Does every question need an answer?

For their fifth virtual lesson with Dubois students, we experimented with questions. They were asked “Why do people ask questions?” and “Does every question have to have an answer?” As humans we are naturally curious and love to make discoveries, and gain new knowledge. Students were introduced to rhetorical questions, questions that are often asked to emphasis a point or create an effect “Why is the grass green?” or “Why do birds sing?” Other types of rhetorical questions are asked without expecting a clear answer such as “What’s the meaning of life?” or “What happens after death.” These questions are for self-reflection that allows us to find deeper meaning.

Together we read and discussed the poem “India,” by Sandeep Kaur, who was a teen poet featured in the WritersCorps anthology “Tell the World.” In her poem Kaur directly asks questions to India, the country of her birth. India why didn’t you tell me to stay in your arms?/ Why didn’t you come with me?/ Why don’t you understand how much I miss you? From these questions students concluded that Kaur feels lonely and homesick. She misses the country that not only holds her memories but gave her a sense of identity and belonging.

Inspired by Sandeep Kaur, students wrote their own question poems containing no answers. But allowing the readers to interpret the answers for themselves. Please enjoy this week’s published poems.



Ms. Dydo
8th Grade


By Lakisha C.

Why do you always die so fast?

Why are you going out on me ?

Why are you falling on me?

Why do you break chargers?

Why are you so Charming?

Why do you always get lost in the store?

Why do you make my eyes hurt?

Why do you always get hot?

Why do you do me so wrong?

Why can’t you just love me?


By Jayla J

Why do I cry?
Why do I laugh?
Why do you make me feel so many things?

Why is your melody so sweet?
Why do I feel like listening to you is a treat?
Why are you so amazing?

Music what are you?
You give me nostalgia
You make me think
Why do I listen to you and clean my kitchen sink?


By Nyiesha J.

Why can’t you be perfect ?
Why is it easy to loose and hard to win?
Why do you hurt some of us ?
Why is it so easy to give up and never easy to keep going ?
Why are there so many bad things?
Why so many bad people?
Why so many racist people?
Why cant people learn to be they self?


By Elijah R.

Sugar , why are you so Sweet ?

Why do you ruin my teeth ?

Why is it so hard to stop eating you ?

What are some things I can turn you into ?

Why do I crave you at night?

Why can’t I just have a bite?

Why are you such a delight?

Why when I eat too much of you I feel sick ?

Why when I melt you down you get real slick ?

Why do I love you so ?

Can I bake you into a cake for my friend joe ?
Why do you rise up so slow?

Would you let me dress you up like a show ?

Can I just have a nibble ?

Why when I bake you , why do you taste like kibble?



Ms. Dydo
7th Grade


By Kaliah B.

Why are people so cruel?
What do you have against Asians?
Why do you appropriate culture?
Why are toddlers being killed for their “looking like the virus”
Why do you think Asians “look like a virus”???
Why do you watch anime if you hate Asians so much?
No one can answer that huh?
Why do you wear clothes that have their tags on it?
Why are you killing innocent Asian elders??
Why do you have time to post your outfit but not sign petitions that can help?
What makes you think staying silent is better than being loud and racist??
Why are people so cruel?
Yes they do.


Questions for humans itself
By. Mijzion F.

Questions for every human on Earth

Why do humans kill? Is it because of revenge? Or because humans are
Selfish and don’t care about any other humans on this place we call home?
Why does everyone want to sell their soul? Is it the money? Is it the fame?
all humans die right? But us humans take our kids lives and then blame it on them. Man I’m tired of the humans I feel revenge
Revenge is the key that opens the door to the devil’s eye.
why do humans break into each other’s homes still? Do they steal because they’re broke? Or is it because they feel the need to take
And grab what they can get?

why do I feel
Revenge upon humans? Why do I want to be more? Why do I want to see
A selection of people suffer?
Please tell me why imma put my heart and soul into every poem I right.
please feel what I’m saying… I don’t want you to feel scared for the humans
I want you to feel the same rage I feel.


By Tanasia L.

Why do you love everybody so much?

Why doesn’t everyone believe in you?

Why do I pray for you every night and day?

Why do I feel angelic when you’re around?

Why do people hurt you so much after
Everything you did for us?

Why do I feel like a god daughter to you?



Ms. Dydo
6th Grade


All about me
By Aalyiha C.

Why do you always over react?
Why do you love dance so much?
Why are you so funny?
Why do you like candy and chips so much?
Why do you not like hamburgers?
Why can’t you go 2 hours without complaining?
Why do you love the mall so much?
Can you ever stop being clumsy?
When are you going to stop forgetting everything in 5 minutes?
Why do you love dogs?


Chicago can you hear me?
By Justin H.

Chicago, why do you have so
Much good food?

Chicago, why don’t we have
Natural disasters?

Chicago, why is your population
So high?

Chicago, do you think of yourself
as being helpful?

Chicago, why are your museums
So helpful?

Chicago, why is there so
Much violence?

Chicago, How were you created?

Chicago, can you hear me?


Crazy TV
By Deniyah L.

Why do you always log me out?
Why do you never do what I want?
Why is there never nothing to watch on you?
Why do you freeze on me?

Why does some of your channels have more adult stuff than kid things?
Why do some of your shows and movies cost so much?
Why are you just one thing?
And why do you have so many commercials”

From your owner that you should listen to,
Deniyah L.


By Kyla W.

Kyrie why do you pull my hair?

Kyrie why do you come in my room and mess it up?

Kyrie why do you cry so much?

Kyrie why do you break my things?

Kyrie why do you lose my things?

Kyrie why did you break my mom’s phone?

Kyrie why do you like Mickey Mouse so much?

Kyrie why you not like your diaper on?



Ms. Dydo
5th Grade


What is a friendship?
By Lawryn C.

What is a friendship?
Do you know?
Do you need to know?

Can you trust your friends?
Is your friend loyal?

Is your friend real or fake?
Shouldn’t you know?

Do you know what a friend is now?
Am I your friend?

Is your friend like my bestfriend?


By Tyshan L.

Fortnite why do you take hours to update?

Fortnite do you make me rage quit?

Fortnite why can’t I reach champion division?

Fortnite why is arena so hard?

Fortnite why did yall only host 1 world up for 3 million dollars?


Outer Space
By Janiya P.

How was the sky created?

Why do they call the moon ?

Why is the sun so big and bright?

Why don’t the moon have gravity or outer space?

Why is outer space so large and dark?


By: Ema Esperanza R.G.

Movies, why are you so predictable?
Why are you so irresistible?
Even though you are so clickable?

Movies, why are you so low-budget sometimes?
Why can I never decline?
Why are you such a surprise?

Movies, why does the girl go upstairs
Instead of out the front door?
I could never ignore one of war.

Movies, why do you make me
Want to hit the characters in you?
Even though you are new, I still want to hit you.

Movies, why do you make me yell at you?
Why aren’t most of you true?
Though I still love to view, all of you.

– Sincerely, the girl who complains
about movies (Ema) ♥



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.