“Chicago Is Gotham City”

Happy Spring Break, reader! Last week, Sayre’s students dove a little deeper into figurative language with metaphors. We spent some time reading Philip B. Williams’ “Declaration” and discussing the parts of the city we recognized. Next, students got a chance to write their own poems about the city and use their own metaphor skills. Check out some of them below: 


by Orlando G.  

Chicago is wind 

Chicago smells like rain 

Chicago sounds like sirens 

Chicago looks like streets 

Chicago is gunshots 

Chicago is rap music 



by Iker L. 

Chicago is one big wind turbine 

It looks like a city 

with huge buildings and full of 

bright lights 

Go further down and you’ll

find big stadiums like the United Center that smells like popcorn 

and sounds like fans cheering for the Bulls 

Chicago is one big building

Chicago feels like home 

Chicaho sounds like King Von and Chief Keef music 

Some parts of Chicago smells like backwoods and weed 

It looks like O-Block and downtown 



by Benjamin T.

Chicago is Gotham City, without Batman to help 

Chicago is a planet, full of different cultures and ethnicities

Chicago is a large windstorm, with trash piling the sides of the street. 


My Home Chicago 

by Emily T. 

My home feels like a calm and safe place for me. It’s like a video game, going to places. It smells of good food like my grandpa’s cooking that I love. It sounds like loud cars that I don’t like. It really looks like funny family making jokes everyday. 



by Antoine W. 

Chicago, bow bow, guns blowing like this beat

My blood flowing 

I am the head of this city 

these animals on the street, poor little kitty

Also city we get litty

This city full of hustle, grind. 

You want some, go get it 

Like Rosa did when she ain’t get get up off that seat

She stood on business

Like Sayre in Chicago 

this life ain’t fair 

I’m the mayor, I’m the man like Joe Biden 

I’m stacking on bandz

If I see somebody down in this city 

Imma give out a hand 

I’m a business boy the way I get the bucket 

Clock that tea like a gang banger

In the Raq, I’m the real G 



by Lupita C. 

Home, it feels like happy. 

It smells like foods. It sounds like people. It looks like home. 

Chicago, it feels like fun. It smells like foods. It sounds like people. It looks like Chicago. 



by Angel G. 

Chicago es como Popeyes dejando su estela de olo, a pollo y 

la lavenderia dejando la ropa con olora jabon. 

Con un toque de ese calor con 

frio con un toque mas de aire fresco y templado 



Que quieres probar el mejor pollo

en mi opinion te llevo a Popeyes o el mejor 

sushi, vamos a la tienda Fresh Market porque alli venden uno de los mejores sushi, Esto es Chicago. 




“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.