Dreaming with Twain 4th graders

For their 4th week of poetry 4th graders explored ideas about dreams. Students were asked to define what dreams are and describe different types of dreams. The responses given were mind-blowing. Dreams can be your goals or wishes for the future, dreams that make you laugh, nightmares that can seem real, or thoughts that jumble up inside your head and create strange stories.

Together we read “Calm Dream,” by Eloise V. a former 6th grader from Shoesmith Elementary. In her poem Eloise uses metaphors, directly comparing herself to things found at a beach, a favorite place she loves to visit and think about. As we were reading, I told students to close their eyes and imagine they are asleep and dreaming about seeing the images from the poem.   I am a calm, happy dream/ I am the sun setting over the water/ My reflection, glistening on the surface/I am the stars faintly shining in the sky/ I am the waves people are playing in. 

Inspired by Eloise’s poem, students wrote poems imagining themselves as different types of dreams. Please read and look at the artwork below before bedtime and try to have amazing dreams.



Ms. Williams 4th Grade
Group 1


I Am a Special Dream
by Andrea H.

I’m a fairy flying to the park.
I’m the wand you use to make magic.
I’m the fairy that makes your wishes.
I’m the fairy dust that makes you special.


Mermaid Dream
By Hetvi P.

I am a mermaid relaxing in the beach.
I am a mermaid swimming in the ocean.
I am a mermaid; I have a beautiful voice.

I am a starfish sleeping on a rock.
I am beautiful.
I am colorful.
I’m the princess of the ocean.
I am sweet and cute.


Nightmare Dream
By Sarai P.

I am a skeleton getting out of a graveyard.
I am a wolf howling at the moon.
I am a ghost scaring people.
I am a bat hanging on a tree.
I am a witch flying in the sky.
I am a pumpkin with a scary face.



Ms. Hayes 4th Grade
Group 2



Nightmare Dream
By Daniel T.

I am a nightmare dream.

I am something that lurks in the shadow.
I am something that’s in the closet.
I am something that lurks behind you.

I am something you think can’t move.
I am something that watches you sleep.
I am something that collects things.

I am something that knows your fear.


Animal Dream
By Alexander J.

I am a rhino dashing through the grass.
I am a turtle hiding in a shell.
I am a beetle nibbling on a leaf.
I am a dojo flying through the sky.
I am a lion roaring through the forest.
I am a bobcat hunting for winter.


Gaming Dream
By Fernando S. 

I’m a Ps5 that smells like candy.
I’m a brand-new game that’s cool as ice.
I’m the internet that can make electronics work.
I’m a Spider Man game that has fighting.
I’m a gaming controller that’s as fragile as glass.
I’m a charger as electrical as lightening.




Ms. Soldat 4th Grade
Group 3


My Dream
by Hailey C. 

When I go to bed, my dad tucks me in bed.
He kisses me on the forehead.

I close my eyes and I sleep.
I am in my dream.

Sometimes I have a bad dream,
and sometimes I don’t.

When I wake up, I yawn.


Toy Story Dream
By Noire U. 

I am Buzz Light year flying in the sky.
I am a cowgirl like Jessie.
I am long like Slinkey Dog.
I am Mrs. Potato wearing earrings.
I am round like Mr. Potato.
I am Porkchop saving money.


Nightmare Before Christmas Dream
By Jaylah V.

I am Sally from Nightmare before Christmas.
I am Jack Skeleton, I will turn into Jack Santa.
I am the Boogieman; I will eat Sally.

I am Jack Santa; I will put scary presents
under your tree.

I am the Mayor, I switch my face
I am Zero, I have a bright shiny nose.





Ms. Carther 4th Grade
Group 4



I Am a Clown Dream
by Victoria K. 

Some dreams can be silly, daydreams, nightmares.
and fantasies. But lots have nightmares.

I am the clown you see in dreams.
I am the balloons you see.
I am the makeup on the clown.
I am the creepy smile.
I am the person you see running.
I am the clown’s hat.
I am the clown’s polka dots.


I Am a Bunny Dream
By Nadia R.

I am a bunny that hops.
I am a bunny that goes in a pink hole.

I am a bunny hopping in Waterland.
I am a bunny jumping on a water cloud.
I am a bunny swimming in the water.

I am a bunny saying good-bye.
I am a bunny leaving Waterland.

I am a bunny hopping in a pink hole.


Game Guy Dream 
By Fabian T.

I am a Roblox guy.
I am a Fortnight guy.

I am my singing monsters’ guy.
I am a Mecharena guy.

I am a SSSnaker guys.
I am a Stumble Guys guy. 
I am a Skipidi Toilet’s guy.














“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.