Comparison Poems – Similes @ Edwards Elementary

This week at Edwards, we learned about comparisons. First, we started with similes. By comparing things that are big versus small, in school versus outside of school, and real versus unreal, we were able to create interesting patterns to our poems! 

Ms. Ortiz
4th Grade

Comparison Poem 
Enrique H.

The sun is like a toy.
The clock is like a rock.
A dog is like a unicorn.
The Statue of Liberty is like an ant.
A school is like ice cream.
My dad is like Santa.


Comparison Poem 
William B.

An elephant is like an ant.
Kids are like a train station.
Games are like a llama lute.
The world is like a pencil.
Teachers are like a park.
Soccer is like the Easter Bunny.


Comparison Poem 
Monserrat J.

Earth is like an ant.
School work is like cleaning up my room.
The games are like Santa.
The Sun is like a beak.


Mrs. Campos
4th Grade

Comparison Poem
Jayda C.

A pebble is like a small rock.
A phone is like a book.
A pencil is like a pen.
The Sears Tower is like a castle.
The Earth is like a piece of cheese.
A teacher is like an iPad.


Comparison Poem 
Jose C. 

The Earth is like an atom.
An animal is like Big Foot.
A stapler is like a car.
The Titanic is like a ladybug.
A bird is like The Loch Ness Monster.
The Eiffel Tower is like molecules.
A teacher is like a phone.
A classroom is like virtual reality.


Comparison Poem
Anthony G. 

A book is like a phone.
A bear is like Big Foot.
A human is like a doll.
A stapler is like tape.
A horse is like a unicorn.
The Earth is like a ball.


Mrs. Neri
4th Grade

Comparison Poem
Skyla C.

Mermaids are like dolphins.
Classrooms are like our homes.
A tiger is like a baby kitten.
Unicorns are like a colorful rainbow.
A wooden book shelf is like a tree.
A building is like a small medal piece.
Giants are like humans.


Comparison Poem 
Jorge G. 

An elephant is like a rat.
An iPhone is like Santa Claus.
Pencils are like trees.
The police is like Spiderman.
A book is like a tree.


Comparison Poem 
Michael S. 

A computer is like a phone.
Cement is like stone.
A car is like a horse.
A dragon is like a plane.
The president is like a manor.


Ms. Guillen
4th Grade

Comparison Poem 
Yazmin N. 

A plushie is like a fluffy unicorn.
She is like a flower.
My hair is like a puppy.
A whale is like a bus.
A dragon is like godzilla.
A book is like a whole new world.


Comparison Poem
Sophia V.

She is like Big Foot.
A unicorn is like a rainbow.
A book is like a world.
Cotton candy is like a cloud.
Singing is like a car.
He is like an airplane.


Comparison Poem
Jessilyn S. 

A chinchilla is like a cloud.
A flower is like a glass.
A unicorn is like a dream.
My family is like a world.


Ms. Andrade
4th Grade

Comparison Poem 
Angel C. 

The sun is like the stars.
A person is like a car.
A coin is like a circle.


Comparison Poem 
Alexia U.

The moon is like the stars.
A hippo is like a car.
An ant is like the sand.
A tree is like a door.
A spider is like a dollar.
A unicorn is like a rainbow.


Comparison Poem 
Britney C.

Los arboles es como las manzanas.
Las sillas es como las escaleras.
Arcoiris es como un unicornio.
Un lapiz es como un insecto.
Una montaña es como un hielo.


Ms. Resendiz
4th Grade

Comparison Poem
Leonardo T.

A school is like a church.
Life is like birthday presents.
Love is like a miracle.
A planet is like a universe.
A black hole is like death.
A human’s food is like a car’s gas.


Comparison Poem
Genesis R. 

The White House is like snow.
An elephant is like a mouse.
A bear is like a blanket.
A school is like a church.
Electronics is like energy.
Clouds are like faders.


Comparison Poem
Diego Q. 

An elephant is like a monster truck.
Video games are like a park.
A butterfly is like a rainbow.
The sun is like lava.



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.