Element Artist

This week we read and listened to an excerpt from Anne Waldman’s poem “Fast Speaking Woman.” Students identified examples of alliteration, similar themes, and contradictions in the poem. Then each student chose an identity word to anchor their own poem and made a list of descriptions to reveal details about themselves.

Ms. Wesson’s 5th grade
Group 1

I’m That Artist
Xorla F.

I’m an element artist
I’m a calm artist
I’m a cool artist
I’m a commander artist
I’m that awesome artist

I’m an element artist
I’m a fire artist
I’m an ice artist
I’m a water artist
I’m an earth artist
I’m a shadow artist
I’m all the elements of that artist

I’m that very slow artist
I’m a fast artist
I’m that flash artist
I’m a ninja artist
I’m a stealthy artist
I’m a dark artist
I’m a bright artist
I’m a just that black/white artist
I’m a no color artist

I’m a lone wolf artist
I’m the mad artist
I’m that calm artist
I’m an imaginary artist
I’m that crafty artist
I’m an evil artist
I’m a good artist
I’m just that perfect artist

Gamer Boy
Khalil H.

I’m a gamer boy
I’m a lazy boy
I’m a daily boy

I’m a low sky boy
I’m a high sky boy
I’m a smelling good boy
I’m a skinny boy
I’m a fat boy

Color Filled World
Kori W.

I’m a colorful artist
I’m a sad artist
I’m a kind artist
I’m a music artist
I’m a mustache artist
I’m a diamond artist
I’m a demanding artist
I’m a dancing artist

I’m a nature artist
I’m a camping artist
I’m a blue sky artist
I’m a dark night artist
I’m a sun shining in the night artist

I’m a bold artist
I’m a shy artist
I’m a flying artist
I’m a grounded artist
I’m a jean artist
I’m a sky artist
I’m a hate school artist
I’m a hang out with friends at recess artist
I’m a hate homework artist
I’m a highlighter artist
I’m a paper and pencil artist
I’m a smart artist
I’m a nerd artist
I’m a popular artist

I’m a beach artist
I’m a sun artist
I’m a beach towel artist
I’m a water artist

I’m a taco artist
I’m a burrito artist
I’m a spaghetti artist
I’m an ice cream artist
I’m a marshmallow artist

Ms. Wesson’s 5th grade
Group 2

Gaida P.

I’m a mixed up Pisces
I’m a go to sleep Pisces
I’m a stay awake Pisces
I’m a “Are we there yet?” Pisces

I’m a what should I watch Pisces
I’m an I only know my sign Pisces
I’m an I know all the signs Pisces
I’m a babysit an Aries Pisces

I’m a what’s the weather Pisces
I’m a what time is school Pisces
I’m a waiting won’t hurt Pisces
I’m a what’s your dubsmash Pisces

I’m a have to make my bed Pisces
I’m a have to clean my room Pisces

Brooke S.

I’m a ballet dancer
I’m a hip-hop dancer
I’m a majorette dancer

I’m a neat dancer
I’m a clean dancer
I’m a focused dancer

I’m an on beat dancer
I’m a bright dancer

Ashanti P.

I’m a stay at home girl
I’m a school girl
I’m a traveling girl
I’m a walk around the block girl
I’m a go outside girl
I’ll be back

I’m a dog girl
I’m a cat girl
I’m a chipmunk girl
I’m an animal girl
I’m a girl who goes to the lake

I’m a beggar girl
I’m a talking girl
I’m a country girl
I’m a rest stop girl

I’m the diamond girl
I’m the bright girl
I’m the cold flowers girl
I’m a stuck girl

Veron W.

I’m a loud talking Libra
I’m a crazy Libra
I’m an athletic Libra

I’m a lazy Libra
I’m a sleepy Libra
I’m an it’s too far Libra

Ms. Henry’s 6th grade
Group 1

I am a Swish in Your Face Guy
Quian K.-S.

I am a sport’s guy
I am an athlete guy
I am a swish in your face guy
I am a green up! guy

I’m an Athlete
Justin B.

I’m an athlete
I’m a track athlete
I’m a soccer athlete
I’m a hockey athlete
I’m a goalie athlete
I’m a go to the finish line athlete
I’m a dodgeball athlete
I’m a duck down athlete
I’m a get up and run athlete

Samarjeet S.

I am a city kid
I am a country kid
I am a sport kid
I am a soccer kid
I am a basketball kid
I am a football kid
I am a baseball kid
I am a loving kid
I am a caring kid
I am a kindness kid

I am an animal kid
I am a lion kid
I am a tiger kid
I am a thinking kid
I am a hardworking kid
I am a summer kid
I am a winter kid
I am a spring kid
I am a fall kid


Ms. Henry’s 6th grade
Group 2

I Am Reality
Jeremiah M.

I am reality
I am the homeless reality
I am the poor reality
I am the hungry people reality
I am the less fortunate reality

I am the truth of war reality
I am the truth of death and sorrow reality
I am the regret of people reality
I am the bodies littered on the ground reality
I am the violence of the world reality
I am the crying children reality

I am the one parent reality
I am the funeral of reality
I am the sorrow and depressed reality
I am the “Are they coming back?” reality

Virgo Poem
Taylor A.

I am a funny Virgo
I am a playful Virgo
I am a silly Virgo
I am a goofy Virgo

I am a sensitive Virgo
I am a shy Virgo
I am a have-to-know-you-in-order-to-talk-to-you-Virgo
I am a scaredy cat Virgo

I am an upbeat Virgo
I am a rare-to-see-the-frown Virgo
I am an always seen smiling Virgo

I am a helping Virgo
I am a helpful Virgo
I am a caring Virgo
I am a loving Virgo
I am a loyal Virgo
I am a lucky Virgo

I am a short-tempered Virgo
I am a fighting Virgo

I’m a Mystic Gamer
Je’von S.

I’m a mystic gamer
I’m a music gamer
I’m a mad gamer
I’m a mood gamer

I’m a silly gamer
I’m a smart gamer
I’m a beat the game 1st day gamer
I’m a toxic gamer
I’m a friendly gamer
I’m a faze gamer
I’m an impatient gamer
I’m a nervous gamer
I’m a playful gamer
I’m a shady gamer
I’m a salty gamer

I am the Good
Ladontae S.

I am the good guy.
I am the boss guy.
I am the play around guy.
I am the silly guy.
I am the want to move guy.
I am the explorer guy.
I am the helpful person guy.

It’s not a lie

I am the fixer-upper guy.
I am the make everything better guy.
I am the go outside guy.
I am the don’t hold back guy.
I am the funny guy.
I am the know it all guy.

No joke

Becoming Best Gamer
Naeem S.

I’m an up all night gamer
I’m a good gamer
I’m a travel gamer
I’m a home gamer
I’m a rookie gamer
I’m a sometimes trash gamer
I’m a Fortnite gamer
I’m a Dying Light gamer
I’m a not so good at 2K gamer

I’m a PS4 gamer
I’m a tablet gamer
I’m a talk gamer
I’m a ton of games gamer
I’m a G.O.A.T at nothing gamer
I’m an OG Fortnite gamer
I’m a Galaxy Skin Fortnite gamer
I’m a Dying Light the following gamer
I’m a drop-kick and punch zombies gamer

I’m a repeated gamer
I’m a defeated gamer
I’m a Becoming Best gamer
I’m a don’t stay up from Mom gamer
I’m a stay up all night at my dad’s house gamer
I’m a pay-to-win gamer
I’m a tech gamer
I’m a test gamer



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.