Crack of Dawn

Oliver de la Paz‘s poem, “Aubade with Bread for the Sparrows” provided inspiration for this week’s discussion and writing. It describes a speaker, rising early to feed birds with bread and “old crusts,” and we determined that its winter setting impacted how hungry those birds would be, as well as how we should consider its other details, such as the lines, “the first breath comes from the early morning / ghosts,” “Mornings are a sustained hymn,” and “What’s left / but to watch the daylight halved by the glistening ground?” Looking deeper, we focused on two types of figurative language—similes and metaphors—de la Paz uses, comparing sparrows to “little razors” and “little urgent bells,” and saying that “they love you like a road.” We also thought about the poet’s use of space in the poem, and what its effect was.

I explained that an aubade is a poem about the dawn, asking the students to write their own.

Mrs. Rupp, 4th Grade

Good Morning Sun
Kingston B.

That dawn that will come will be a great sight.
A soft breeze and a star just popping up on the

A shade of orange on the sky holding the sun
to the sky. The sun bringing light to the world
until the day ends. Good morning Sun.

Evan B.

Most people are asleep. It
is beautiful. Birds chirping. Sun
rising. Snoring. A wonder of nature.

Theodore B.

“Zzzzzzz,” says most of the people.
Some of them get ready for work.
Sipping their coffee are those who have early work.
The lights are off, and the streetlight lights are on.

Daniel C.

The sun rises slowly as cows pass by. Everyone
stares at it in awe. They quickly take off their
light jackets and start fanning themselves. Dawn
is when the sun wakes up and starts a
new day. On cloudy days, the sun rises above
all the others and outshines the clouds. Dawn
is beautiful as it is bright.

What I Feel at Dawn
Yuvraj C.

I’m sleeping
playing video games
reading comics
watching TV
playing a chess game
making a stop motion
or . . . Thinking about what I feel
at dawn.

Best Time of the Day
Connor G.

Aubade, the best time of the day.
The sun wakes up with a fresh new day.
People get ready to start their new
day. People leave the house and go
to work. They earn money for their family.

The Morning
Weiyi H.

The sun peeked over as the world lit up,
buildings shined like stars.
Light poured into windows,
flushing houses with beams.
This was all that happened,
each day it was the same,
it was an introduction,
when the time of morning came.

Jimmy H.

Woke up at midnight
went to the living room
got phone
browsed stuff
fell back asleep
woke up to birds
sun rising
light is flooding my room.

Leila J.

I wake up, the dawn is there
I brush my teeth, and comb my hair

I look out the window
and say hello to the sun
and he waves right back at me

creeping to the closet
pulling on my jacket
then creeping out again

creeping through the house
quiet as a mouse
climb through the window
and feel the sun’s warmth
and peace on my face

Jahaan K.

Dawn. That’s what you are to the sun.
Ready are you? Asks Yoda.
Eat breakfast and get up.
Prepare for the day.
A time before sun.
Ready for dawn.
Eating Frosted Flakes.

For you have a picnic.
On a high cliff. For you are camping.
Ready for the day.

To and fro, getting ready.
Helping set the fire.
Exploring the great canyon.

Dawn is rising.
All birds are chirping.
Waking up you are, wanna eat worms?
“No problem you have,” Yoda says.

Fresh, New Dawn
Lucy N.

Dawn is the time
To start a new day.
Dawn is the time
When yesterday’s troubles melt away.
Feel the dew beneath your feet
Think of the people you want to meet.
Get up, get up
Let’s start a new day
Get up, get up
Now rise and play!

The Fawn
Micah S.

In the dawn
there was a fawn
one day the fawn was gone
he wasn’t gone for long
he was on someone’s lawn
they then called animal control
and told him
“Stay in here or else you’ll go slim”
if you don’t you won’t be here long
and that was the end of the little fawn

Mrs. Carlson, 4th Grade

The Feeling of Dawn
Joy A.

At the first strike of dawn the sun slowly
rises the birds sing and chirp. The world wakes
up you in your bed can feel the warmth
through the window while sipping tea you
gaze at the sun and smile.

When you finish
your tea and lie on your belly enjoying the
sunrise and feeling the warmth while
cuddling your dog. You listen to the
birds sing and some tweet and chirp
along. You put some relaxing music

Finally you just enjoy
the view without disturbance.
You just continue cuddling your dog and
listen to music and think of all the
warm thoughts.

Aniya B.

6:30 in the
morning the birds are
chirping wakes me up
to go clean up the
kitchen and the dining

After I did my chores
I went back in my room and
look out my bay window
I look at the sun rises
up it cheers me up

Joey C.

As the sun rises the roosters begin to
make their noises as the sun goes
over the water of the sea it’s not
the brightest but it’s not night
it is dawn. Then the pelican starts fly-
ing and the clouds stop crying that
is dawn.

Ptah E.

When I wake up and
it’s dawn I hear the birds
talking to each other.
I see
the sun coming up and also
I see the sky’s colors
like peach and orange
I see some cars driving.
I smell the
air of the carbon dioxide
and food.
I touch the
beautiful green trees around
It’s all about life,
me and you.

My Aubade Routine
A’Riyah J.

I’m always asleep
when I wake up I’m tired
I get ready for school
then my mom and dad get ready for work
then my sister and I have breakfast
I have to check my book bag, charge
my Chromebook and phone but
before we leave out I always
forget my backpack. The dawn for me is

Aubade Dawn
Aarna S.

At dawn some people start to wake up
Some people are asleep.
At dawn the birds start chirping
Communicating with each other.
At dawn the sun starts rising.
At dawn it’s mostly yellow and orange
At dawn the stores and shops open after
they were closed.

The Rising of the Dawn
Shlok S.

Songbirds sing,
alarms ring.
People wake up,
time to make!
Humans are scurry,
it’s a hurry!
It’s time to run,
like a cheetah in the sun

Kennedy T.

When it’s dawn birds
chirp and smiling. Wolves
are done howling and scratching
their heads with their foot.
Squirrels are yawning and they
are going back to sleep.

Gracie V.

The snow falling at the crack of dawn.
The sunlight going through
my window, waking me.
The birds chirping, waking up.
White owls, are sleeping.

Pacing out to see the treasure of
the sun rising and making the pale
blue sky brighter and bluer by the hour.
Waking up.

Aubade the Sunrise
Wenlu W.

As warm colors come to the sky rushing to the sun,
they’re really urgent to color the sun but only
red wins, and yellow and blue look for the light,
then no one wins only white oh my it
always hurts my eyesight, for the race
of dawn nobody wins not orange not yellow but
only white. Everyone wins it’s so much fun. Then
blue comes up and makes the sky the sun makes
the clouds, now the end, so goodbye.

Mrs. Johnson, 4th Grade

Maya B.

the snow is melting
the birds are chirping loudly
the air is cold
the humans are waking up
the day is starting.

Hayden B.

When it is dawn the
sun is saying good
morning you are waking up
from sleeping you say hi
sun and when you wake
up you get out of bed and
go make breakfast and
say “this is going to be
a great day” even though you’re
still tired you still feel great
you get ready for the day and
the sun is shining bright.

Elle C.

I looked out my window
and I feel very slow
I want to stay in bed
but I don’t want my parents filled
with . . . Dread

It is really hard
and I am very far
from school
and my glass is very full . . .

When It’s Dawn
Chloe E.

I yawn inside the house
in bed in my brain
it’s peaceful. All I see is pitch
black in the room I’m in.
All I see is a big circle
of yellow shining through
my eyes
as I fall asleep softly in my bed.

Sophia H.

The sun is coming
the birds are chirping.
It is getting lighter and lighter and lighter.
The trees are swaying.
You can’t see the light.

The birds stop chirping.
You can see the light.
The trees stop swaying
the light is shining.

Levi H.

At dawn I am still in bed
and my alarm clock hasn’t gone off
yet. I get woken up and go
downstairs to play video games.

Dilan J.

The sunshine, it’s so bright,
I wake up, my clock ticks.
It’s 6:00 am, I feel the bright
sun in my eyes.
It’s going to be a fun day.
hear the good morning sunshine,
it’s Dawn a sunshine touches the window
it’s the bright sunshine.

Mmmm, Waffles
Morgann L.

I’m lying, covered in
Head is on a big fluffy
pillow. I can hear birds chirping, and
as I
open my eyes I see a yellowish
calming light coming
in through my bedroom window.
I lie awake just waiting and waiting.
Every second
the yellow light gets brighter.
Morning is still growing. The clock changes
and I slowly crawl out of bed.

I get a warm breeze as
I get out of bed and start
walking down the stairs.

As soon as I get downstairs
I can smell a sweet maple


Keshav P.

The sun is coming up!
I wake up super early
in the morning.
You can see the whole
day which you still need
to go through.
I felt I was a bird in
the morning sky.
Then, I get to play video games
for one whole hour!
I change my avatar and
start playing games in
the dawn.
I get ready to go to school.
To play.
I feel fresh in the

The Dawn
Nina S.

your body’s awakening
your eyes start to open
you hear the
“chirp, chirp”
the beautiful
orange, yellow, sun
you see
awakening with
your body
when finally it is morning
the sky is now
blue the
sun shining

everyone awake

Simone S.

The sun comes up
the early bird
catches the
night shift
comes home
all the way
back home
home home home
times goes
ticking by
by by by
time to wake
up time to
get dressed
no time
to make
a mess
get ready
to go
go to
school go
to work
go to
let’s go have
a good day

Maya W.

In the morning it is very quiet
the sun is just rising

People might be waking
but my family is asleep

Birds start to chirp
the sunlight is shining

Then my family and I
finally wake up

Aubade Fun
Katherine X.

When you see the sun,
You wish for fun,
You can hear the birds chirping,
You can hear yourself breathing,
The shine of the sun
Blasts into your eyes,
The quiet peace outside,
is also inside.
When you see the sun,
more & more,
the fun is coming
closer & closer.

Mr. O’Brien, 4th Grade

Sleepy Dawn
Aathreya A.

It was dawn the
was orange the birds
chirping was like the screech
of a cat
I was not happy
because my dad woke me up
and soon He said such is
life. He = My dad.
I tried to go back to
sleep but I got into
trouble. If I sleep
I will be in Hot Water.

George C.

I wake at dawn
it was shivering cold
the sun is rising
the birds are still
the windows are dark
the cars are sleeping
in their

John C.

at dawn I had fun
at dawn I walked outside
I saw the world and colors
at dawn I stepped outside

Neil D.

Dawn. When the moon
shines bright. Dawn. When the world is quiet. Dawn.
I feel a little lonely. Dawn. My eyes open wide.
Dawn. When nothing is happening.
Dawn. Sun coming up.
Dawn. “Son is that you?” Good night guys. I can’t get
caught. Dawn. Snore……zzzzzzzzzZZZZ!

Carney F.

When you wake up at dawn
It makes you want to yawn
It will give you a mood
And trust me, it’s never good
When you wake up in the dark
It makes you want to bark
It gives a weak light
Which is not bright
Until the sunlight finally come
You have to stay in the dark dome

At Dawn
Zoe M.

I woke up at midnight.
The hours passed by 1, 2, 3 o’clock.
I hear my dad snoring 4 5 6.
I look outside in the fresh air.
A beautiful sunrise in the summer day.
I waited till my dad woke up
But I could not stop staring at the sky
Beautiful and bright.

Simran M.

Wake up early look what’s up it’s
a beautiful sunrise. See the nice orange
yellow color go up in the sky.

Colton O.

I wake up. I take
a shower and I brush my teeth.
I get clothes and go
outside to the pond.
The pond has no more water
just ice and I walk on the

The Morning
Elon R.

I woke up at dawn
and I heard a big
gong and birds were
singing a song
and then I said so

The Sun
Ajia S.

the sun is nice you see
light the sun is very very
beautiful I love the sun light
some times I even look out
side or if my dog is
up I walk my dog I
love the sun I love the
sun it is forever. I love
the sun forever.

Waking up Early
Ryan S.

The color not too light even
though the sun is coming out. You still
are sleepy and queasy. You want to
sleep more but you can’t sleep so
you think of wasting time. Next
thing you know it is time for
school. Get dressed.



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.