“Colors dance and colors sing” ~ Personification Poems @ Moos

Last week, we stretched our poetic imaginations with personification poems about colors and continued to work on writing poems with multiple stanzas. We had fun discussing ways we can imagine colors as people with different personalities before taking some time to write our own original color personification poems.

Each week there will be 3 poems from each class published to our Hands on Stanzas blog, and every student will have an opportunity to see their written work published on our blog in the weeks to come.  This week, I selected 4 poems to publish to surprise the students.

Scroll down to enjoy our published color personification poems!


Ms. Willis
3rd Grade


The Color Blue
Adriel K.

Blue is a boy.
Blue likes to play basketball.
Blue is always calm.
Blue likes Purple and Green.

Blue is good at basketball.
Blues likes to play video games on his PS4.
Blue likes Mountain Dew and Sprite.
Blue also likes blueberries and pizza.

Blues likes Christmas.
Blue likes Jordans.
Blue is very nice.
Blue is good at Kung Fu but is not Japanese.



Javion R.

Brown is a couch potato
Brown likes to eat potatoes.
Brown is grizzly.

Brown likes to play with wooden toys.
Brown plays in mud.
Brown’s friend is Black.

Brown wears a brown fur coat.
Brown plays tag with Black.



Aariana F.B.

Black is independent.
Black is all day for goth.
Black likes to eat beef.

Black likes to work out.
Black plays hard video games.
Black is quiet.

Black has straight hair.
Black has a creepy laugh.
Black is me.

Black is a strong cobra.


Pink, the Person
Jeniah W.

Pink is funny.
Pink is fashionable.
Pink is caring.
Pink is emotional.

Pink likes to eat cotton candy.
Pink likes California.
Pink likes cheerleading.
Pink likes dogs.

Pink dreams of being a princess.
Pink dreams of living in Pink Land.
Pink dreams of climbing Mount Everest.
Pink dreams of living in a book.



Ms. Sanders
3rd Grade



Ailany L.

Green likes to play with green slime.
Green likes to eat green cake.
Green likes to read.

Green likes to be on the computer.
Green likes to paint.



White is Cool
Sayeli F.C.

White is the queen of the cold.
White loves to eat cauliflower.
White likes to play with snow.

White likes to make cloud slime.
White likes to tell funny jokes.
White rules Antarctica.

White likes the fairy tale, Snow White.
White loves to sleep in the clouds.
White likes the sound of white pigeons.


Justin H.

Green is mean.
Green likes green TV.
Green likes Green Eggs & Ham.

Green is king of the green hills.



Ticklish Pink
Julieta P.

Pink is excited.
Pink is a YouTuber.
Pink is 9 years old.

Pink likes to be tickled.
Pink likes cupcakes.
Pink likes to tickle other people.

Pink was in 3rd grade.
Pink hates school, likes the sky,
But Pink will never tell why.



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.