Diversity and Belonging

In our recent sessions, Swift 2nd graders talked about diversity, and found that it is everywhere! Diversity can be found in flowers, people, languages, colors, natural habitats, cats, dogs, music, countries, and elsewhere. We read Janet S. Wong’s poem, “Face It,” in which the poet talks about how her nose comes from the Chinese part of her family, and her eyes from the French part of her family.  After discussing ways in which we are similar, and yet one-of-a-kind, we agreed that we all belong.

Ms. Amato
2nd Grade

Gregory C.

I belong
in a world full of hotness
and full of a pool so you
can cool down.

I belong to my family
I am the only one who likes burgers so much.
I am a good storyteller.
I like that I am always curious.
If I am curious about something
I’ll do it! But when I’m
not curious I do not do it


Itzel D.

I belong
in a world full of
family. They are
with love in the
sky! My family
was born in Mexico
my Mom has my
eyes and I’m tan
as my Dad
and I speak Spanish
as my family.

I am good at art like my Mom
I like my name because
it means Princess.


Fejzo D.

I belong to a family
in a world full of love.
warm in their arms
making me think I
could jump to the sky in their arms.

When I reach the sky
I could drop down
looking at the clouds and drop down
in their arms.


Sophia H.

I belong
in a world full of lovely people that talk in
different languages because no matter who they
are they are still wonderful!

I have the same look as my mom
but not my dad, but same eyes as both.
My mom is from Chile but
my dad is from Mexico.
I’m the only one who plays Roblox.
I’m the only one who doesn’t eat candy, but a tiny
I’m the only one who is soooooo funny!
All the people in the world are beautiful no
matter what. We are all unique!


Kai R.

I belong in a world full
of happiness and donuts
because when I close my eyes
I have so much fun inside of me.

I belong to my family
and the only one who knows how to dance.

I like that I can beat multiple games
and I can make other people laugh
when they are down.


Shishir K.

I belong
in a world full of religion
believing in different things
Hinduism, Buddhism
and way more.

My eyes belong to
Gulmi, Nepal. My head
belongs to Bhutul, Nepal
and my nose belongs to
Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A. My
mouth belongs to myself.


George I.

I belong in a world of yummy
like there are good and bad
tastes of food.

I belong to my family
my Nigerian family.

What do I like
about myself? I am
a good developer
easy life easy games and
nice life.

Mr. McCaster
2nd Grade

Sarwa B.

I belong in a world full of
dolphins. They can swim.

I belong to my family
my hair color matches my sister’s
hair color and my eye color
matches to my whole family
my skin color matches to my
baby sister and big sister. I was
born in Pakistan. My family
was born to Pakistan too.


Sonya E.

I belong in a world full of magic.
I love the sound of flying broomsticks whizzing on a
Q field. I belong to my brother with his
light brown hair with gold tips. I belong to my
cousin with her light green eyes that shine like


Sweelson C.

I belong in a world full of pizza because there
are always pizzas in my eyes.

I belong to my family. I look like my mom
we have the same eyes
and I am the only one who loves dinosaurs because
they are big and have sharp teeth.


Harasha P.

I belong in a world
full of plants. we will
have food and save
money for some yummy
treats and some
fiber then it makes
me happy.


Juan D.

I belong
in a world full of
nice animals. I like
the way they walk. I
belong to my family, we have resemblance
we have the same face and thumbs as
my family. And I am the
only one that likes big


Ivan O.

I belong
In a world full of boats
they can sail
and sail around.

I belong to my family
and love of my family
and hugging.


Lucas V.

I belong in a
world full of peace
I love the way that
earth is getting
together as the
covid is falling





“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.