Creative Ways of Seeing

For our 5th sessions at Kozminski, students talked about their visit to the Shedd Aquarium the previous week. They were excited about getting the chance to see and learn about aquatic life outside of their regular classrooms! After the 4th graders talked about the difference between comparing and contrasting, we looked at poems that use comparisons and similes. It got us thinking about creative ways that poets see the world and use language.  Check out these inventive Comparison Poems!

Ms. Manning
4th Grade

Emmanuel Does Not Like Poems
by Emmanuel O.
a poem is like something that is boring to me 
it takes forever
I never even liked it  
(I’m joking).

Poems are like smooth moves 
they are limitless 
they can rhyme or not

poems are free like lions and tigers 
they can be anything 
think surroundings
it’s what people are inspired about 
they can be about favorite things
don’t care about people’s opinion 

if you love poems make your own 
like me
it doesn’t matter if it is good or not
it comes from your heart
that is what matters


by Elijah Y.

Clouds are like marshmallows and marshmallows are like sugar. 
Sugar is like a hug and a hug is like love. 
Love is like Valentine’s day and Valentine’s day is like strawberries.
Strawberries are like fruits and fruits are like candy.
Candy is yummy and yummy is like eating your favorite food.
Eating your favorite food is like feeling joy and feeling joy is like Heaven.
Heaven is like being calm and being calm is like flowing water.
And flowing water is calm like clouds.


Ice Cream poem
by Phoenix B.

Ice cream is tasty, it is cold like snow
I eat it at home or on the go
My favorite flavor is chocolate
It is sweet like candy
I sometimes like strawberry
It is pink like a pretty flower
I can eat ice cream for hours and hours.


By Milad A.

My smile is like a funny thing.
Like a funny movie.
My smile is green.


by Xion B.

  Freedom is like a song, 
Limitless but
  Will have to end soon.

Flowers are like 
      Happiness blossoms 
Can come in any color.

  Sunshine is like 
A lightbulb shining 
   On for a long time
Then somebody turns it off,
Like the sun going down.


everything from life that is so beautiful
Micaela A.

My mom is like a beautiful rose.
My smile is like a star from the night.
My dad is like a workman.
My older sister is like a water drop.
My puppy is like a big mad dog.
My cat is like a lazy cat.
My friend is like a clown because she is so funny.
My older brother is like a super hero because he saves the day.
My mom’s cooking is like the best thing ever.
The sun is like my smile.
The stars are like a sunshine.
Ice is like the cold blue.
when it is very cold outside.
My favorite ice cream is cotton candy
because it tastes like a cloud.
My brain is like a cotton candy cloud in my head


Comparisons Worst and Best
Cymir W.

A caged bird is like a closed wishing well.
My mom’s smile is like the sun shining bright.
Books are like God bringing us wishes. 
Games are like a nice walk on the park.
Water is like a nice breeze 
good and cold
when we drink it.
Basketball is like God giving us a treat
because it the best and the greatest in my


Things I see 
Kaliyah K. 

Someone who is crying is like rain
Getting hurt is just like Pain

Going to the beach on a summer day is fun 
I was late to school, oh no, school has begun

playing with water balloons is fun but not when you get wet

I was doing my homework but its not done yet

Oh man it’s raining, I wanted to go down the slide
It’s so hot that it feels like boiling water outside  
and going down the slide is like going for a ride

Finally the bus is here
when I left my baby sis had a tear
(she was sad because she’s not old enough to go to school)

In the hall I saw a note on my back and it said I’m a fool
I’m sad because people think I’m a fool
but I’m the smartest one in this school.



Ms. Manning
5th Grade

5th graders talked about the blues, and laments. We viewed and discussed videos of people singing the blues before brainstorming reasons why we have the blues; and using the blues name generator to come up with names like: Old Finger McGee, Bad Boy Jackson, Curly Legs Dupree, and Sleepy Fingers Parker. Stay tuned for the Blues Poems they will be writing in our next session. 




“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.