Daddy’s Forehead & Other Jokes @ Peterson 7th Grade

Right after the winter break, we warmed up with a humorous yet heartfelt poem called “Daddy Dozens”. Written by the Chicago namesake, Jamila Woods, students used “Daddy Dozens” as an anchor poem to write about a person in their own life using descriptive language.


Mrs. Ionita
2nd Period


Imanee H.

My momma is a strong person
Even when things go wrong. She tries to fix it.
My momma is a strong person.
When I’m sad, we talk, give hugs & shop.
She warms people’s heart
She makes me laugh, I start to cry
I’ll give an attitude & she deals with it
My momma s a strong person
When we go through stuff
she’ll try to make it better
she happy I’m here.
My momma wouldn’t; be a momma
If I didn’t come along

Sister in highschool
Sanaa M.

My sister can be very creative
but sometimes she does a bit
too much. She goes a bit harsh
at times but can be surprisingly
kind. She doesn’t leave the house
without jeans. I guess she’s just
fashionable, not like me. She goes to
highschool, which did change how
fashionable she is. She goes to work
for what she wants.

My sister and I spend a lot of
time together but we also fight
a lot. Sometimes she’s weird but
funny in that weird way. She
loves to make fun of the
most random things she helps
clean the house. My sister,

is amazing, some what annoying,
and knows how to make
anyone laugh.

Practically Perfect
Mia M.

My dad is so competitive, he always
wins a medal. My dad is a
perfectionist, that hedges always must be
trimmed precisely, the grass must be cut
exactly to his expectations. My dad
wants to make the world a better place,
even if he is unsure how. He is very political,
acting like he should be president. Somehow, my
dad can always wrap a joke into a conversation,
no matter the situation. Usually, you find him in the
kitchen eating sweets, just like a lion with its’ prey.
You can find him our in nature, just like a kid in a
candy store, picking all the flowers and placing them
in a vase. Sure, he has some flaws, but you can sure
learn a thing or two from my dad, on how to be practicly
perfect I every way.

Caregiver Poem
Tam N.

My mother is hardworking,
whenever she gets home, she sits down.
My mother never gives up.
Whenever she says she will do something
she always gets it done.

My mother is aging.
She has been through a lot.
Escaping a way and having fear
that is growing on her.
Many deaths, a lot of mourning.
Feeling depressed and looking for
a new life.

My mother is calm.
She argues with my father over and over.
My father is a lion.
Mother is playful with her children.
She has her little ducklings.

My mother is my caregiver.

Fernando V.

My mom is so formal that she can get invited to
parties in an instant. My mom is such a hard worker she can
deliver an order in less time than anyone else.
My mom gives by telling me stories and seeing
movies and youtube with her. My mom is so caring because
she is there when I need her.


Mrs. Ionita
3rd Period


Mohammed A.

My mom’s so hurt, that we buy that many bandages.
My mom’s so hurt that she has an entire bottle of burn cream
Just for herself. She is so hurt that she sleeps for an entire day.
She stay in the kitchen always cooking.
She doesn’t take a break and when she does.
It’a only for a hot minute of two.
She wants to stay with us but she is always stuck in that world.

(My Mom is like a perfect storm)
Victoria A.

My mom is like a tornado
When there is a illness it will be
cleaned up by the time that you blink.
My mom is a perfect storm.
Lightening crashes when my room is
It starts to rain when she feels stressed.
But then after the storm goes
by a huge rainbow appears.
My mom is like a tornado.

Kierre G.

My mom is so sweet
she makes me feel complete
I see her in the morning and
night but think about her
all the time my mom is
different from yours and
that’s ok she does it on
her own and keeps the family
afloat my mom does her
Best and that’s what makes
her the best

My mom is the best
Aime M.

My mom is the best,
with he amazing way
of teaching me to be
respectful and hard working.

My mom is the best,
with her short hair
and small nose.

Whether I’m upset
or angry,

My mom is the best.

Exceptional Brother
Lily R.

My brother is so fast, we never host races for our
family. My brother is so fast, we don’t play any
card games with him.

My brother can act mean, he shoots insults at Sam and
I. My brother can act mean, he shoves the dog around.

My brother only eat Mac and cheese; he lives in a
house at college and has to make his own meals.
Turns out, Kraft Mac & Cheese is super easy to make.

My brother is so talented, Sam and I often feel
jealous of him. My brother is so talented, my cousins
always like him best.

My brother never responds to my texts. Either he’s
too busy, or he just doesn’t like me. But what’s
important is he never listens to me, and never praises me.

And whenever my brother is home, he makes



Mrs. Ionita
4th Period


Brianna A.

*My mom is always seen drinking coffee or cleaning
dishes. Once I speak, she listens.
every time I come home from a bad day of
school my mom always asks if I had a good
day. At dinner, she eats her salad bit doesn’t
finish it. When I am with her, I always smell
Roses or Lavender. She loves to ramble about
presidents, she makes me smile when my mom
impersonates an important figure.
She stressed, but doesn’t show


Skye J.

My Brother’s Afro is so big, it’s shaped like a
bird’s nest. My brother is so old he
has a mustache. My brother is so weird,
he stands like a crab. My Brother
plays video games so much, he be
shouting at midnight. My brother
is so clumsy he hurts himself, and
could have gone pro. His ego is
so big he think he’s Usher.

My brother’s name is River, so we call
him waterfall. People think we’re twins
even though I”m the better looking child.

My brother
is so tall
he could be
a tree. My
brother is
such a diva
he spends more
time in the
bathroom than me.
We always make
nachos, but haven’t
recently. He’s always
gone, only see him
within 4 weeks. And
yet, I feel
like he’s always with me.

Mothers Million Dollar Heart
Carlos M.

My mothers temper is as tall as a mountain,
yet the fuse is as short as her. My mother
is so unselfish that sometimes I think she’s
the charity. My mothers love for soup is only
surpassed by that of the love she holds for her
dear children. My mother is as energetic as energy
itself, kinetic of course. She’s not afraid to speak
her mind even if what she’s going to say isn’t so
I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have…

….Haha! My mother of course, gotcha!

Nabilah N.

My tutor is like aa forest, sweet, breath smelling. My tutor is my Belle. Reading to
me while I zone out. My tutor is my sunshine, bright in everyday with he dazzling blue
eyes that changes color, from ocean to moon. My tutor is my biggest supporter, always first
to yell “Go Nabilah!” from the stands. I confuse my tutor with the stars. My tutor is
so patient that not even 32 second graders did not annoy her.

But when She went away, like a star turned into a black hole. I bet that she’s
eating a lot of Kentucky Fried Chicken! My tutor with mid baggy eyes, looking
at me.  A pencil case agenda, and fruit were mostly her lunch, wow
always very healthy! She inspired me to…

“Shoot for the moon, even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.”

Sanne N.

Grandma’s casserole is so good, you can smell it from a
mile away. She bakes it to perfection, the crispy brown top with
a melted inside baked from the heart. The dish still warm when she takes it out
of the oven with her soft hands and perfectly manicured nails
covered by mitts. The rollers still in her hair from the morning,
her ovular framed glasses still balanced o the bridge of
her nose. She let’s the dish cool as she walks to the
living room. She rests in the chair, admiring the Christmas
tree bedazzled with ornaments from the white house over the

When her brother is talked about, she
hides her teary eyes, she shares the story
of how her brother passes a few weeks after
he always born due to premature lungs. she tells
the story
from the heart.










“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.