Collaborative Poems @ Edwards Elementary

This week at Edwards, we learned about collaboration. We read a poem that had images and text and talked about how poets and artists collaborate all the time. Then, we played a game in which we drew with a partner and then wrote poems from our drawings! 

Ms. Ortiz
4th Grade

My Cool Stuff
Cesar S. 

It is the best of all time.
The jersey smells like Jordan 1’s.
Jordan is like Jesus.

It is horrible like rollercoasters.
It looks like an imaginary monster.
It looks like a fish.

It green like leaves.
It is big like New York.
It is fun like me.


My Weekend 
S0lceleste A. 

The ocean smells like garbage.
The boat looks like a ball.
I feel wide planks.

My pencil looks like a graph.
My paper looks like a poster.

Hearts are red.
I dream that the hearts are dancing.


Random Stuff 
Joshua M.

The superhero is like a marshmallow.
The house looks like a green apple.
The car is big and wide.

“Go Cubs” is like “Go Yankees.”
The big C is like a coffee mug.
“Go Cubs” smells like hot dogs.

The Jordans look like Nikes.
The Jordans smell like a new car.
The shoe looks like a backward person.


Foul Creatures 
Edward C.

I wish animals could talk.
There was awesome flying ice cream.

A friendly devil in my imagination walked by.

This boy smells bad.


Alexander A. 

It smiles at me.
It is funny.
It has a big smile.

It has states.
It has no water.
It is a round circle.

It is bad.
It is good.
It is haunting the farm.


Hugo H. 

The air feels like cold ice on your body.
The air smells like a paper.
The air looks blank like clouds.

The S’s are like a snake slithering.
The S’s are like a balloon string.
The S’s are like an alligator swimming.

The man is very hot next to the sun.
The man lives in an upside-down world.


Adrian H. 

My mom is like a rainbow.
My stepdad is like rain.
My friend Hugo is like the sun.


Mrs. Campos
4th Grade

Andrea A. 

The rainbow comes out.
The rainbow smiles at me.


The Very Tall Forest 
Alexander Q.

BB-8 is in Star Wars.
He came out to play.
Lasers came out of my T.V.

It is like my house.
My money in the beach.
The tree seeds hallow.

The sunset looks like
melting ice cream.
A fresh creme donut.


A Lady Across the Rainbow 
Elise R.

The car is made of metal.
It rolls on wheels.

It is a tired lady.
This is also very sad.

It is a rainbow with
a pot of gold for the


The Sharpie and the Animals 
Giovanni M. 

The dog barked at me.
The dog told me “hi.”

The cat said meow.
The cat said “wassup, Doc.”

The Sharpie stood still.
The Sharpie moved without
anybody touching it.

Mrs. Neri
4th Grade

Diego S. 

Bendy came out and scared
me and I got scared like
really scared.

The little boy was happy
like really happy because
he got presents.

Inky Bendy was mad at Joe.


Leo R. 

I am driving a flying car.
Pac Man is eating the ghosts.


Cat in the Box
Josiah G. 

Magnet Man is a man,
he is a real person.

The cat is happy.

The zombie dies.


Upside Down Paper 
Carlos G.

I like toasty ham burger.

I like when fish turn.


Ms. Guillen
4th Grade

Angelica G.

A bull is a mad horse.

DJ is a big star.

A chicken is almost
as little as an


Cintia G. 

The moon is beautiful.
The way the moon looks at night.
The moon is like the sun.

The pineapple smiles.
The pineapple tastes good.
The pineapple is like the sun.

The rainbow is beautiful.
The rainbow smiles.
The rainbow is like all the things we see.


Ms. Andrade
4th Grade

Angelo E.

He’s bald.

He never hits the tower.


Ms. Resendiz
4th Grade

Leamsi L.

The rainbow is colorful.
The rainbow talked to me.

The sun is like lava.
The girl is like flowers.

The girl smells the flowers.


Kimberly F.

The flower smells like candy.
My mom is as beautiful
as a flower.

The butterfly is colorful.
The butterfly looks like a unicorn.


Valeria M.

The flower is so
beautiful like my mom.



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.