Dubois Students Warm Up for Poetry

This Tuesday, I met with some third, fourth and fifth grade students at Dubois Elementary School for the first time. Their ideas and energy were infectious! Some students made an impression on me when they shared the definition of Social Emotional Learning. When I asked students what they thought poetry is about, their thoughtful responses included:
*writing about what you like and what’s going on in your head
*writing what you feel, what you like, and what you do
*walking in someone else’s shoes
*writing about your feelings and emotions
*having a good mindset
*thoughts, feelings, learning and writing about others
*imagining what is going on in a poem

We discussed LINE, LINE BREAK, and STANZA, and students wrote “I AM” poems. Enjoy some, here.

Ms. Wilson
4th/5th Grade

I Am Me!
by Tra’zell T.

I am humorous and loving
I wonder what I’ll become in the future
I hear the sounds of gentle music
I see the lands I wish to explore
I want to travel the world
I am Me.

I pretend not to need help
I feel lost without my loved ones
I touch the leaves of nature
I worry that I’ll lose everyone with one mistake
I cry when I finish arguing with someone I love
I am Me.

I understand that I can’t reverse time
I say that war is childish and immature
I dream of being able to help and support people
I try to live up to expectations
I hope to not disappoint my family
I am Me.

“I like me best”
by Kayla S.

I am creative when it’s time to be
I wonder what I’ll live to see
I hear nature and it makes me feel at peace
I see me, I see me, I see me
I want the best for me and my community
I am best when I am me

I pretend to feel complete when broken
I feel motion around me
I touch the power in the air
I worry if I’m being unfair
I cry when I want to die
I am best when I am me

I understand me the best
I say “fake it till you make it”
I dream to keep being me
I try to feel God’s presence
I hope to give the people who need it: presents
I am creative when it’s time to be.

I Am
By Brielle E.

I am like a tiger
I wonder why people are concerned
I hear the leaves rattle
I see confidence in people
I want more luck
I am brave and strong like a tiger

I pretend to be cool
I feel great
I touch the warmth of the leaves
I worry for my mother
I cry out for safety
I am brave and strong like a tiger

I understand it’s okay
I say I’m okay
I dream for luck
I try to shout
I hope for luck
I am strong and brave like a tiger

3rd Grade

I Am
By Serenity T.

I am in a deep sleep
I wonder when I will wake up
I hear nothing but silence
I see a pretty blossom
I want to do nothing but play all day
I am in a deep sleep

I pretend that I am okay
I feel really bad
I touch sky
I worry really high
I cry when I think of my grandmother
I am in a deep sleep
I am in a deep sleep


I am a brown handsome kid
I wonder what thing I can be when I grow up
I hear nice things about nice people
I see a nice bright sunshine when I wake up
I want to be a kind person in my life
I am a brown handsome kid
I am a brown handsome kid
I am a brown handsome kid

I am a brown skin girl
By Liana H.

I am a brown skin girl
I wonder what do people think of me
I hear sounds and the trees
I see homeless people that need help
I want to be good and wonderful
I am a brown skin girl

I pretend I’m happy
I feel sad sometimes
I touch trees
I worry about me
I cry when I hear sad stuff
I am a brown skin girl

I try to do my best
I hope people love me
I am a brown skin girl



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.