Climbing the Hill

This lesson was inspired by Amanda’s Gorman poem “The Hill We Climb”. Poets wrote about their fears, angers, and hope for the future of the United States.


Room 315

Luis D. 


Dear white house,

There is a lot of criminal and violence in the world.

Families and kids being far away from each other.

Listen to our poems.

Kids need education for their future.

Stop the racism we are all family.

Respect each other not hating each other.

Help the homeless people.

Let people have a chance to grow and dream of their future.

Stop the kidnappings.

Help people in need.

Donate to people who have Covid-19.

Dear White house listen to us-


Selena F.

Dear The Ground,

Why do people throw garbage on you?

The people should throw the garbage in the trash.

Does it bother you to be stepped on?

You are very strong to carry all this weight.

I heard heavy rain affects you.

I’m sorry to hear that it increases soil erosion.

Droughts as well.

One day. Some day. At some time. In the future.

People will stop littering,

And when will start picking up after themselves.

Have patience.


Tania L.


Dear America,

The world has changed

But what about us

We have to stop hating each other

We have to be together, work together

We have to protect those who don’t speak to our animals

Working together we can raise this country

Dear America, my letter for you.


Arichely M.


Dear America,

Why don’t people raise their voice for women’s problems?

Are people happy to see the world change?

Can someone reassure us everything is fine when its’ not?

How can we change this world?

Will someone rescue us and save us?


Michael R.


Dear land of culture

Our world is in chaos

Please hear are pleas

Soon the land of the free will fall

Please save us from the looming darkness

That is 2021.


Melissa T.


Dear Pandemic,

We’re in some danger

Why can’t we just solve the problems?

Are we ever getting rid of this terrible pandemic?

Would we ever have a chance to stop quarantine?

Please listen to us


John P.


Dear world,

What have you become

Every single day hundreds begin to fall

There is no day in which no one is taken away from their family.

And no day in which no one is sick to the point they are excited.

The world has to listen

They have to listen to the government

Putting masks is a command and even a commitment

But the worlds’ citizens don’t obey the commandments

To fix this problem

I have thought of a solution

This is going to avoid creating a revolution

Why not create a vaccine that cures the covid sickness

This is going to solve some problems and even the illness.

Another solution could be to make masks mandatory

they already are but people don’t listen and that it isn’t extraordinary

So my first part is done now let’s start again.

But this time let me rephrase myself with different arguments.

Dear world may I ask again

What have you become?

All the violence around me will it ever end.

Some advice is to confiscate all weapons.

Without these

there will be more peace

And that’s what us humans really need.

Now when this problem is fixed

There is still another

This one is about the category of a person.

In life it’s either you are born rich or poor.

Rich people always have big houses.

And fancy doors

Meanwhile poor people suffer hunger

No rest

And coldness outdoors.

Rich people got their houses rent increased.

But that doesn’t matter

They have so much money that they can buy another

But poor people don’t even have a shelter

So they appreciate everything that others give them.

Rich people are really greedy.

They have so much money but they don’t want to waste it.

Poor people are more humble and really appreciative.



Room 302


Jocelyn C.


Dear America,

When will we have human rights and access to justice?

People need to stop littering

We need global public health

We need to wear a mask properly it’s not fair for others that do wear it properly

Let us stop hurting people because their skin color

When are you going to give equal rights?

We need to help animals and not abuse them

It doesn’t help them, it makes it worse

We need a better world that is united, clean, and that is in peace

We have to treat people the same because there is no difference we’re all the same

We need to fix civil rights, racial discrimination, and gender inequality

We need to fix climate change, water pollution, and ocean acidification, and loss of biodiversity

Humans are impacting the physical environment in many ways like pollution, burning fossil fuels, and deforestation. These changes are destroying our world and have also triggered climate change, soil erosion, poor air quality and undrinkable water.

This is my letter for America


Kevin M.


Dear U.S.A

I hope one day we will have more love and not racism.

I hope People will get jobs and take care of their family.

Let us stop the protest in the streets.

I hope we will have more security.

Let’s wear our mask so we will stop the pandemic  .

Let’s be the best nation and make this country a better place.

Let humans have their own rights and abilities.

I hope this nation isn’t full of lies and disagreements.

Let’s stop the robberies and make this nation clean.

Let’s obey the laws and make the country be at peace.



Kevin Muyulema


Luis S.


Dear U.S.A,

Let us all bring the nation we are in great,

When will others see each other again?

Let’s stop the riots and protest that which could cause havoc.

Where is the help we need to make sure everyone is safe?

Leaders can make this nation stronger and stronger.

But when will they rise to help, and what are they doing?

When will the hatred for others’ differences stop?

Will Everyone still be safe even if they are told they are safe?

We can solve problems with others and leaders coming together.

This is the letter I’m writing to you U.S.A


Room 306


Karianey G.  


Dear America,

I hope that racism will stop one day,

I dream of no more violence in our country

A letter or speech can cause a difference in our city,

When will we have a right to speak our opinion and not be judged or criticized.


Heidi H.


Dear America

2020 wasn’t the best year

I fear that things are about to get worse

Anything can happen in a matter of seconds

We could go into war, aliens could conquer our world

We shall cease to exist for one day we will all find peace

But for now all we can do is fight for our liberty and pray.


Alondra H.


Dear America,

I hope one day we won’t have to worry about the color of our skin,

The worry of police brutality to stop running around in my head.

World peace to start and the chaos to end.

We need to go back to normal,

But what is normal nowadays.

Is walking around with a mask normal?

Or is virtual gatherings and school part of our new normal.

I want to go back to before the virus took over our lives.

So I write this letter to you,

Begging to get the normal that we all need and want at this time.



Adriana N.


Dear America,

I hope that this letter can make you people change. This letter is all about littering. I see outside the window and there is junk food poured on the floor. Every time you start to litter Earth is starting to lose it’s color the beautiful green and blue are going away. Once that happens then our place is going to be gray no color no sunshine. Littering could also harm the flowers and trees it could make the soil go bad and the flowers are going to fade away if they don’t have good soil. That why I ask you America to throw your trash in the garbage bag and keep clean.




Jessica P.

Dear White house,

.What can we do to stay safe from this pandemic?

People are losing jobs while in this pandemic.

Is there anyway to prevent this from happening?

Why are innocent people going to be executed and not the criminal?

Can we do something to help these innocent people?

Why can’t we do nothing about sexual harassment?

Why are men treated differently when it comes to rape or sexual harassment?

Let us make America better.

Dear AMERICA this is my letter to you


Allison O.


Dear White House,

We have done so much harm.

We need to change.

The never ending pandemic.

The protests that were turned into “riots”.

All the homeless people with nowhere to go, nowhere to call home.

All the deaths of people with color for being “different”.

We are all humans, there is no difference between any of us.

LGBTQ+ people were being threatened for being who they wanted to be.

We should be accepting each other.

We need to change for the better.

We should be able to walk in the streets without feeling the need to be scared for our own life.


Jiajie Z.


A letter to the white house

I hope the virus will be over soon

People are dying by this virus

Please help the homeless and the jobless people.

Let’s stop bullying other people because of whatever reason.

We need to figure out a way to end this situation we are now in.

We are facing a war against the nation.


Jose R.


Dear my fellow Americans and the people who live on this land

We have guilt, we have no mercy, we are ruthless.

But yet we let things go.

We wish to see them grow, growing beyond our guilty wall of shame

And when we pass on we see then and how they grown and how they went over the wall and broke it, and we’ve passed on, but we’ve passed on happily

Because we are all still a slave to fate…




“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.