Character Poems @ Moos Elementary (4th Grade)

Today at Moos, we talked about characters. We discussed how poets and writers use character maps in order to create fully formed characters that feel real to us. We diagrammed that every character has a dream, a bad force that challenges the character, a thing or person that helps them, a solution, and a feeling about receiving or not receiving their dream. 

Ms. Jones & Ms. Cobb

4th Grade 

Jeffy’s Life
Jayleen P.

Jeffy’s dream is to not eat green beans.
Jeffy’s dad makes him eat green beans.
Jeffy needs help to not eat any more green beans.
Jeffy throws the plate.
Jeffy feels very very very very
very very very mad.


The Kind Girl 
Michelle R.

The Kind Girl wanted to help people.
But one day, a hurricane hit her hometown,
so she went to get help,
but no one wanted to help.
Then she got all of her food,
but when everything was fine.
Everyone in her town got sick,
even doctors.
Half of the people died,
she was sad.


The Invisible Boy
Hope M. 

The invisible boy wanted to be seen,
but he was invisble.
So he went to the best sorcerer in America.
Then the sorcerer made him visible.
The invisible boy felt so happy and excited.


The Midnight Boy
Jesus P.

The boy dreamed about a bright man.
But everyone said it was not real.
So, he asked his dad if he can go outside.
Then, he reached the mountain (hill).
But, found out it’s not real.
They Midnight Boy felt bad ever since.


The Running Girl
Angel L. 

On the island of problem and solution,
lived a girl. The girl on the problem side
of the island ran all the time from her
problems. One night, she fell asleep and
dreamed of facing her fear and not running.
But in the morning, she started crying, she
begged for someone to help her. Suddenly,
a fairy popped out of nowhere. The fairy said,
“You need to face your fear.”
Then the girl said OK!!!


The Pancake Girl Dream
Benjamin N. 

The Pancake Girl wants to make new pancakes.
The Pancake Girl does not have the ingredients,
but a truck full of ingredients came by.
The Pancake Girl went to buy some ingredients
but she had to convince the truck driver and the driver
said yes. So she cooked blueberry pancakes
and a part of her felt good.

Ms. Moss

4th Grade 

The City Person
Manuel O. 

In the town of Humble, a city person
dreams of seeing the city.
He dreams of dancing in the city but
he also wants to live there. So he was
invited, but people were never allowed
to leave. So his mother helped him,
he soon was able to live in the city,
it was all just a dream.


Janiya W.

The Fashion Girl wants to be
super famous but people say she’s
not pretty enough. So the fashion
girl gets a makeover, she gets to
practice modeling. She’s finally
a model.


Sweet Boy Dream
Eli V.

There was a sweet boy, he dreamed of being a dentist,
but he was made of candy.
Everyone tried to eat him
and when he was sleeping,
a fairy came and granted him a wish,
and that was to become human.
Four years later, he graduates from dental school
and now he lives happily ever after.


My Curly Hair
Nathalie L. 

Hi, my name is Layla.
I am 10 years old.
My dream is to work at a salon.
My mom wants me to milk cows at her village.


Hi Dad (I’m milking a cow)
Do you have a dream?
I want to work in a salon.


My dream came true.
I am working.
I curl peoples hair.



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.