Dream Poems @ Edwards Elementary

For our third week at Edwards Elementary, we talked about dreams! We discussed dream logic and how dreams sometimes don’t make any sense to us or how it is hard to remember our dreams at all. We used the five senses as a way to think about our dreams. 

Ms. Ortiz
4th Grade

I Dream
Mariah M.

I dream of having a million dollars.
I dream of seeing a big monster.
I dream of eating fish.
I dream of the new Chicago fire.
I dream of winning a world record.


Mrs. Campos
4th Grade

I Dream
Laura G.

I dream of seeing fairies, unicorns, dragons, and monsters.
I dream of smelling vanilla mixed with my sister’s homemade brownies.
I dream of eating Taco Bell.
I dream of hearing my dog saying words.
I dream of touching a fairy.


Monica A. 

I dream of seeing me in a box.
I dream of smelling food.
I dream of tasting fruit.
I dream of hearing sharks.
I dream of touching water.
I dream of sinking down.
I dream of hearing sharks coming.
I dream of seeing blood around me.


Mrs. Neri
4th Grade

I Dream 
Luis B.

I dream of seeing the future with robots.
I dream of touching crazy glue.
I dream of weird noises under my bed.


My Dreams
Jaide A.

I dream of having a little brother.
I dream of having a cute puppy.
I dream that I was a cat.
I dream that my dog never died.
I dream of visiting my friends.


I dream of turining into a wolf 
Osvaldo Z. 

I dream of seeing myself turning into a wolf in Minecraft.
I dream of touching my wolf face.
I dream of hearing a hunter’s gun shots.
I dream of tasting meat.
I dream of smelling more food.


Ms. Guillen
4th Grade

The Surprise Puppy
Emily G.

One evening, I was at home with my brother. I was on the couch watching TV and he was in his room. Later, my mom came back from work. She opened the door and told me “I have a SPECIAL surprise for you.” On the floor, there was a box with a ribbon. She grabbed it and gave it to me. I opened it and it was a cute little puppy! When I woke up, I was so happy and it made me want a puppy more!


I Dream
Alin S.

I dream to have a pug.
I dream to have any clothing that I want.
I dream to have a mansion.
I dream of owning Starbucks.
I dream that my mom will never die.


Yo Sueño
Guadalupe D.

Yo sueño que huela de algodon de dulce.
I dream of touching a rainbow.
Yo sueño que el bosque esta oscuro y oigo sonidos espantosos.
I dream that I tase mole.
Yo sueño ver a las princesas del castillo.


Ms. Andrade
4th Grade

Las sueños de la belleza
Lesley C. 

Yo sueño de unicornios.
Yo sueño que escucho caballos.
I smell the candy of the future.
I touch a baby pug.
I taste cotton candy.


My Dreams
Noelia M.

I dream that I could see a unicorn.
I dream of tasting cheesecake.
I dream of smelling the ocean.
I dream of touching the clouds.
I dream that I could hear mute people.


My Dreams
Emilio M.

Yo sueño que veo todo el mundo.
Yo sueño que yo oigo el mar moverse.
Yo sueño que yo puedo oler el pastel de vanilla.
Yo sueño que puedo tocar un delfin.
Yo sueño que puedo saborear helado.


Ms. Resendiz
4th Grade

I Dream
Julius R.

I dream of seeing my dog turn into a werewolf.
I dream of my dog feeling like a brick.
I dream of screams.
I dream of eating World’s Famous ice cream.


I Dream
Andres V. 

I dream that I have Superman powers.
I dream that I went to New York.
I dream that there is no school.
I dream of eating all of the chocolates in the world.
I dream of being a famous person.


Mis Sueños
Mayte V.

Yo sueño ver un señor que se llama Nails. Yo sueño tocar un abuela muerta.
Yo sueño oir mi mama hablar.
Yo sueño saborear un pastel.
Yo sueño oler un cupcake.




“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.