Dream Poems @ Avondale Logandale

This week, we enjoyed reading, drawing, and writing dream poems! We talked about how the descriptive words in the poems we read aloud together helped us visualize the authors’ dreams in our own minds.  After our discussion, we took some time to draw something we remembered from a dream, or something we hoped to dream of and used that as inspiration for writing either a dream poem or dream story poem. Enjoy reading our published dream poems!



Ms. Lozada
4th Grade



Dream Poem 
Itzel C.

I dreamed I was smarter than Einstein.
I dreamed I could read minds.
I dreamed it was midnight.
Sometimes I think I could sleep as long as a sloth
I remember when I was little,
like 5 or 6 years old
I dreamed of being in Candyland. I was falling
into Candyland, full of marshmallows,
candy canes, ice cream and many kinds.
I saw the most beautiful thing.

Dream poem art by Itzel C. – Ms. Lozada, 4th Grade


Golden Dream
Michael S.

I dreamed I had a castle
I dreamed I was gold
I dreamed I had a library
I dreamed I was in a movie
I dreamed I was famous
I dreamed I was good at basketball
I dreamed I had 96 crayons
I dreamed it was always summer
I dreamed the school was made out of gold
I dreamed I was a grown up
I dreamed I had a lion pet

Dream poem art by Michael S. – Ms. Lozada, 4th Grade


Dream Poem
Gabriel E.

I dream of eating a lot of candy
I dream of meeting BTS
I dream of going to L.A.
I dream of having a big gummy.


Ms. Miller
3rd Grade


I Dream
Ariana L.

I dreamed I had a puppy.
I dreamed I had a big house.
I dreamed I had my own room.
I dream to play a piano.
I dream to have a unicorn.
I dream to go to Mexico.
I dream I can fly to space.
I dream there was no homework.
I dream I was a vet.
I dream I was a zoo manager.
I dream I was in a movie.


The Colorful Rainforest
Camila Z.

I dream of many rainbow colors.
I dream of many kinds of movies.
I dream of snow on me.
I dream of many pets in the world.
I dream of many ice creams.
I dream of many hearts in tik toks.

Dream poem art by Camila Z. – Ms. Miller, 3rd Grade



Luis M.

I dream to be the best soccer player in my
team so I can win all
the time in my game.
I dream for a world cup.
I dream for a school day.
I dream for a cat.
I dreamed that I made ten goals.
I dreamed that I kicked high balls up high.



Ms. Afzal
3rd Grade


I Dream
Zuleyka A.

I dream I have twenty hundred million diamonds.
I dream for twenty thousand houses.
I dream for infinity colors.
I dream for infinity friends.
I dream of an LOL house with diamonds.


My Dreams
Jose M.

I dream about snow
I dream about rainbows
I dream about a lot of suns
I dream about Mexico
I dream about Chuck E. Cheese
I dream about a lot of pizza
I dream about a lot of Legos

Dream poem art by Jose M. – Ms. Afzal, 3rd Grade


My Dream Poem
Jesse R.

I dream of WWE figures
I dream of Lego Ninjago
I dream of a trampoline house
I dream having a trampoline park
I dream of going to WWE
I dream of getting Robux


Ms. Pease
3rd Grade


I Dream
Terrence B.

I dream it was no homework.
I dream we get out of school at 1:20.
I dream we go to the water park.
I dream we go to the store and get things for free.
I dream things was free.
I dream all of the homeless people got a house.
I dream PC’s was free for people.
I dream it was snowy.

Dream poem art by Terrence B.


Alma A.

I dream of color in my pictures.
I dream of the color.
I dream of the rainbow.
I dream about the rain.
I dream of the sun.


I Dream
Keyla V.

I dream I can be a unicorn that can fly.
I dream I can never be sick.
I dream I can be near God.
I dream people around me could not be homeless.
I dream it can be Christmas every day.
I dream there is no school tomorrow.



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.