. 


But! Poetry can be relaxing like on a couch watching TV. For me, poetry has to rhyme or be lyrical like a song. If not it is dull and boring. Happy like hanging out with friends. Fuzzy, bright, and exciting. 





“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.