“Do you ever leave your shell?” ~ Animal Question Poems @ Avondale Logandale

Last week, we had fun reading William Blake’s question poem “The Tyger.” We talked about how Blake’s poem used repetition, rhyme and a series of questions to express his excitement about the tiger before we practiced writing our own question poem to a turtle as a group. Then, I asked the students to imagine that they could talk to any mysterious animal (real or imaginary) for just one day and use that as inspiration for writing their own animal question poem.

Scroll down to enjoy this week’s published animal question poems!


Ms. Lozada
4th Grade


9 Tail Fox
Jacob M.

9 tail fox, are you a monster?
9 tail fox, are you 50 years old?
9 tail fox, do you eat meat?

9 tail fox, can you be a person?
9 tail fox, can you fly?
9 tail fox, can you sing?

9 tail fox, are you nice?
9 tail fox, can you do magic?
9 tail fox, can you fight?

9 tail fox, can you get sick?
9 tail fox, are you immortal?



My Animal Tiger
Graceson R.

Tiger, are you fast?
Tiger, where do you get your spots?
Tiger, where do you live?
Tiger, what do you eat?

My Animal Tiger by Graceson


Yamileth Z.

Unicorn, Unicorn, do you ever eat corn?
Do you ever take off your horn?
Are you a boy or girl?

Unicorn, Unicorn have you ever met a leprechaun?
Have you ever ate lucky charms?
Are you REAL or FAKE?

Unicorn, Unicorn do you ever dance on a rainbow?



Michael S.

Dolphin, are you a square?
Dolphin, Dolphin, do you like to share?
Dolphin, are you fair?

Dolphin, Dolphin, who created you?
Dolphin, do people believe in you?
Dolphin, do you like it under the sea?

Dolphin, Dolphin, have you seen Ariel?
Dolphin, do you like clams?
Dolphin, do you like sports?

Dolphin, do you have your own room?
Dolphin, Dolphin, are you in danger?


A Lovely Bunny
Itzel C.

A Lovely Bunny Art by Itzel C
Ms. Lozada, 4th Grade
A Lovely Bunny by Itzel C
Ms. Lozada, 4th Grade

























Ms. Miller
3rd Grade



Luis M.

Lion, Lion, do you run every day?
Do you ever eat all day?
Do you ever hunt everyday?
Do you ever jump high?
Do you ever live in the cold?
Do you ever fight others?
Do you ever live in a cave?
Do you ever have a skill?
Do you ever walk with two legs?
Do you ever talk?



Doggy Questions
Annalis N.

Doggy, Doggy, do you like hot tubs?
Do you ever grow?
Doggy, Doggy, do you like Florida?

Doggy, Doggy, what is your size so I can get you clothes?
Do you have hair?
Doggy, Doggy, do you sleep, eat and play?

Doggy, Doggy, why are your ears so tall?
What do you do in the spring?
Doggy, Doggy, why do you have short hair?

Doggy, Doggy, why are your eyes small?
Do you play with other doggies?
Doggy, Doggy, are you friendly?

Doggy, Doggy, are you a chihuahua?



Emely C.

Elephant, Elephant, do you sleep?
Why do you sound like a pig snoring?
Elephant, Elephant, do you eat?
Elephant, Elephant, why are you big?
Elephant, Elephant, do you live for a long time?
Why do you like peanuts?
Are you soft?



Alexis D.

Crab, Crab, do you swim?
Crab, Crab, are you smart?
Crab, Crab, why do you hide?
Crab, Crab, why do you pinch?
Crab, Crab, do you play tag?
Crab, Crab, do you have a birthday?
Crab, Crab, do you live in a shell?
Crab, Crab, why do you swim?
Crab, Crab, what do you eat?
Crab, Crab, what are you?
Crab, Crab, do you read books?



Butterfly, Lutterfly
Jocyana C.

Butterfly, Butterfly, are you friends with a firefly?
Butterfly, Butterfly, do you sleep in your big wings?
Butterfly, Butterfly, do you see behind?
Butterfly, Butterfly, do you smell like butter?
Butterfly, Butterfly, do you make any noise?
Butterfly, Butterfly, do you come in the house in a dark night?
Butterfly, Butterfly, do you have any toes?
Butterfly, Butterfly, do you have the biggest wings?
Butterfly, Butterfly, do you turn into a fly?
Butterfly, Butterfly, do you make the sun rise?



Ms. Afzal
3rd Grade


Brittany Y.

Why do dolphins swim fast?
Why are they good swimmers?
Where do they live?
Why do they have so many tricks?
Why do they just eat fish?
Why do they have the same clothes?
Why do they love people?
Why do they have little teeth?

Why are you blue?
Do you drink a lot of water?



The Cheetah Show
Jocelyn M.

Why do you run so fast?
Why is your name Cheetah?
Why are you yellow like the sun?

Do you like where you are?
Do you have a car?
Do you go to school?

Why are you famous?
Why do you eat animals?

Do you wear earrings?
Why do you have babies?
Do you get confused?
Why do you have black dots?
Do you do homework?



Turtle, Turtle?
Daisy E.

Turtle, Turtle…

Why do you hide when it’s bright?
Do you like to go to school?
Is your pillow so cool?
Do you have a big room?
Is your pool icy and cool?
Why do you not have shoes?
Is it because you have stinky shoes?
Is it because you are super lazy?
Do you play basketball?



Cat Questions Show
Mayte O.

Cat, Cat, why do your eyes glow?
Cat, Cat, can you swim in a pool?
Do you have a mermaid tail?
Do you have toes?
What do eat except for cat food?
Do you sleep for 24 hours?
Do you like dinos?
Do you eat mice?
Do you like cat food?
Why are you different colors?
Why do you have sharp claws?



Ms. Pease
3rd Grade


Panda Questions
Manuel F.

How high can you jump?
How sharp are your teeth?
How is the view from a high tree?
What else do you eat other than bamboo?
What do you use your claws for?
How do you communicate?
What do you do most of the day?
Do you have a calendar?
Why are your eyes big?



Baby Dog
Alma A.

Can you run?
Are you spiky?
Are you nice or mean?
Can you hide cats and mice?
Can you sleep well?
Are you sleeping like a pillow?
Are you a ninja dog?
Can you walk nice?
Can you eat spaghetti and meatballs?
Are you sleeping soft and cool?
Are you nice to people?
Can you sit on furniture inside?
Can you become a monster?
Are you amazing?



Turtle, Turtle
Bianca D.

Do you ever leave your shell?
Are you a ninja?
Do you ever go swimming?
How do you look?
Do you ever talk?
How do you smile?
Do you do your nails?
How do you act?
Do you use a bed to sleep?
Do you leave to Miami on a unicorn?
Do you leave glitter everywhere like a unicorn?
Do you read books?
Do you ever make slime?
Do you ever sound like dolphin?
Do you wear a shirt?
Do you make up stories?
Do you ever use pencils and pens, as well as markers?
Do you ever color?
Where do you sleep?
How fast can you run?

Do you use a pillow in a pool?
Do you go to school?


Silana N.

Do you like it where you live?
How are you doing?
Are you a spy?
Are you a ninja?

Who made you?
How old are you?
Do you have kids?
Do you love yourself?

Do you like life?
Do you feel sad when kids say they don’t believe in you?
Do you like life?
Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend?



Asking A Shark
Joshua B.

Can you swim backwards?
Do you eat fast or slow?
Are your fins soft?
Are you friends with the great white shark?
Are you friends with other sharks?

Where do you live?
Do you attack others if they bother you?
Do you live in salt water or fresh water?
Do you hate spiky animals?
Are you male or female?

When it’s cold, do you still go outside or stay in?
What animals are your prey?
What do you eat for lunch?
What do you eat for breakfast?



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.