Centos & Farewells

For our final week of 2nd grade classes, students picked their favorite poems written this year, and from those, their favorite lines. I then asked them to queue up randomly, and recorded the lines in that arbitrary order. The result is called a cento, or collage poem. The amazing results are below.

I’d like to thank Ms. Ellis, Mrs. Beaudry, Mrs. Rupp, and Mrs. Stone for allowing me to be a part of their classrooms (again) this year. It’s no small thing for one teacher to let another ‘take over’ in their class, much less make the other teacher feel so welcome in that environment, and I certainly appreciate it!

Of course, I’d also like to thank the incredible 2nd graders as well, without whom none of this would (literally) be possible. Keep writing poetry, and never stop learning (or being yourselves)!

Ms. Ellis
Room 221


I see red roses.

Yellow as the sun shining.

My eyes were blue.

The cloud is white.

And I see a blue ceiling.

I like mint ice cream too.

I can fly now.

I want a dog but my dad won’t let me get a dog.

There was a man who turned into a cat.

Mikey did a slam dunk, he won the Bulls game.

Run for your lives!

Love is strong.

I see a beach, water, and sand.

He wiggled his tail.

I slowly walk to my pink house.

Nature, nature, in a tree.

I would push the wall as the darkness of my eyes.

Christmas, Christmas, when will you come?

Red as ruby.

Shutting my eyes magic comes.

One of the fastest then the smallest one dog won the race.

Furry as a feather.

I have the best fish.

God is here for us forever.

I see a dolphin flying in the air.

I saw a chipmunk running past.

So are the great clear blue sky reflecting on the oceans.

Until I opened my view.

When I played in the pool and swam.

Mrs. Beaudry
Room 217


Sprinkled within earth.

A person picking flowers in the summer light.

I see triple brothers.

Neon green, as green as an alien from Mars.

A clever, powerful me.

I was pretty and bright, brighter than light.

A park.

Everglades and Disney World.

I never went outside again.

When I open my eyes, I see a monkey.

I got killed because I was a bad guy.

I ate a cool bun.

Black is my favorite color.

It swallowed it whole.

I like my video games, they are fun.

I took a trip from here to there.

I like blue.

Blue is for oceans.

An elephant, a tiger, a dolphin?

I ate double scooped chocolate ice cream.

I had all good things with that crayon.

It can’t attack.

Love can be held in a crib and have a head start.

Black is the color evil.

Thank you Mom.

I once played a memory game.

Many things make me smile, but not like Alaska.

Mrs. Rupp
Room 219


I look up at the moon I see my eye my mouth my nose the moon has beauty in it.

I would steal someone’s food.

I was scared to death.

The puppy is warm.

It’s the color of blood.

I don’t have a pet.

I love beating up my cousin.

I see a big zoo.

I freak and die. (Literally!)

When I look at you you glare back at me.

P.S. Both crayons are naked.

Puppies puppies everywhere with purple colored hair.

The morning is never fun.

Green Lantern says, “I got lasers.”

Reflection reflection reflection.

Yellow is pretty black is not.

I love someone you don’t even know.

Everything is awesome!

Blue wants to be on the blog.

Blue as the sky on the day I got my battle scar in Florida.

The color of roses are red.

Red is the color of roses.

Someone needs to help me.

Trying to take a piece of cheese.

There is food and water in the boat.

I play Minecraft on the computer.

I enchanted swords and tools.

Shallow water sits beside me.

Mrs. Stone
Room 216


Like a big lantern.

I have heat vision.

I see my face in the lake, it does not look strange.

I am seeing something he has sharp teeth.

The monkey fell asleep.

The green.

I won by a touch down!

Who would want to be a zombie?

The colors I see.

We call him Kitten ever since then.

I love puppys.

Paint runs from my hand.

My favorite color is red because.

I remember when I was born.

I see my pet flea and PS3.

I see myself.

A memory I had it was lucky.

To light fire! He did a great job!

But I like seeing colors like red.

I found diamonds.

History is like a frame but it also has a lot of shame.

Her hair sparkles like the sun.

She is cute and chubby.

Grown up now he is in preschool.

I wish I was Santa Kid.




“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.